Auditor Mary Mosiman Already In Trouble In Her Reelection Effort

Republican State Auditor Mary Mosiman is not off to a great start in her reelection effort in 2018. Campaign finance reports released last week showed the incumbent having only raised $28,392 through all of last year, and she’s currently sitting on $62,458 cash on hand. Her Democratic opponent, Rob Sand, posted a record-breaking $200,854 haul, which he raised in just seven weeks after announcing in November. Sand has $166,148 cash on hand. Judging from her contribution listings, Mosiman appeared to have one or a few fundraisers right in late August and early September last year which accounted for the bulk of her totals. She […]

Rob Sand Posts Record-Breaking $200,000 Haul For State Auditor Run

It looks like Iowans will see a hotly-contested race for State Auditor this year. Democratic candidate Rob Sand informed Starting Line that he has raised an eye-popping $200,854 in his bid for the oft-overlooked state office. Sand announced back in early November, so this fundraising haul for the 2017 report was accomplished in just seven weeks, a record for any state auditor campaign in that short a time. For comparison’s sake, Sand has already raised more than incumbent Republican State Auditor Mary Mosiman brought in during the entirety of her first election in 2014. She raised $178,166 in all then, […]

With Zach Wahls And More, Iowa Dems’ Future Is On The Ballot In 2018

Few elections have ever held more longterm consequences for a state than the upcoming 2018 races in Iowa. A few of the issues at stake: the survival of public unions and Planned Parenthood, the existence of mental healthcare services, and the state’s own political identity as a purple or red state. Iowa could soon become the next Kansas for decades to come, or a Democratic wave could return balance to the Statehouse. But for the Democratic Party here, 2018 presents one more opportunity that could outlive all of those outcomes: the chance to vote into office a raft of young […]

Why Decorah Native Rob Sand Is Running For State Auditor

Assistant Attorney General Rob Sand has investigated and prosecuted cases of corruption, fraud and abuse for the past seven years for Iowa. Now he looks to use that experience to turn the State Auditor’s office into a more aggressive watchdog agency that keeps a check on powerful interests within the government and beyond. Today Sand announced his candidacy to take on incumbent Republican Auditor Mary Mosiman, kicking it off with a statewide tour that begins in his hometown of Decorah. The 35-year-old will likely be the only Democrat in the race. Preparations for the run have been months in the […]