Imagine 2020: A Christmas Story

I know it seems a long way off, but I am an optimist, so put on your 3D glasses and go to the movies with me, here is what I see (or generally hope to see). It is a review of what politics and the presidency might look like after the 2020 elections. It’s not utopia, but it’s pretty good and even possibly attainable. A new president (I am non-partisan in this exercise, so it could be someone like Mitt Romney or a mirror image of Bush 1, not Bush 2 in this dream) has just been elected. Point being, […]

How Iowa Caucus Strategies Could Change With New Unity Commission Rules

The Democratic National Committee’s Unity Reform Commission voted in favor today of recommendations to the party’s nominating system, which will mean major changes to how the Iowa Caucus operates (its first place status in the process remains safe). The DNC as a whole still needs to vote on the rule changes, but most expect them to ratify the commission’s suggestions. Two big alterations to the caucus process will have a major impact on Iowa: publicizing the initial raw vote total and implementing an absentee ballot option. Here’s how I think these issues will play out. Make Initial Raw Vote Count […]

Nurses United Union Endorse Cathy Glasson, Pete D’Alessandro

Two Iowa Democratic candidates pushing progressive policies in high-profile 2018 races got a boost today from the National Nurses United union. The labor group that backed Bernie Sanders in a very visible way during the 2016 primary interviewed several candidates for Iowa’s gubernatorial and 3rd congressional district races a few months ago. They decided to endorse former ICU nurse and labor leader Cathy Glasson of Coralville for governor and former Sanders campaign adviser Pete D’Alessandro of Des Moines for the 3rd District race. Glasson has pitched herself as the “bold progressive” in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Her key issues involve […]

Chuck Grassley Dropped From Conference Committee After Comments

Senator Chuck Grassley took to Twitter this morning to personally apologize to President Donald Trump about not being to be able to fight for his tax plan on the House-Senate conference committee. Iowa’s senior senator was apparently dropped from the committee that will draft the final legislation that gets sent to Trump’s desk. @realDonaldTrump I'm the most Senior member of Senate Finance Comm I was dropped as Conferee So I won't be in front line fighting for what u and I believe to cut taxes — ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) December 7, 2017 The move by Republicans to downgrade Grassley’s role in […]

Iowans Start Taking Empty Bottles Of Booze To Chuck Grassley’s Offices

Non-millionaire Iowans who clearly have wasted too much of their hard-earned money on booze, women and movies descended upon Chuck Grassley’s offices today to deliver empty bottles of alcohol to their esteemed senator. Actually, it was a protest organized by several progressive groups to express voters’ outrage over Grassley’s recent insulting comments aimed at working people. Iowa Citizen Action Network, the Main Street Alliance of Iowa and Americans for Democratic Action Iowa held rallies outside of the senator’s offices in Des Moines and Waterloo this afternoon. Attendees brought empty bottles of booze to mock Grassley’s quote on what the working class […]

Joni Ernst Sits By Silently As Trump Endorses Alleged Child Molester

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, who has led efforts to combat sexual assault in the military, sat quietly next to President Donald Trump today as he endorsed a man accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. At a meeting in the White House were senators were discussing NAFTA trade policy with the President, Trump responded to questions about why he endorsed Roy Moore in the Alabama senate race. “I think he’s going to do very well,” Trump said of Moore. “We don’t want to have a liberal Democrat in Alabama, believe me. We want strong borders, we want stopping crime, we […]

Fred Hubbell Knocks Kim Reynolds’ Corporate Tax Handouts In New TV Ad

Fred Hubbell is releasing a new TV ad today for his gubernatorial bid, taking aim at Governor Kim Reynolds’ $20 million tax credit deal to bring just 50 jobs to Iowa. In it, the Des Moines businessman knocks Republicans’ continuing trend of emptying the state’s budget by paying out tens of millions of tax dollars to entice already-successful businesses to locate here. “We’ve seen this show before – giveaways to out-of-state companies that don’t need them. I came in and helped clean up the film tax credit scandal,” Hubbell says in the ad. “I helped put an end to these […]

“Not One Penny” Group Aims Ads At David Young, Rod Blum For Tax Bill

Iowa Republican Congressmen David Young and Rod Blum will start feeling the pressure for their votes on a tax bill that targeted huge breaks to the wealthiest Americans this week. Not One Penny, a progressive coalition group formed earlier this year to push back against Republicans’ tax plans, will start running ads in Iowa criticizing the two for raising taxes on the middle class. It’s part of a national seven-figure ad buy to hold members of Congress accountable for their votes. “David Young voted for the Republican tax plan to raises taxes on middle class families,” the narrator says on […]

Why Democrats Need To Turn Out In Cedar Rapids’ Mayoral Run-Off

Democrats and progressive candidates saw a lot of encouraging success in this year’s municipal and school board elections in Iowa, but one major race remains outstanding: Tuesday’s Cedar Rapids mayoral run-off. Who leads the second-largest city in the state is a big deal – it should also be a reliably Democratic office, but it hasn’t been in past years. So, Tuesday’s race between November 7’s top vote-getters – Democrat Monica Vernon and Republican Brad Hart – will have a huge impact on city policies, as well as Eastern Iowa politics for years to come. Vernon led the crowded eight-person mayoral […]

“Go Back Where They Came From.” Iowa Sportscasters Direct Racist Comments At High Schoolers

Racist attacks directed at high school students happened at an Iowa sporting event yet again, with the video of the comments quickly spreading through social media. This time, at least, people were fired over it. The KIOW radio station based out of Forest City, Iowa has fired two of its employees after they made blatantly racist comments toward high school basketball players at a local game played against Eagle Grove on November 28. Orrin Harris, a longtime announcer, was let go after outrage quickly built over the viral video. KIOW noted that the commentary did not run on their actual […]