Trump’s “Make America Rake Again” Ignites Climate Change Debate

The devastating California wildfires should completely erase any skepticism about the crisis of climate change. However, President Trumps suggested that the fires resulted because America isn’t raking its forests and dismissed climate change as a major cause. It seems incomprehensible America could have a Commander-in-Chief so ignorant of science or the basic facts about forest management and climate change. While visiting fire devastated areas in California last week, Trump suggested he got the raking idea after talking to the President of Finland. “I was with the President of Finland and he said we have — much different — we are […]

Even In Loss, Fred Hubbell Raised Awareness Of Key Issues

Fred Hubbell fell short in his campaign to oust Governor Kim Reynolds, but he successfully raised vital issues that will continue to demand action by Iowans. The unsolved problems that Hubbell focused on in his campaign won’t go away; he was absolutely correct to identify them in his criticism of Reynolds’ leadership. Democrats shouldn’t take Reynolds’ victory as a rejection of the importance of the issues Hubbell focused on during the campaign. The exit polling that Iowa Starting Line summarized earlier this week confirms that many of the issues that the Hubbell campaign raised have majority support from Iowa voters. Hubbell […]

Iowa Exit Poll Has Warning Signs For GOP Legislation

The recent 2018 election failed to end the Republicans trifecta lock on Iowa government. Democrats picked up several house seats, but remaining in the minority makes it extremely difficult to pass any progressive legislation in the next two years. Republicans will continue to control the legislative agenda. However, a 2018 exit poll suggests there are issues Democrats may be able to leverage based on voters’ answers on a variety of questions. The results of the poll suggest Iowa voters hold views much more in line with Democrats than Republicans. It validates Iowa voters support for many progressive policies even though […]

Iowa Gets A Two-For-One Team If They Elect Hubbell

Iowa voters get a bonus this year when they elect Fred Hubbell as Iowa’s next Governor: Charlotte Hubbell, Fred’s wife and life partner, comes along as part of the deal. The role of political spouses of elected officials vary greatly. Some play no role at all, while others play pivotal roles in successful administrations. Many spouses become important advocates for issues they wish to elevate in importance. Others play a key role in communicating as proxies for the candidate. Charlotte Hubbell has already proven to be a valuable campaign spokesperson for her husband in articulating his policy positions. In addition, […]

Trump, Iowa Republicans Finish With Immigrant Fear-Mongering

It’s less than two weeks until the election and Donald Trump has been searching for a new message. In an act of blatant racial opportunism, he targeted the Central American immigrant caravan traveling toward the United States. The videos of thousands of poor and desperate immigrants heading for the southern border provided the perfect victims to stoke up anger and fear within his base. With no proof, Trump immediately suggested that the caravan was made up of people of Middle Eastern descent, MS-13 gang members and other criminal elements. He again provided no proof but said “Democrats had something to […]

Iowa Sees Largest Drop In Energy Rating After Gary Carlson’s Bill

Iowa’s national role as a leader in clean energy took a major hit thanks to a Republican-passed bill (SF 2311) in 2018. State Representative Gary Carlson spearheaded the effort, and Governor Reynolds signed it into law this past May. The bill cripples Iowa’s 28-year history of energy efficiency programs with massive cuts. It also allows municipal utilities to penalize solar-generating customers. The new law cuts funds dedicated to rebates for energy efficiency appliances, retrofitting homes and energy efficiency initiatives by as much as two-thirds. The bill caps contributions at 2 percent of a customer’s electric or natural gas bill. The […]

New Report Shows Climate Change Raising Iowa Temps, Rainfall

You’ve probably heard the story of the frog in boiling water. If you drop a frog in boiling water he will jump out. But, if you place a frog in cool water and slowly bring it to a boil, by the time the frog realizes the danger he’s cooked. Most of the world (with the exception of Trump and most of the Republican Party) understands the globe is slowly warming and realizes that we must turn down the heat immediately if we want to avoid boiling like a frog. The world’s scientific community is warning that the continued burning of […]

Billboards Target Cownie, Carlson For Votes On Injured Workers

Iowa GOP Representatives Peter Cownie and Gary Carlson engineered passage of a drastic change to Iowa’s workers’ compensation law in 2017. Their major revisions make it much more difficult for injured workers to obtain benefits and severely restricts the total amount of benefits injured workers can receive. Progress Iowa, an Iowa worker advocacy group, has reserved “You’re out of luck” billboards exposing the two Republican representatives for their 2017 amendments to the Iowa worker compensation law. Their amendments stripped injured workers of many of their historically established benefits. Peter Cownie of West Des Moines and Gary Carlson of Muscatine worked […]

Senator Grassley, Please Stop Talking

Chuck Grassley can’t seem to stop putting his foot in his mouth after the Kavanaugh hearings and vote. Last weekend, he was asked why there aren’t more Republican women on the Senate Judiciary Committee. “It’s a lot of work — maybe they (women) don’t want to do it,” Grassley said. The Grassley-led hearing on Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court greatly deepened the widening political gender gap between men and women. Grassley’s statement that women might not want to do the work of the Judiciary Committee feeds the perception held by many women that many men just don’t get […]

Iowans Call Out Young And Blum’s Lies On Pre-Existing Conditions

You can tell that Republican Congressmen Rod Blum and David Young are worried about their votes to kill healthcare reform. All three Iowa Republican Congressman – Blum, King and Young – voted for the Republican health care replacement plan, the American Health Care Act. The GOP plan would have eliminated protections of those with pre-existing conditions making insurance unaffordable or entirely unavailable to the most vulnerable Americans. Both Blum and Young are claiming they now support protecting folks with preexisting conditions after voting to eliminate these protections. Votes don’t lie so these two Congressman are attempting to rewrite their voting […]