Trump’s Health Care Plan: Not Really A Plan At All

Last week, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Medicare protections. And while it lists a lot of problems to alleviate and goals to achieve, it lays out few ways to get there — instead creating a review period to figure out how to get there. Like nearly all of his campaign and presidential efforts, this executive order is not about what he will try to do, or what his administration stands for. Instead, it focuses on what he is against and what his political opponents are fighting for. Most of the order is focused on improving transparency, generating […]

Iowa Dems Blast Pence On Market Disruption, Disrespect To Farmers

Recent weeks have been full of disappointment for Midwest and Iowa farmers and ethanol producers. Amid ethanol and biofuel facility closures, farm bankruptcies and continued economic fallout from a trade war with China that seems to have no end in sight, the Trump Administration has made more empty promises, and even gone as far as telling small farmers, simply, they don’t care. “Donald Trump and Mike Pence claim to be great friends for farmers, but when you get right down to it, the impact of their senseless trade wars and their record of broken promises tell a really different story,” […]

Ep121: Kamala Harris Interview, Biden Campaign Strategy

Pat Rynard talks with Senator Kamala Harris about her new paid family medical leave policy, Trump’s actions in Turkey and Syria, and impeachment. Plus, we interview Greg Schultz, the national campaign manager for Joe Biden’s campaign about their strategy in the final four months before the Iowa Caucus.

Pete Buttigieg Targets Out-Of-Pocket Drug Costs In New Plan

Today, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is releasing a drug-pricing policy to bring down prescription costs and protect investment in developing new, life-saving drugs. It specifically targets out-of-pocket costs and looks to reign in the abuses of big pharmaceutical companies. “Time and time again, Washington has proven that it’s either uninterested in or incapable of addressing this problem. Instead of siding with Americans, politicians have stood with corporate health care, as they did when Congress barred the federal government from negotiating with pharmaceutical companies on drug prices for seniors,” Buttigieg’s new plan reads. The mayor notes that while America is […]

Klobuchar: “Trump Gets No Credit” On Biofuel “Vague Promises”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar toured REG Biofuels in Newton, Iowa, on Friday and spent some time talking about the importance to defending the biofuel industry and its role in protecting a rural way of life. “This isn’t just about one farmer, it’s not even just about one ethanol plant,” Klobuchar explained. “It is a big part of the economy in Iowa; it’s what allowed new restaurants to open in rural areas and what allows small community banks to keep going and what allows people to keep their homes and raise their kids in rural areas. I always believed that kids who […]

For Some, Skepticism Follows New Biofuel Deal Announcement

Earlier this week, Trump Administration officials agreed on a plan to boost ethanol and other biofuels. This report came just hours after an announcement that the EPA would be temporarily pausing work on a biofuels policy as a result of the impeachment inquiry and demands from oil representatives. Based on the deal agreed to, and outlined, the EPA would, “factor recent waivers into new annual biofuel quotas, by adjusting the targets to reflect a three-year rolling average of exemptions,” Bloomberg reported. In a news release from the USDA and EPA today, they stated the following: EPA will seek comment on […]

Joni Ernst: “Yes, I Did Vote To Repeal The ACA”

Today in Templeton, Iowa, Senator Joni Ernst provided a moment that you’ll likely see over and over again on television ads next fall. “Yes, I did vote to repeal the ACA,” Ernst said, when asked by a constituent with a pre-existing condition, to explain her health care voting record. Opposing the ACA is not something that Ernst shies away from, but it is a contentious topic in Iowa. Ernst followed up the comment by saying that she has, “supported other initiatives that do protect pre-existing conditions, so let’s make that clear.” She then briefly mentioned a bill she worked on […]

Ep120: Q3 Fundraising, IA-02 Updates, Spirit Awards Interview

Pat Rynard sits down with Libby Meyer to talk about fundraising numbers for Democratic presidential hopefuls at the end of the third quarter and Mariannette Miller-Meeks’ entry into the Republican Primary for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. Nate Monson also joins to talk about Iowa Safe Schools’ upcoming event, the Spirit Awards Dinner, taking place this Friday evening. Photo by Julie Fleming

Ep119: Presidential Surrogates and Joaquin Castro Interview

Pat Rynard sits down with Nikoel Hytrek and Paige Godden to talk about their weekends on the road, and the surrogates speaking on behalf of candidates. Pat also hops in the car with Congressman Joaquin Castro to discuss campaigning for his brother, Secretary Julian Castro, and impeachment proceedings. Photo by Julie Fleming

Trump Considers Upping Trade Dispute As Congressional Deadlines Loom

It all started with washing machines. Soon, it could be investment restrictions. But with an impeachment inquiry underway, will a trade deal be reached with China? On Jan. 22, 2018, just a year after he was inaugurated, President Donald Trump announced the first step in his “America First” trade policy plan: placing a tariff on solar panels and washing machines. A month later, it was steel and aluminum. Somewhere between those two points, this happened: When a country (USA) is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and […]