Internet Mocks Joni Ernst’s Socialism Claim

The Twitter-verse has not taken kindly to Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst’s rallying cry that socialists soon will take over Iowa and the United States if they’re not stopped by Republican voters. Fear of the “radical left” was a central theme of her 2020 campaign kick-off earlier this month, with Ernst telling the Roast and Ride crowd that “the forces of the radical, socialist left are on the march across the our state and across our nation.” Since the June 15 event, Iowa’s junior U.S. senator has kept the hype alive on social media, much to the ire of her detractors. “Our […]

Newman Abuissa Lends New Perspective To 2nd District Race

Newman Abuissa has never run for a political position before, other than lobbying fellow Democrats to serve as a convention delegate during the 2004 presidential election. But a lack of political chops is part of the appeal of his unconventional candidacy to represent Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District, Abuissa said. “I am a grassroots candidate,” Abuissa, 58, told Starting Line. “I think there’s a need for dialogue and debate, and I think it’s important that we do that in a democratic country and try to be a model for the rest of the globe.” He was undeterred by the fact Rita […]

Joni Ernst Target Of New Group Highlighting Iowans’ Struggles

Sen. Joni Ernst’s voting record on Medicaid expansion and protecting insurance coverage for Iowans with preexisting health conditions was the subject of the launch of a new grassroots organization in the state working to amplify examples of everyday hardships. Emily Holley, executive director of Iowa Voices, introduced the new initiative Thursday at the Iowa Statehouse with a press conference highlighting the health care experiences of two Iowans directly impacted by policy decisions made in Washington and Des Moines. And Holley had a story to tell, too. She told the audience about chronic pain she has suffered for more than two […]

New Finkenauer Bill Focuses On ‘Ignored’ Rural Health Care Providers

Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer was back in her home district this Monday to introduce a new piece of legislation centered on helping health care providers cover the costs of serving Medicare recipients. At St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Finkenauer laid out the pieces of the “Keeping Physicians Serving Patients Act of 2019,” a bipartisan bill authored with the assistance of Republican lawmakers from Nebraska and Illinois, in addition to Democratic Rep. Ron Kind of Wisconsin. “I want to get it done, and I’m going to figure out ways to get it done, especially finding common ground across the aisle to […]

Here Are The Issues Joni Ernst Will Run On In 2020

Sen. Joni Ernst tied her love of motorcycle riding to a central theme of her 2020 reelection campaign for the U.S. Senate, which she kicked off at her annual Roast and Ride event on Saturday. “I’m often asked what I love most about riding,” said Ernst to a room full of Republican supporters at the Central Iowa Expo in Boone. “And the answer, folks, is really simple: It’s the freedom.” Those “freedoms,” Ernst and other top Republican speakers claimed, “are under attack” by Democrats. “We can’t take our way of life for granted,” Ernst told her crowd. “The very values […]

How Cindy Axne Is Working To Save Iowans’ Health Insurance

In the midst of caucus politics and the president’s active Twitter feed, Congresswoman Cindy Axne and her fellow House Democrats continue to push for a more equitable health care system in the United States. Since 64 new Democratic representatives took office in January, health care legislation has been some of the most prolific introduced in the House. “The last couple of years, [health care] was in every poll and also anecdotally in almost every conversation that you’d have with people about what they wanted the next Congress to do and how policies can impact our lives,” said Matt Sinovic, executive […]

Abby Finkenauer Presses State On Worker Safety Issues

Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer has taken a concern about Iowa workers’ safety directly to Gov. Kim Reynolds with a letter outlining recent assaults at state facilities and Reynolds’ administration’s effort to reduce the number of public sector jobs. Finkenauer said in a June 7 letter to the governor, “The gutting of collective bargaining rights — most notably with the passage of House File 291 in 2017 — and significant reductions to staffing have undermined protections for our state employees to the point where their physical safety is now at risk.” The congresswoman’s letter, which requests information on the state’s “protocols and […]

When ‘Diamond And Silk’ Had To Defend Steve King’s Credibility

Congressman Steve King’s legislative profile has now diminished to the point of needing to be defended by online celebrities at his own Capitol press conference. Outside the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday afternoon in Washington, D.C., the Iowa Republican was joined by Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, known by their online platform “Diamond and Silk,” to introduce the “Diamond and Silk Act.” Also known as the “End Sanctuaries and Help Our American Homeless and Veterans Act,” the bill redirects federal funding from “sanctuary cities” and “sanctuary states” to programs providing assistance for America’s homeless and veterans, according to a press […]

Joe Biden Aims Criticism At Trump In General Election-Style Events

The way Joe Biden and President Donald Trump sparred Tuesday during their separate trips to Iowa, one might think they already were in the midst of a general election campaign. But it’s only June, and Election Day is more than a year away. Biden kicked off his Southeast Iowa swing Tuesday afternoon in Ottumwa, a working-class town situated in a county that gave 57.5% of their vote to Trump in 2016. There he addressed a standing-room-only crowd. After a brief interruption by an anti-abortion protestor (who followed him on campaign stops throughout the day), Biden began his remarks with acknowledgment […]

IA-Sen: National Party Coalesces Behind Greenfield, Mauro Points To Poll

The Democratic field may still expand in the race to unseat Sen. Joni Ernst, but influential parts of national party leadership is quickly coalescing around one candidate. Theresa Greenfield, a small business owner from Des Moines, joined two other candidates in the race June 3 with an announcement video. By last Wednesday, she already had secured 18 endorsements from current and former legislators, local elected officials and activists. And last Thursday, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and EMILY’s List endorsed her, as did presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand. “Theresa’s proven she’s not afraid of a challenge, whether it was starting over to […]