Right-Wing Media Giant Acquires Key Iowa TV Stations

Local Iowa television stations WHO in Des Moines and WQAD in Davenport could become considerably more politically conservative as a result of their acquisition by Sinclair Broadcasting. WHO is the NBC affiliate in Des Moines and WQAD the ABC affiliate serving Davenport, Iowa and Moline, Illinois. In addition, they will have a direct connection to the Trump Administration thanks to a deal struck by Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Another concern is the Sinclair acquisition violates the previous size limit on the number of stations one broadcaster can own. Conservative media giant Sinclair Broadcasting announced May 8th it is acquiring […]

Activists Put Up Billboard To Call Out David Young On AHCA

A Beaverdale mom decided it was time to act when Congressman David Young flip-flopped and voted for the House Republicans’ Obamacare replacement. Young had vowed he would vote no on the previous version, but switched his vote at the last moment. As a member of the Northwest Des Moines Democrats, Vanessa Phelan had been brainstorming with the group about possible actions to counter Young. One of the options they discussed was renting billboards to express their disagreement with Young’s vote. NW Des Moines Democrats is one of 15 Polk County Democrats neighborhood groups. Following Young’s Obamacare flip-flop vote, Phelan began […]

Pottawattamie County Democrats Rebounding After Tough Losses

Council Bluffs Democrats have reorganized and reenergized following the devastating loss of the long-serving Senator Mike Gronstal. The former Iowa Senate majority leader’s loss combined with losses by other Senate Democrats resulted in Republicans taking complete control of the Legislature. For Iowa Democrats the incredible legislative damage done by Republicans has only compounded the loss of Gronstal’s leadership. Linda Nelson, the Pottawattamie (affectionately known as Pott County) Democratic County Chair didn’t give up, and she is working even harder to rebuild the county party. She launched a number of new initiatives following the November election and was recently reelected as […]

Iowa Students Suffering At Expense Of GOP Tax Giveaways

Education reviews of the Republicans’ mismanagement of the Iowa state budget has focused on the inadequate funding of K-12 schools.  They actually brag about increasing K-12 funding by 1.1% or $40 million even though most independent analysis suggest 4-6% is needed to keep pace. In addition, they cut state funding of Iowa’s public universities for both 2017 and 2018 significantly below the 2016 levels. Republican legislators totally ignored the public universities request for a 2% increase and cut their funding. That inadequate funding of our Iowa public universities has resulted in a 5% tuition increase for Iowa college students. Republicans […]

Over 70,000 Iowans Face Healthcare Crisis And Republicans Own It

Over 70,000 Iowans will lose their access to health care on January 1st, 2018. For all these thousands of Iowans this is an urgent emergency. It is a catastrophic blow to these Iowa families’ ability to have access to quality healthcare. Lacking the opportunity to buy health insurance coverage for themselves and their families puts them into a healthcare crisis. The three principle insurance companies offering coverage: Wellmark, Aetna and Medica have announced that they plan to leave Iowa’s Obamacare exchange effective 2018. The future of Gunderson, a small carrier handling a few counties in NE Iowa, is unknown. These […]

Iowa Democrats Failing To Address Trade Issues For Rural Iowa

Trump’s campaign made anti-trade a key part of his political messaging. During the campaign he talked about unfair trade and outsourcing of American jobs. However, Iowa agriculture and manufacturing have benefited from trade by increased exports. Now Trump’s anti-trade tirades are threatening Iowa exports and the rural economy. Iowa Democrats have been nearly silent about the impact that a Trump trade war could have on Iowa exports and the Iowa economy. Many Iowans voted for Trump and the Republicans based on their promises to bring jobs back and rebuild rural Iowa. Now Trump’s trade policies threaten to alienate Iowa’s best […]

Is It May 2018? Neighborhood Dem Groups Rapidly Expand

The enthusiasm and energy generated at last week’s newly formed neighborhood group, the Des Moines West Side Democrats, made it feel like the 2018 midterm is right around the corner. It’s unheard of to have this much excitement barely over 100 days into a new Republican administration, especially following an election that swept Democrats from power at all levels. Rather than commiserating and mourning their recent losses, these Democrats are reenergized and already organizing like the midterm election is at hand. Their actions confirm that Trump’s election and the Republican legislative debacle has ignited a powerful organizational firestorm among Democrats […]

Rebuilding Iowa, One Democratic County Party At A Time: Woodbury

As Iowa Democrats strategize on ways to rebuild the state party, they can begin by focusing on strengthening their county party foundation. The Democratic county parties – especially in rural areas – are the building blocks that the state party is built upon. It’s the county parties that recruit the local volunteers, fundraise, execute “Get Out the Vote” and win local elections. Democrats recognize that their rural county efforts suffered huge setbacks in the 2016 election, and they need help in rebuilding. Democrats only won six urban counties out of the 99 county total. Woodbury County Democrats stand out as […]

Celebrate Iowa Immigrants At The May Day Rally

The Iowa immigrant community is under great stress from the Trump Administration’s conflicting and contradictory statements on deportation. It’s not at all clear who is subject to deportation and how deep Homeland Security will reach into the community. Will they just deport those that have committed serious crimes or simply those that are undocumented? The immigrant community needs support from Iowans that recognize and celebrate the contributions that immigrants have made and continue to make to Iowa. A similar rally, “Day Without Immigrants,” was held in February that drew an estimated 9,000 to the Capitol. The goal of that event […]

Climate Time Bomb Clock Running Out – March This Weekend

Time is running out in order to slow and reverse the warming of the earth. The catastrophic consequences associated with climate change are rapidly becoming more evident. It’s not too late but the world must act soon in order to prevent the worst of these environmental disasters. Scientists predict the globe will reach a tipping point where the warming could become irreversible. The consequences of passing that tipping point would dramatically alter life as we know it. These dire warnings to act are coming from a wide variety of sources. The Pentagon warns that climate change is a primary national […]