Iowa Now Dead Last In GDP Growth Under All-Republican Control

Very bad news this week for both Governor Kim Reynolds and the Republican-controlled Iowa Legislature. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reported the second quarter economic growth by state (GDP). Iowa’s economic growth was a negative .7%, dead last among all 50 states. Of the 50 states, 48 had positive growth in this period. Only Iowa (-.7%) and South Dakota (-.3%) had a negative growth rate. While one quarter’s performance doesn’t predict future growth, it’s a huge embarrassment for the Iowa Republican Party. The Republican Governor and the GOP control majorities in both branches of the Legislature and have […]

What Should Iowa Politicos Be Thankful For This Year?

As we near the holiday season, there’s a lot for Iowa elected officials, candidates and activists to be thankful for. Some will look back at the year as the breakout moment of their political career. Most will just be happy when 2017 is finally over. Unless next year turns out to be worse. Which it probably will be. For now, let’s take a brief look at what various Iowa politicos should be thankful for as the year starts to come to close. Governor Kim Reynolds should be thankful for… Being Iowa’s governor in the age of Trump. Were it not […]

Todd Prichard Backs Fred Hubbell For Governor

Former gubernatorial candidate Todd Prichard has made his pick for the office he sought earlier this year, reports Ed Tibbetts. The Charles City state representative announced today that he’s endorsing Fred Hubbell in the Democratic primary for governor. “I’m endorsing Fred for two simple reasons: he would make an outstanding governor for all Iowans, rural and urban, and I know Fred can win in November and deliver the real results our state desperately needs,” Prichard said in a statement. Prichard built up a loyal following during his bid for the party’s gubernatorial nomination earlier this year, and his support could […]

GOP Awards Massive Tax Cuts To Companies Sitting On Piles Of Money

Why can’t Republicans just be honest about their massive tax cuts? They want to give the bulk of their massive tax cuts to the richest Americans and profitable corporations while claiming their cuts benefit middle class Americans. They allege that their proposal to slash the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%, an enormous 42% cut, will benefit the middle class. Various tax policy research groups have analyzed the Republicans’ claims and agree the biggest winners are the richest Americans and the most profitable companies, not the middle class. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center reports that, “higher-income households would get […]

GOP Tax Reform: Winners And Losers

As the Republican Congress wraps up its “Tax Reform and Jobs” bill, the committee and floor debates provide a stark contrast on how the two parties see the state of the economy and the role of government. The Republicans argue that allowing “hard-working taxpayers to decide how to spend their hard-earned money is preferable to letting government bureaucrats spend your money on services you don’t need or want.” They predict that the economy will grow by 4-6% a year and that the deep cuts in what will be permanent corporate tax rates will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs […]

Bill Dix Is A Very Dumb Man

It is not often in Iowa news cycles you see a politician completely melt down in such a way that Republican Iowa Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix did this past week. The sexual harassment scandal, trial and settlement in the Senate had already dominated Iowa headlines for months, but Dix found inventive new ways this week to make himself and Senate Republicans look unimaginably worse on the issue. First, Dix announced their internal investigation into sexual harassment in their office was over, but that no information would be made public. Governor Kim Reynolds and Speaker Linda Upmeyer publicly disagreed with […]

How Iowa GOP Legislators’ Actions Have Hurt Veterans

This past week, Progress Iowa, a statewide organization representing over 70,000 progressive Iowans, issued a stunning research report on the legislature’s treatment of Iowa veterans. The report details 25 ways in which Iowa Republican Legislators voted against the interests of Iowa veterans. The last legislative session forced severe cuts to various veterans’ programs. The GOP legislators ignored Democrats’ objections and refused to listen or negotiate on these destructive Republican bills. They rammed through bills that slashed services and programs benefiting Iowa veterans. In addition, many veterans were stripped of their rights as a result of the Republicans’ attacks on collective […]

We Polled Troy Price’s Favorability Just For Kicks. Here’s What We Found

When putting together Starting Line’s poll, there were a number of suggestions of people outside of the gubernatorial and secretary of state race to test their favorability among likely primary-going Democrats. Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price’s name was one suggestion, to which I figured, hey, why not? Just how well does the Democratic base know their chair, and do they like him? The results were….. not that interesting. 66% of respondents said they hadn’t heard of Price. 18% had no opinion. 10% rated Price favorably, while 5% saw him unfavorably. I wouldn’t put too much stock into that unfavorable […]

Starting Line Poll: Jim Mowrer Starts With Wide Lead In Sec. Of State Primary

In the Democratic primary for next year’s secretary of state nomination, Army veteran and former congressional candidate Jim Mowrer begins the race with a large lead. In the poll that Starting Line commissioned with 20/20 Insight, 27% of likely Democratic primary-goers picked Mowrer in the race, compared to 9% for Des Moines small businesswoman Deidre DeJear. When voters were asked if they were leaning toward a candidate, the result was 30% for Mowrer and 12% for DeJear. This is Iowa Democrats’ first primary for the secretary of state office since 1998, when Chet Culver defeated Ned Miller for the nomination. […]

A Letter To Members Of The Democratic Party

As a political junkie, when I am not listening to the machinations and tweets of Donald Trump, I find myself listening to Democrats continuously berate themselves over the last election. Some blame Hillary, some blame the party apparatus, and many blame the Russians or WikiLeaks. So far, no one, except Trump, has foisted blame on a 400 lb. fat guy operating out of his bedroom. I just have one basic question to all the Democrats as they hand ring. Given all the problems of the Democrat party, compared to the Republican Party, which one has the most problems to overcome? […]