Iowa GOP Water Bill Is Just A Drop In The Bucket

The good news is that Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa Republican legislators are finally waking up to Iowa’s contaminated water emergency. The bad news is their solution is too little and too late. The environmental alarm has been ringing for years but they plugged their ears and refused to act. While they loitered, Iowa’s number of impaired water bodies grew to over 750. While they stalled, Iowa’s beaches were closed due to dangerous bacterial levels. While they made excuses, Iowa has seen the number of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) multiply and spread like the plague across Iowa without adequate […]

It’s Time For Iowa Republicans To Start Panicking

The 2018 election may still be a long ways off in a political climate that can change rapidly on a daily basis, but all the data points for a good Democratic year in Iowa are starting to stack up. A string of special elections for state legislative seats have consistently seen massive margin swings to Democrats, culminating in last night’s Northwest Iowa race where a Democrat pulled within ten points in a district Donald Trump won by 41 points. Add that to the national political mood with a deeply unpopular president, a stunning victory by a Democrat in Alabama and […]

“Trial Of The Century” – Children’s Climate Change Lawsuit Vs. Trump

The Trump Administration is desperately trying to prevent a climate change trial scheduled for February 2018. His administration is getting sued by Our Children’s Trust and the group Earth Guardians. This climate change lawsuit has the potential to expose Trump and his EPA Director, Scott Pruitt as climate change denying frauds. It will pit Trump, Pruitt and their climate change denying hucksters vs. the world’s scientific community. This climate change trial could rival the infamous 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial. Just as the Scopes trial was a battle over the science of evolution, the climate change trial will be the battle […]

Democrat Nearly Pulls Off Upset In Trump +41 Senate District In NW Iowa

Iowa Democrats nearly pulled off the upset to end all upsets by coming surprisingly close in a Northwest Iowa special election for Senate District 3 tonight. In a district where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton 68% to 27%, Democrat Todd Wendt fell to Republican Representative Jim Carlin by just 55% to 45%. Where Trump won the district by a +41 margin in November 2016, Democrats closed that gap to a Republican +10 tonight, a swing of 31 points for the Democrats. Carlin – who currently represents half the Senate district in the Iowa House – was expected to win handily […]

Imagine 2020: A Christmas Story

I know it seems a long way off, but I am an optimist, so put on your 3D glasses and go to the movies with me, here is what I see (or generally hope to see). It is a review of what politics and the presidency might look like after the 2020 elections. It’s not utopia, but it’s pretty good and even possibly attainable. A new president (I am non-partisan in this exercise, so it could be someone like Mitt Romney or a mirror image of Bush 1, not Bush 2 in this dream) has just been elected. Point being, […]

How Iowa Caucus Strategies Could Change With New Unity Commission Rules

The Democratic National Committee’s Unity Reform Commission voted in favor today of recommendations to the party’s nominating system, which will mean major changes to how the Iowa Caucus operates (its first place status in the process remains safe). The DNC as a whole still needs to vote on the rule changes, but most expect them to ratify the commission’s suggestions. Two big alterations to the caucus process will have a major impact on Iowa: publicizing the initial raw vote total and implementing an absentee ballot option. Here’s how I think these issues will play out. Make Initial Raw Vote Count […]

Eddie Mauro: Need True And Fair Tax Reform, Not David Young’s Handouts To The Rich

A guest post from 3rd Congressional District Democratic candidate Eddie Mauro. It appears that David Young has come down with Trump’s disease — the inability to tell fact from fiction. In a newsletter titled “Myth vs. Fact on the Tax Plan” sent out a week ago, the Third District congressman said the Republican-authored tax bill was good for Iowans. For one thing, he said, it gets rid of the estate tax, which he said prevents Iowa farmers from bequeathing their farms to their heirs. But as The Des Moines Register reported, the estate tax affected only 32 out of nearly […]

Nurses United Union Endorse Cathy Glasson, Pete D’Alessandro

Two Iowa Democratic candidates pushing progressive policies in high-profile 2018 races got a boost today from the National Nurses United union. The labor group that backed Bernie Sanders in a very visible way during the 2016 primary interviewed several candidates for Iowa’s gubernatorial and 3rd congressional district races a few months ago. They decided to endorse former ICU nurse and labor leader Cathy Glasson of Coralville for governor and former Sanders campaign adviser Pete D’Alessandro of Des Moines for the 3rd District race. Glasson has pitched herself as the “bold progressive” in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Her key issues involve […]

Candidates Show Real Progress, Concern In Mental Health Forum

The Des Moines Register held a mental healthcare forum this week, where 12 gubernatorial candidates discussed their ideas on the critical matter. All seven Democratic candidates were there, as well as two Republican challengers, two Libertarian contenders and a left-leaning independent. Governor Kim Reynolds was on vacation that week, but she recorded a video address that was played at the beginning of the event. Starting Line asked National Alliance for Mental Health Iowa’s executive director, Peggy Huppert, to weigh in on her thoughts from the event. You can watch the entire event from this Register live stream.  — The most […]

The GOP Tax Plan Is Coming To Iowa Next

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist set the tax goal for Republicans, when he made this memorable quote. “I just want to shrink government down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.” The Iowa Republican Party is lining up their allies, including the Koch Brothers, to push an Iowa tax scam that potentially can do just that. Koch Brothers have spent $10 million promoting the federal Republican tax cut bill. The House and Senate both passed separate versions and now it must go to conference for completion. Following the successful passage of the two versions […]