In Iowa, Tulsi Gabbard Urges End To Party Infighting

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard keynoted Democratic barbecues this Sunday in Ames and Iowa City, hitting themes of party unity, love and anti-war in well-received speeches. Gabbard has visited Iowa before for local party events in 2015 and 2016, but has not come to the caucus state nearly as often as other well-known Democrats and rising stars have. She noted that her trip this weekend was thanks to a “very patient and persistent” former Bernie Sanders activist that invited her to the Ames event. Gabbard began her speech with describing the “Aloha spirit” and how its idea of interconnectedness applies to […]

What Drives Fred Hubbell In Life, Gubernatorial Campaign

Around Des Moines, the Hubbell name is known for many things. Thousands of people live in Hubbell Realty-managed apartments and homes. Parents drop their kids off to school at Hubbell Elementary. Hubbell Avenue is a major artery that cuts through Des Moines’ East Side. For Drake University students, the name relates to fun-filled snow days – “Hubbell-ing” is the term they use for sledding down the hills by the freshman dorms on food trays taken from Hubbell Dining Hall. And to Iowa activists who care deeply about the environment, Planned Parenthood and affordable healthcare, Fred and Charlotte Hubbell are known […]

So, Does Paul Pate Even Want His Secretary Of State Job?

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate’s office does not appear to be very good at math. That’s a bit of a problem considering they’re in charge of making sure the votes get counted in this state. And it could have caused problems for candidates running in Iowa’s 2nd and 3rd Congressional districts had they been using the incorrect numbers Pate’s office provided for petition signature amounts up until last week. To get on the ballot in Iowa, candidates must collect a certain number of signatures of eligible voters in their district. The math gets a little complicated for the congressional […]

Abby Finkenauer Brings In $152,000 In 3rd Quarter, $300,000+ Overall

State Representative Abby Finkenauer of Dubuque will be reporting a fundraising haul of $152,000 in the 3rd quarter reporting period next week, adding to her $156,000 total in the previous quarter. That brings her to over $300,000 raised in her 1st District campaign to take on two-term incumbent Rod Blum in one of the country’s top swing district races. She first faces a four-way Democratic primary in this Northeast Iowa district. Her campaign reports that the fundraising amount comes from over 1,300 individual contributions, and that their median contribution is $50, with a majority of the donations coming from Iowa. […]

Iowa Dems FOIA Reynolds/Trump Communication On ACA Stopgap Plan

Did President Donald Trump really personally kill off Iowa’s request for a stopgap measure, risking tens of thousands of Iowans’ health insurance just to make a political point? Has the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) actually made a decision yet? What did Governor Kim Reynolds know about the federal government’s position in the process? Was her administration caught flat-footed over reports that Trump opposes the waiver approval, and why hasn’t she been able to get a call returned from the president yet? The answers to those questions are crucial to the 72,000 Iowans on the ACA exchange who […]

Matt McCoy Makes His Pick In Gubernatorial Primary

Des Moines State Senator Matt McCoy is endorsing Fred Hubbell in the Democratic gubernatorial primary today, praising the Des Moines businessman’s knowledge of the Iowa economy and lifetime of support for progressive causes. McCoy’s backing gives Hubbell his first endorser in the Iowa Senate, adding to a list of six Iowa House members and many former elected officials, including Sally Pederson and Patty Judge. “Fred has always been very socially progressive, he and Charlotte, and when it comes to the environment, reproductive health and the issues we care about, he’s always been there,” McCoy told Starting Line. “He’s got an […]

Trump’s EPA Head Vows To Kill Iowa Wind And Solar Energy Credits

Someone should check Chuck Grassley’s pulse. Iowa’s senior senator declared back in August of 2016 that a President Donald Trump would eliminate tax credits for wind energy “over my dead body.” And yet yesterday, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt declared that he wanted to do exactly that. “I would do away with these incentives that we give to wind and solar,” Pruitt said at an event with the Kentucky Farm Bureau. “I’d let them stand on their own and compete against coal and natural gas and other sources, and let utilities make real-time market decisions on those types of […]

How Cathy Glasson Stared Down Intimidation Efforts To Form Her Union

When the ballots were being counted to determine whether or not University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics healthcare workers would unionize, Cathy Glasson – the person who had led the effort for months – wasn’t in the room. Glasson was instead working a 12-hour shift in the intensive care unit where she served as a nurse while the Labor Relations board met. It was in September of 1997, before text messaging was widespread (Glasson didn’t have a cell phone, anyway), so all Glasson could do was wait to get a call in the break room. The stakes were high, both […]

It Will Happen In Iowa

“There will be time for that later,” Governor Kim Reynolds said yesterday when asked if Iowa will pursue any new gun control legislation in the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in American history. She was lying. There will never be a real discussion about responsible gun laws in Iowa so long as Kim Reynolds is governor and Republicans control the Legislature. If there is any debate on gun laws in next year’s legislative session, it will revolve around how Iowa can roll back oversight on who purchases guns, what types of weaponry you can purchase and make it legal […]

What A Despicable Week In American Politics

Following the day’s political news in Donald Trump’s America is an exhausting affair. Every week that you think we’ve hit rock bottom as a country, Trump and others find new, inventive ways to disgrace the nation and humanity. The past seven days have been particularly awful, making you wonder where this country is headed. The president’s racist inclinations were on full, divisive display this week, starting with his attacks on NFL players who kneel during the national anthem to protest racial inequality. There are times that Trump has stoked white racial animus in order to rally his base or distract […]