Marcia Nichols: Why I’m Endorsing Cory Booker

Guest post from former AFSCME Council 61 political director Marcia Nichols. Endorsing a presidential candidate is not a decision I take lightly. However, when we’re facing the most consequential election of our lifetimes, I think it’s incredibly important that we get this decision right. Which is why I have decided to support Cory Booker for President in 2020. We all know that Cory is an inspirational candidate, but it’s the work that he does behind the scenes that made the difference for me. Not only does he believe in the Democratic Party and their mission to stand up for working […]

Progress Iowa Corn Feed: A Can’t-Miss Event In Cedar Rapids

A guest post from State Representative Liz Bennett. Nothing says quintessential Iowa summer quite like candidates and corn. Every year Progress Iowa, a statewide advocacy organization, hosts their Corn Feed, a fun-filled event featuring progressive speakers. This year I’m excited that the Corn Feed will move to Cedar Rapids, and I’m pleased to help host the event at Newbo City Market, right here in the district I represent. The fifth annual Progress Iowa Corn Feed will feature presidential candidates and provide attendees an opportunity to listen to speeches as well as meet and mingle with the candidates. There will be […]

Rural County Chair: John Delaney Is Best Chance To Defeat Trump

A guest post from Mills County County Democratic Party Chair Donna Crum. A recent fact check by The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump has told at least 10,000 falsehoods since taking the oath to uphold our nation’s highest office. As Americans, we cannot allow this to become the new normal because this election and our democracy are too important. Political gimmicks and lip service just won’t cut it. Democrats need a candidate with a bold strategy backed by substantive policy ideas and a plan to get things done. We need a president that is honest about our problems […]

Kirsten Anderson: Why I’m Choosing Bravery With Kirsten Gillibrand

A guest post from Kirsten Anderson on her choice in the Iowa Caucus. Bravery plays a huge role in my life. Bravery got me through tough personal, private, and public moments. Bravery has helped show me how to be strong for my family and pushed me to question people in power to create positive change. Bravery leads me to advocate, empower others, and educate people on the complexities of workplace harassment in order to end it. Bravery is what has been missing from the national political stage for some time now. That is, until I met Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The […]

Despite Voter Suppression Efforts, Young Voters Turned Out In Iowa

A guest post from Brit Bender, state director for NextGen Iowa, which ran an extensive youth voter turnout project in 2018. The Iowa GOP has a history of student voter suppression. In 2017, then-Governor Terry Branstad signed a law that prohibited student IDs from being used as voter IDs. This legislative session, Republicans tried to ban public universities as early voting locations and force students to sign a form stating their intent to remain in Iowa upon graduating to remain on the voter rolls. Fortunately, these tried-and-true tactics to suppress the youth vote were met with fierce opposition from grassroots […]

What I’m Listening For On Child Care Policy From 2020 Candidates

Guest post from Tiffany Welch of the Save The Children Action Network organization. My husband and I moved to Iowa from the West Coast in April, 2007. Moving to Iowa was a wonderful decision for many reasons, and I have especially loved participating in Iowa presidential politics. I had my first taste of Iowa caucus excitement when we met the Obama family at an I-Cubs game on July 4, 2007. I have enjoyed meeting presidential candidates from various political persuasions up close over the caucus cycles. I studied human development for my bachelor’s degree, so many of my top priorities […]

The Most Powerful Tech Innovation 2020 Campaigns Aren’t Yet Using

A guest post from Rose Clouston, the Director of Online Training at the National Democratic Training Committee. With a new Democrat announcing their presidential campaign every week, the primary election is shaping up to be a long, drawn-out process. To have any realistic hope of emerging as the nominee, you have to scale from a small team of senior staff to a national movement with thousands of staff and volunteers in a matter of months. Most people assume presidential campaigns operate with endless financial and staffing resources. The truth is every campaign, even the most well funded, has limited time, money, and […]

Setting The Record Straight On Iowa’s Sex Education Classes

A guest post on the state’s sex education programs. My name is Natalie Harwood, and I am a health educator at Planned Parenthood. I work under a public grant called the Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention program (CAPP). Year after year, I see anti-abortion politicians in the Iowa legislature introduce legislation that would prevent Planned Parenthood from using CAPP and other public funds for sexual health education. There seem to be a lot of false assumptions about what Planned Parenthood teaches in sex education classes. I want to set the record straight about our programs. First, here is how Planned Parenthood […]

Marianne Williamson Returns To Iowa – Where She’ll Be

A sponsored guest piece from Marianne Williamson’s campaign. Presidential candidate and best-selling author Marianne Williamson will return to Iowa for five days of campaign events over the next two weeks. These will be her third and fourth visits to the state since declaring her candidacy. These next two trips will focus on the Central Iowa and Fairfield areas of the state. There will be two college campus visits, along with a meeting with the Asian & Latino Coalition. Williamson’s most recent Iowa visit was covered by Buzzfeed Politics. Read their full story here. An excerpt: Buzzfeed: “Here in the 21st […]

Which Republicans Top Iowa’s Extreme 16 Contest?

Progress Iowa released their ranking of Iowa Republicans’ Extreme 16 contest for the year, highlighting which elected officials have had the worst impact on Iowans. Following the Progress Iowa press release, Representative Bobby Kaufmann (R-Wilton) responded to his inclusion in Progress Iowa’s annual listing of the most extreme Iowans. Kaufmann wrote an email from his state legislative email address to Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic stating that, “I’ll add 3rd-rate comedian to your list of credentials right behind known liar and political hack.” Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to Kaufmann: “If Rep. Kaufmann […]