Ep111: What Doomed Iowa’s Virtual Caucus

Pat Rynard sits down to discuss what is happening in Iowa this week with presidential candidates, as well as the three big factors that led to the demise of Iowa’s Virtual Caucus option.

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2 Comments on "Ep111: What Doomed Iowa’s Virtual Caucus"

  • Don’t trust the DNC – they put their thumb on the scale last time and who knows what shenanigans they may try in 2020.

  • There’s a collective sigh of relief across Iowa. DNC seems to think ‘caucus’ is another word for primary election. Sorry, it’s not. The Virtual Caucus was a put-up idea from DNC and Big Media, supposedly concerned about second shift workers ability to participate. Guess what? If church is at 10 AM and you’re working, I guess you cant go. I’d like too see caucuses at 9 AM on a Saturday morning (please), to increase turnout, but that’s too easy for IA Dems. The other problem is that people touching a button on a screen is an awful lot like ‘voting’, and NH has some issues with that. So, change the time, and declare victory.

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