Why Can’t Kim Reynolds Just Admit Privatization Was A Failure?

Any reasonable person would likely look at the continuing Medicaid privatization scandal and question why Governor Kim Reynolds has refused to admit failure. Iowa’s Medicaid program has been in crisis ever since it began in 2016, and every indication suggests it is worsening. Each week brings another new story of clients whose care is being denied, their benefits reduced or their services cut. Providers can’t get paid, their reimbursement rates are cut without explanation and some are simply unable to remain in business. The fact remains that privatization isn’t saving Iowans any money. So why does Reynolds continue to say […]

The Best Choice In This Election Will Give Iowans A Raise

With the exception of the agricultural sector, Iowa’s economy is doing very well as evidenced by an extremely low unemployment rate of 2.6%. The stock market is booming due to increasing corporate profits, yet Iowa employees’ wages and salaries are stagnant. Factoring in inflation, Iowans are seeing their net wage increases consumed. Iowans at the lowest income levels are actually seeing a decline in their incomes due to inflation. Both the Republican federal and state tax cuts are benefiting the rich and corporations, but for the majority of Americans the GOP promises have failed miserably. Republicans are boasting about the […]

Hubbell Points Out Big Hypocrisy In Latest Reynolds Ad

Governor Kim Reynolds is desperately trying to use distorted and negative ads to damage Fred Hubbell. Reynolds’ latest charge is that Hubbell, while head of the Iowa Power Fund, wasted taxpayer money and didn’t create any jobs. Yet, Reynolds is on record praising the very investments made by the Power Fund under Hubbell’s leadership. Reynolds’ Director of Economic Development, Debi Durham, described the Power Fund board and staff in glowing terms. “They did what they were asked to do,” she says of the board and the staff. “It accomplished a great deal.” The Power Fund began in 2007 as a […]

Nike Takes A Knee For Equality And Justice

It’s rare for a national company selling consumer products to take a stand on a controversial political issue. Generally, they would remain neutral, fearing that taking a political position would hurt sales with the consumers that support the opposing position. Nike boldly ignored that conventional advertising rule by making the former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick the voice and face of their latest “Just Do It” commercial. In August 2016, Kaepernick refused to stand for the anthem and chose to kneel to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Kaepernick was blacklisted by the NFL for leading the “take a knee” protest […]

For Cleaner Water And Healthier Soil, Vote Fred Hubbell

There are certainly many critical issues for voters to consider when choosing between the two Iowa gubernatorial candidates. Iowa’s deteriorating soil health and dangerously impaired water quality should rate near the top in factoring into voters’ decisions about choosing the state’s next governor. Many voters now getting to know Fred Hubbell may not be aware of his outstanding record as a champion for the environment. The future viability of Iowa’s agricultural production, as well as the state’s quality of life, is dependent on protecting Iowa’s critical water and soil resources. Hubbell’s environmental knowledge and experience uniquely equips him to be […]

Republicans Should Reflect On McCain’s Life, Reevaluate Their Path

Senator McCain’s nickname as a maverick referred to his history of bipartisanship and putting country before party. His very visible friendships with former Democratic Senators Joe Biden, John Kerry, Russ Feingold, Joe Lieberman and the late Ted Kennedy have become the exception for most Republicans. The loss of Republican bipartisanship has lead to the deepening tribal warfare, contributing to legislative stalemates on issues like healthcare, immigration reform and foreign policy. Perhaps more concerning than the loss of bipartisanship is the loss of Republicans’ commitment to putting country before party. McCain was one of the few Republicans left that elevated the […]

Republicans Bash Immigrants, But Can’t Survive Without Them

Iowa Republicans latest attacks on immigrants have their agricultural constituents worried about losing their critical workforce. Following the tragic murder of Mollie Tibbitts, Republicans from Trump on down saw an opportunity to attack Democrats on the issue of a broken immigration system. Trump immediately blamed Tibbetts murder by an undocumented immigrant on Democrats. “Democrat immigration policies are destroying innocent lives and spilling very innocent blood,” Trump said. “We believe that any party that puts criminal aliens before American citizens should be out of office, not into office.” Governor Reynolds, Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst all wasted no time in blaming […]

Eric Swalwell Stands Out In Iowa With Role In Russian Investigation

Iowa Democrats should follow California Congressman Eric Swalwell for the special role he plays as a member of the House Intelligence Committee investigating the Trump/Russian connection. In the interview below he presents a compelling case for the relationship between Trump and Trump’s family with the Russians. As a former prosecutor, Swalwell provides an inside look at the mounting evidence linking Trump to the Russians. Swalwell has already established himself as a leading Democratic spokesman in the investigation. He’s become a regular contributor on CNN, MSNBC and FOX news. When and if this investigation blows up on Trump, Congressman Swalwell has […]

Kim Reynolds Has Nothing But Attacks To Hide Her Record Of Failure

When incumbent candidates have a strong successful record, they run on their accomplishments. When candidates must run on a failed record, lack any positive visions and refuse to discuss their positions, they turn to negative ads. With a failed record of achievements, Governor Reynolds has chosen the latter by going negative in a desperate attack on her opponent Fred Hubbell. You only need to walk by the Republicans’ State Fair booth to see that. Reynolds is running misleading ads, if not downright lies, about Hubbell’s record as head of Younkers more than 20 years ago. In the time period 1986-1989 […]

What Unions’ Win In Missouri Means For Iowa Campaigns

The defeat of Missouri’s anti-union “right-to-work” law is likely to carry national repercussions. These unions’ huge success in a largely red state that Trump won with 54% suggests that voters support and believe in the value of unions. The right-to-work law was repealed by an overwhelming 67% to 33% margin. Since only 7.5% of Missourians are represented by unions, it’s clear the general population of the state sees the benefit of them. It mirrors the increasing favorability of unions in national polling. This sudden burst of public opinion in favor certainly offers hope that Iowa Democrats’ pro-union agenda will appeal […]