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Iowa Starting Line is a news outlet devoted to bringing readers breaking news, in-depth analysis, and general coverage of Iowa Caucus and Iowa political news. Founded in January of 2015 by Pat Rynard, Starting Line works to provide a unique take on the Iowa political scene that others may not be covering.

In June of 2019, we expanded significantly for the Iowa Caucus to include five full-time reporters, as well as a host of support staff. You can read more about it here. Post-caucus, we continue to employ multiple full-time reporters, have expanded our Immigrant Voices reporting, and are always looking for new ways to add reporting capacity.

See our latest news of joining the Courier Newsroom here.

Pat Rynard, Founder and Managing Editor

Email: Pat@IowaStartingLine.com
Twitter: @patrynard

Ty Rushing, Senior Editor

Email: Ty@IowaStartingLine.com
Twitter: @Rushthewriter

Nikoel Hytrek, Reporter

Email: Nikoel@IowaStartingLine.com
Twitter: @n_hytrek

Claudia Thrane, Immigrant Voices Reporter

Email: Claudia@IowaStartingLine.com
Twitter: @ThraneClaudia

20 Comments on "About Us"

  • Hey Pat,
    Thanks for starting this site. Looking forward to more great content. We’ve shared it with our followers on Facebook @UrbandaleDemocrats
    Kris Winter
    Co-Chair Urbandale Democrats

    • Really glad you like it! Let me know if there’s any issues or topics you think would be good ones to cover. – PR

  • Where is the word “democrat’s” iowastartingline.com. It needs to be added instead of deceiving us into believing is is not biased and one sided. You know, transparent.

  • I’m looking forward to coming to my third volunteer experience with the Iowa caucus: Gore in ’00, Edwards in ’08, and O’Malley this time.I I love the friendliness, the intense engagement and even the cold. Carlyle

  • Pat, Very glad to have discovered IA SL and the excellent profiles of seriously skilled up and coming citizen-servants. As an observer of how local informal relationship building in NC from 2012-2016 shifted the state from red to blue, I urge you to share this item with new NDP chair Perez. Thank You for your efforts! GGM

  • I met Pat Rynard when he worked on my dad’s State Senate campaign. Cool dude! (Both Pat and my dad.)

  • I think before you write about the Coalition for Rural Property Rights and our issues you should talk with us. We are really nice folks!

  • Pat…thanks for excellent reporting. Now: who will be looking at challenging Joni Ernst? And what are the obstacles and chances for success?

  • Response from a Madison County farmer/landowner to the one-sided, uninformed article by Rick Smith against legislation to protect rural citizens from health risks posed by siting Wind Turbines too close to homes: Be a real journalist and do some research on both sides of an issue before you make allegations that are not true. There is an abundance of evidence worldwide of health and other issues reported by people living too near these turbines. How many years did the Tobacco industry deny any link between tobacco and health? If you actually read conclusions of most studies, they say more study is needed with larger sample size. By the way, the article about cattle stampeding that you mocked was written as a letter to the editors of the Winterset Madisonian by a local farmer. Have you talked to him, or even read his story?

  • Read about your website and reporting earlier in the day on front page of NYTimes. Keep up the good work! On a tight budget but donated what I can.

    Donated to J.D. Scholten in 2016; hoping he defeats King this go round. Also hope Ernst is retired by the Iowa voters in 2020 .

  • This website is the only place I have found where
    I can get ACCURATE Covid 19 data. Our governor
    on her website is doing everything in her power
    to cover up the real trends of this disease in Iowa.

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