The Early Messages From Democrats’ Gubernatorial Candidates

The Democratic gubernatorial primary campaign kicked off in Indianola, Iowa this past week when six of the candidates made their pitch to Democrats at Summerset Winery. Well, that’s what Representative Scott Ourth, who hosted them at his fundraiser, wanted his event to be known as, anyway. It was a nice evening put on by Ourth, so let’s just go ahead and say that it all began there. Before a crowd of about 100 Warren County Democrats, the gubernatorial hopefuls tested out their early stump speeches. In attendance were John Norris, Nate Boulton, Andy Mcguire, Todd Prichard, Rich Leopold and Jonathan […]

Nate Boulton Nabs Early Endorsements From 10 Labor Unions

Nate Boulton’s lead role in defending workers’ rights and wages at the Statehouse this session has not been forgotten: ten Iowa labor unions endorsed the Des Moines state senator this morning. Speaking at the Steelworkers Local 310 hall with over 50 union members in attendance, Boulton welcomed their support. “You guys are on the front lines,” Boulton said. “You are the ones negotiating those contracts to make sure that people get fair pay and fair benefits for the work they do to advance our economy.” The list of unions are: United Steelworkers of Iowa Central Iowa Building Trades Des Moines […]

Over 70,000 Iowans Face Healthcare Crisis And Republicans Own It

Over 70,000 Iowans will lose their access to health care on January 1st, 2018. For all these thousands of Iowans this is an urgent emergency. It is a catastrophic blow to these Iowa families’ ability to have access to quality healthcare. Lacking the opportunity to buy health insurance coverage for themselves and their families puts them into a healthcare crisis. The three principle insurance companies offering coverage: Wellmark, Aetna and Medica have announced that they plan to leave Iowa’s Obamacare exchange effective 2018. The future of Gunderson, a small carrier handling a few counties in NE Iowa, is unknown. These […]

Iowa Republicans Flipping Out After Being Told “No” For Once

Iowa Republicans are mad. Like, really mad. Specifically, they’re mad at Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller. It’s been over a week since Miller issued his decision that Kim Reynolds could not appoint her own lt. governor once she takes over after Terry Branstad leaves, but the GOP is still on a warpath against him. One can understand the frustration – it upended the Branstad/Reynolds transition plans, and Miller had the opposite opinion in December before he thoroughly researched the matter. But that’s just how the law is written, odd as it may be. This is one of the first times all […]

After Rod Blum’s Forum, My Mixed Feelings On The Anger And Lies

There was a moment about halfway through last night’s town hall in Cedar Rapids when a guy everyone seems to know, Dale Todd, approached our congressman with his teen son Adam. Into the mic, he said he was going to bring the discussion back to health care–maybe the third or fourth question on the topic in the first 40 minutes of what would be a 90 minute event. Mr. Todd specifically wanted to talk about waivers and Medicaid. “Adam has a rare form of epilepsy,” he said. “He is on Medicaid, and will be for his entire life. His school […]

Father Confronts Rod Blum On Medicaid Cuts That May Harm His Son

Iowa Republican Congressman Rod Blum had to look directly into the face of one of his constituents who might get hurt the most by the recent AHCA vote at his Cedar Rapids forum last night. Dale Todd, a well-known local businessman and political advocate, brought his son Adam, who has Lennox-Gastaut epilepsy and autism, up to ask Blum a question after his name was drawn. Standing in front of around 1,200 residents of Blum’s 1st District in the Kirkwood Community College gymnasium, Todd explained how his son relies on Medicaid assistance. “Adam has epilepsy, a very rare disease,” Todd told Blum […]

Iowa Democrats Failing To Address Trade Issues For Rural Iowa

Trump’s campaign made anti-trade a key part of his political messaging. During the campaign he talked about unfair trade and outsourcing of American jobs. However, Iowa agriculture and manufacturing have benefited from trade by increased exports. Now Trump’s anti-trade tirades are threatening Iowa exports and the rural economy. Iowa Democrats have been nearly silent about the impact that a Trump trade war could have on Iowa exports and the Iowa economy. Many Iowans voted for Trump and the Republicans based on their promises to bring jobs back and rebuild rural Iowa. Now Trump’s trade policies threaten to alienate Iowa’s best […]

Fred Hubbell Announces He’s Exploring A Gubernatorial Run

The Democratic field for Iowa Governor grew ever larger today with the introduction of a very well-known name: Fred Hubbell. The 66-year-old Des Moines businessman announced in a press release that he is officially exploring a statewide run, confirming rumors that have circulated Iowa politics for the past several weeks. “The current Governor and Lt. Governor have failed miserably on their own job goals,” Hubbell said in a press release. “We need jobs in every county in this state – more jobs in more places. Iowans work hard and take care of each other. We deserve an economy that works for […]

Rod Blum’s Walkout Goes Viral

In one of the bigger unforced political errors of the year, Iowa’s 1st District Congressman Rod Blum walked out in the middle of an interview with reporter Josh Scheinblum of KCRG yesterday. It only took a few hours for the story to work it’s way on up to the national level. Now the video is up on CNN, on the front page of the Huffington Post and is making its way through most national news outlets. GOP lawmaker walks out during interview with local TV station — The Hill (@thehill) May 9, 2017 This is, um, odd — Chris Cillizza […]

Why I Asked Rod Blum About His Interview Walkout

My name is Dallas, and I got to ask a question to Representative Rod Blum about his TV interview walkout during his town hall last night. I turned 22 seven days ago and am currently a student at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. May 20th is graduation day for me and my fellow DuHawks, and I still don’t understand how four years went by so quickly. I’ve enjoyed my four years living in the city residents proudly describe as the Masterpiece on the Mississippi, because Dubuque has given me all the opportunities for growth I could have asked for. I’m […]