A Missed Opportunity At Winter Olympics?

With the Winter Olympics now in full swing and with the North Koreans participating, it seems to me we are losing an opportunity to engage on even a minimalist level. I get the increased sanctions we have put on the North and I even get some of the “good cop/bad cop” posturing of the Trump administration, but what is wrong with the Vice President of the United States shaking the hand, smiling and wishing Kim Yo Jong, sister to the dictator, good health while they were seated almost next to one another during the opening ceremonies? In addition, by Vice […]

Two Big Issues For Democrats To Run On In 2018

What should be the overriding issues to run on for Democrats as we move toward the mid terms? In my humble opinion, there are two key issues above all else Democrats should focus on: healthcare, and the hollowing out of the middle class. Or, in a word, wages. Many articles have been written about American healthcare. Writers compare our system to other countries, talk about our costs being higher then everyone else and complain about unaffordable access. All of that is true. As regards to wages, the American economy is working great for the folks at the top, or more […]

Our Impending Constitutional Crisis

Events have truly heated up in the past few days as the chair and staff of the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have created and then approved releasing a memo on the FBI and their use of FISA warrants in the Russia investigation. It seems to me there is so much “he said, she said” in this debate that the average American has given up trying to figure it out and in most cases has reverted to their respective corners of either believing Fox News or CNN/MSNBC commentary. Even I, who attempt to understand much of it, have a […]

The Top Two Of The Top Ten Things I Want In A President

Recently the Register ran a “Letter to the Editor” I wrote entitled “Ten Attributes We Need in a President.” They were in no particular order and were bi-partisan in nature. Here they are as listed: Be honest. Have empathy. Put your ego on hold. Do not engage in or support “Fake News” Respect the “Rule of Law” Work across both aisles in Congress Respect government employees, many who put their lives on the line for the country Work with other country’s to insure hunger and wars are high priorities to reduce and eliminate Pay attention to the big two issues […]

A Dangerous And Irrational President Takes Us Close To Nuclear War

As Emeritus Chair of the Des Moines Committee on Foreign Relations and former board member and officer of the American Committees on Foreign Relations, I have been privileged over many years to hear the best and the brightest experts talk extensively on U.S. foreign policy. It is not news to any readers of this editorial that America has been a steady leader in world affairs since WWII. When President Trump was elected, I worried about his bombastic speaking and how his approach to governance and world affairs might play out. I felt whatever he proposed in domestic policy, whether I […]

A Women’s Movement With Major Implications

Sometimes elections are about movements. In my view, the 2016 election was certainly that. Lots of issues came together to defeat Hillary Clinton, but the rise of a disgruntled white, working class made up of semi-skilled males was the core of the movement. With Hillary writing lengthy policy proposals on tons of issues and her opponent issuing a four-word message, ‘Make America Great Again,” it was going to be a tough road because most marketing experts will tell you the short version always sells better. Those issues plus a little input from the Russians and there you have it. Currently, […]

What Will Congress And Trump Do In 2018?

The second session of the 115th Congress begins January 3 of 2018. Given the trials and tribulations of the 1st session of the 115th, what might the next year bring? Frankly, any comments are based upon speculation, but here are a few I think might be on the table. 1. I know this seems nuts to many, but I do think the Trump Administration will initially calm down its rhetoric, if for no other reason then a better staff is in place in the White House. I think they will have some ability to put a minor lid on Trump’s tweets and […]

Imagine 2020: A Christmas Story

I know it seems a long way off, but I am an optimist, so put on your 3D glasses and go to the movies with me, here is what I see (or generally hope to see). It is a review of what politics and the presidency might look like after the 2020 elections. It’s not utopia, but it’s pretty good and even possibly attainable. A new president (I am non-partisan in this exercise, so it could be someone like Mitt Romney or a mirror image of Bush 1, not Bush 2 in this dream) has just been elected. Point being, […]

A Bad Bill And A Senator Who Has Lost His Way

There is one thing I know for sure, and that is the decline in the middle class earning power is a real, possibly the greatest, threat to our democracy. That slow but steady erosion has put the middle class looking for scape goats and it, in a negative way, affects immigration policy, hurts race relations, champions neo-Nazis and changes our politics to create tribalism. There are numerous reasons Trump is president but at least one small bit was due to Clintons comment about “deplorables.” I was a supporter of hers, but really took offense at that comment. Thank God she […]

Trump’s Support Of Roy Moore Crosses New Lines

I thought I had seen it all in politics, but I guess I haven’t. Also, just to let everyone know, I’m not some Yankee telling Southerners how to run their politics. Chattanooga, Tennessee, right over the Alabama line, is on my birth certificate and I have any number of relatives in that lovely state. However, this is not about where you are from. The President came out in support of the alleged philanderer and possible pedophile Roy Moore because he quoted him as saying he “didn’t do it” as opposed to 8 – 10 women who said he did. Do […]