Five Groups Democrats Need To Win Over And Turn Out For 2018

When looking at the 2018 election, the first obvious statement that needs to be made is that “all politics is local.” Another one I like from the Clinton years by James Carville is “it’s the economy, stupid.” I believe five different constituent groups exist, each requiring a slightly different approach. The first is the loyal Democratic base. The Democratic Party already has them philosophically, so it’s all about enthusiasm and turnout. Efforts need to be directed at turning out every single registered Democrat and getting the non-registered Democrats signed up. They will not all vote for you but 90 percent […]

Three Words To Get Us Through These Trying Times

As everyone who lives in the U.S. plus many folks abroad also know, this country is going through a trying time. Some believe we are in great shape, the economy is good (for some–not all), and according to the President we are rearranging our relationships with our friends and our enemies to our benefit. According to many other Americans we are destroying our relationships with our allies and creating strange and sometimes irrational relationships with our enemies. We are also going through what many call our tribal era as we divide up into various social and political camps. We have […]

Tough Days Ahead With A Conservative Supreme Court

Thirty years ago a good friend of mine said the most important reason to get the right president elected is the power to recommend a replacement on the US Supreme Court to the Senate. On June 27, I got a bad birthday surprise (on the 28th I turned 75) and that was that Justice Kennedy announced his resignation. Kennedy was appointed by Reagan and was supposed to be a conservative, but it turned out he was very pragmatic in his views and half the time was the deciding vote for the more liberal members and half of the time voted […]

Trump’s Border Plan Is The Wrong Solution In The Wrong Place

The Trump administration would have you believe that the folks that slip over the boarder are murders, rapists and generally bad people. What statistics really show is that only a few meet that criteria, and by percentage, dramatically less then our own citizenry. A very large number are families with children who are looking for a better life and are afraid of the violent gangs in their home countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, known as the Northern Triangle. A program started under President Obama called the Alliance for Prosperity was designed to improve the economy of the region […]

2020 Not That Far Away

With the 2018 elections just a few months away, I am already thinking about who would make the best Democratic candidates for President and Vice President just 29 months away. I have my pick for President and it’s the same one I have had the past few presidential elections: Joseph R. Biden. I know some people bring up his age; we are approximately the same age, so I get that, but I think he is in better health then me. Also, unless the Mueller investigation knocks him out, the probability is his opponent will be Donald Trump, who is also […]

With Primary Over, Let’s Make All Candidates Who Ran Part Of The Team

After a long and contested race to determine the candidate who will face off against the Republican governor, the Democrats have now picked their choice. All candidates were well-qualified and policy positions were about the same with just a few nuanced differences. So what do they do next? Here is an idea. Each candidate had its strong supporters, and the worst possible outcome is a few get disenchanted and stay home because their favorite did not win. My solution and one that would help the party and the state: take each candidate who lost the race and the winner, Fred […]

We Have Been Here Before

Two events on Tuesday of this week occurred which prompted me to write this article. The first was an excellent program last night on Public Television, which was about the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act and the culture and politics of attempting to keep the Chinese out of America. The second was the very bad taste and racist “joke” spoken by actress Roseanne Barr at the expense of Valerie Jarrett, a key staff person during the Obama presidency. Why are those events even close to being alike you might ask? Simple, both events were not only racist, but also, very unkind […]

Whether Through Impeachment Or Vote, Trump Has To Go

Given the personality, the chaos, the drama, the lack of any understanding of presidential norms and the lying, I believe one must go back to Andrew Johnson to find a person in the oval office as unqualified and bad for the country as President Trump. Each of us has some idea as to what we want in a leader, especially the President. There are lots of things I would like to see, but the top three for me are kindness, humility and honesty. For this president, those three don’t even begin to make the list. I am only one of […]

203 Days To Go – What Will Get My Vote This Fall

On the day I am writing this there is 203 days to go before the fall elections. On that day Iowans will pick a new governor, determine which party is in control of both the House and Senate in Iowa, participate in determining what the Congress will look like and elect any number of other candidates in down-ballot races. It has become apparent over the last few years that the Republican Party has become substantially more conservative. Personally, I believe that is true but I do not believe that the middle-of-the-road voter in Iowa has gone that direction. In addition […]

My Granddaughter, The March And The Beginning Of Change

At 4:15 am on Friday, March 23, my wife and I drove over and picked up my granddaughter Zoe, 22, and got her to the Des Moines airport for a 6:00 am direct flight to Washington DC to attend the March For Our Lives scheduled for that day. She was accompanied by her friend Madeline, 19. They went in on Friday to talk to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Leadership and to the staff of both Senator’s Grassley and Ernst. I set up the ATF meeting because they are the regulator, and if Congress is to […]