A Letter To Members Of The Democratic Party

As a political junkie, when I am not listening to the machinations and tweets of Donald Trump, I find myself listening to Democrats continuously berate themselves over the last election. Some blame Hillary, some blame the party apparatus, and many blame the Russians or WikiLeaks. So far, no one, except Trump, has foisted blame on a 400 lb. fat guy operating out of his bedroom. I just have one basic question to all the Democrats as they hand ring. Given all the problems of the Democrat party, compared to the Republican Party, which one has the most problems to overcome? […]

What Every American Should Ask: Which Party Do You Trust On Healthcare?

When a major piece of legislation on healthcare or American’s retirement is brought before the Congress, which party would you rather have in power? A look at historical voting patterns might give some answers. One piece of legislation practically all Americas support was the passage of Medicare. Medicare was voted in by the House of Representatives on March 29, 1965. At the beginning of the 89th Congress, there were 295 Democrats and 140 Republicans in the House. The vote on the final passage of Medicare was 237 yeas on the Democratic side with 48 nays (8 not voting and 2 […]

What If Democrats Had Their Own Trump? How Would We Handle It?

Bear with me for a bit and let’s do a little pretending. Let’s assume a portion of the Democratic Party was high-jacked by some very left-wing radicals, beyond socialist and very dogmatic. Let’s further assume that a very poor, very left-wing (sometimes), very charismatic (occasionally) person with a giant ego who lied about almost everything (most of the time) somehow got the Democratic nomination and at first blush we just gritted our teeth and tried to make the best of it. Then, even beyond expectations, this person won the presidency and we held both the House and Senate–we are now […]

Reasons To Raise The Minimum Wage, From Both The Right And Left

For some time, both across the nation and recently in Iowa, the issue of raising the minimum wage has been hotly debated. Although the Iowa General Assembly has failed to ac – and working to stop it all together – it looks like Polk County and other parts of the state believe differently. Traditionally the debate has pitted the political left, in favor, vs. the political right, opposed.  That is actually a misnomer, and although almost all on the left are in favor, there are few on the right who also think it is a good idea for possibly different […]