Why These Iowans Are Backing Julián Castro

Guest post from Julián Castro’s first big round of Iowa Caucus endorsers. As Iowans, we understand the responsibility that comes with being the first in the nation to vote. We want to not only hear where the candidates stand on the issues, but to truly understand how their vision for our country will impact our neighbors and our community. We want to be confident that our nominee has the strength, empathy, passion and experience to deal with the challenges ahead. Secretary Julián Castro’s vision to make this country the smartest, healthiest, most prosperous, and fairest for all Americans is the […]

Rep. Kenan Judge: Cory Booker Lives Our Values

Guest post from State Representative Kenan Judge of Waukee. As a country, we’ve lost sight of a lot of who we are. Our differences are getting in the way of our common goals. We need to restore a sense of civility and compromise in our politics and government. We have so many problems that will only be solved if we can come together and agree to get something done. Our kids don’t feel safe in their schools because of the gun violence epidemic; our broken health care system is forcing too many Americans to go without critical medical care and […]

Booker Has The Plans, Experience To Stem Gun Violence In My City

A guest post from Cedar Rapids City Councilmember Dale Todd These days, it seems like finger pointing has replaced solutions and results in Washington D.C. Democrats and Republicans are unable to agree on something as basic as the truth. We desperately need someone who can heal our divisions and unite this country. After listening to 20 candidates debate over two nights this past week, it is increasingly clear that Cory Booker is that leader. I believe most government is local, which is why it is important to me to have an experienced municipal executive at the helm: he ran New […]

Iowa Reps. Konfrst, Nielsen, Smith: Together, We Will Rise With Cory Booker

A guest post from Iowa State Representatives Jennifer Konfrst, Amy Nielsen, Mark Smith. For centuries, our nation has served as a beacon of hope to the rest of the world because of Americans rising above our differences and celebrating what we had in common — being part of one of the first Democratic experiments in human history, one ruled by and for the people that strives to protect liberty and justice for all. These days, it feels like that great experiment is being tested, but we know our nation has a rich history of coming together even during our darkest […]

How I Know John Delaney Is The “Real Deal”

Guest post from Connie Klug, an Adel business developer manager and co-chair of Delaney’s Iowa campaign. I have lived on 15A west of Des Moines for nearly 20 years, and I am a proud life-long Iowan. I am a widow with two children, both married with kids of their own – one family lives in Seattle, and one in Washington, D.C. About 18 months ago, my son Jay, who lives in D.C., called me: “Mom, you need to have something for John Delaney at your place. He is a Congressman in Maryland and he’s running for President. Mom, I know […]

John Deere And The Democrats

Guest post from Porter McNeil, a Democratic communications consultant. He was the Illinois Communications Director for the Kerry-Edwards’ Presidential Campaign and helped on Tom Vilsack’s first gubernatorial campaign as a staffer for (David) Axelrod & Associates. He is a regular Democratic analyst on WHBF-TV (CBS) in the Quad Cities. An American president tells us not to support John Deere — What?! The same president, who’s telling farmers to be patriots for the sake of a China trade war with no plan or allies, is now likely to blame for John Deere’s plans to scale back 20% of production at major […]

Marcia Nichols: Why I’m Endorsing Cory Booker

Guest post from former AFSCME Council 61 political director Marcia Nichols. Endorsing a presidential candidate is not a decision I take lightly. However, when we’re facing the most consequential election of our lifetimes, I think it’s incredibly important that we get this decision right. Which is why I have decided to support Cory Booker for President in 2020. We all know that Cory is an inspirational candidate, but it’s the work that he does behind the scenes that made the difference for me. Not only does he believe in the Democratic Party and their mission to stand up for working […]

Progress Iowa Corn Feed: A Can’t-Miss Event In Cedar Rapids

A guest post from State Representative Liz Bennett. Nothing says quintessential Iowa summer quite like candidates and corn. Every year Progress Iowa, a statewide advocacy organization, hosts their Corn Feed, a fun-filled event featuring progressive speakers. This year I’m excited that the Corn Feed will move to Cedar Rapids, and I’m pleased to help host the event at Newbo City Market, right here in the district I represent. The fifth annual Progress Iowa Corn Feed will feature presidential candidates and provide attendees an opportunity to listen to speeches as well as meet and mingle with the candidates. There will be […]

Rural County Chair: John Delaney Is Best Chance To Defeat Trump

A guest post from Mills County County Democratic Party Chair Donna Crum. A recent fact check by The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump has told at least 10,000 falsehoods since taking the oath to uphold our nation’s highest office. As Americans, we cannot allow this to become the new normal because this election and our democracy are too important. Political gimmicks and lip service just won’t cut it. Democrats need a candidate with a bold strategy backed by substantive policy ideas and a plan to get things done. We need a president that is honest about our problems […]

Kirsten Anderson: Why I’m Choosing Bravery With Kirsten Gillibrand

A guest post from Kirsten Anderson on her choice in the Iowa Caucus. Bravery plays a huge role in my life. Bravery got me through tough personal, private, and public moments. Bravery has helped show me how to be strong for my family and pushed me to question people in power to create positive change. Bravery leads me to advocate, empower others, and educate people on the complexities of workplace harassment in order to end it. Bravery is what has been missing from the national political stage for some time now. That is, until I met Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The […]