Simplifying The Big Numbers In Government Spending

Back in my working days, back when I supervised The Des Moines Register’s business news staff, one of the columnists confessed to our readers that he had trouble balancing his checkbook. My boss didn’t think a business columnist had any business making such a confession. But the columnist was only admitting what many people, if they are truthful, could admit — and that’s their own challenges with mathematics. The experts call this math anxiety. At the risk of sending you scurrying to get away from your own childhood phobias over long division, this is an excellent time to dig into […]

Ed Fallon’s IDP Fall Gala Criticism Was Ridiculous Garbage

After an enjoyable evening of seeing fellow Democratic friends, watching the seven gubernatorial candidates speak and laughing at Alec Baldwin’s jokes, the IDP’s Fall Gala attendees likely left the event thinking to themselves, “Now, I wonder what Ed Fallon thought of all this.” Fortunately for them, the former legislator chose to share his thoughts on the matter the next day. Unfortunately, his take was utter garbage and filled with outright inaccuracies and misnomers. It is no surprise, of course, that Fallon did not view the state party’s biggest event in years in a positive light, calling it a “colossal failure.” […]

GOP Holiday Tax Plan: Pot Of Gold For The Rich; Coal For Everyone Else

The Republicans have attempted to disguise their so called “Tax Reform” bill as a tax cut for the middle class. They hoped to zip this partisan, budget busting, wealthy rewarding, corporate welfare gimmick through Congress before anyone could see beyond the smoke and mirrors. Fortunately for the middle class, they weren’t quite fast enough in greasing their tax scam through the Senate. They got caught with their hands deep within the Federal taxpayer cookie jar, handing out goodies for their rich friends and their corporate donors. Their ridiculous claims that this is a middle class tax cut has been exposed […]

Who Stood Out At Iowa Democrats’ Fall Gala Event

Iowa Democrats had their biggest night of the year on Monday, both in terms of importance and size. Around 3,000 people turned out to see Alec Baldwin and the seven Democrats running for governor, an encouraging sign of excitement and resolve for the party hoping to regain power in 2018. If Democrats are successful next year in ousting Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, they may look back on this night as a major turning point. (Side note: apologies for getting this write-up done so late, my schedule got blown up yesterday.) The evening also served as one of the last big […]

David Young’s Nice Guy Persona Hides His Steve King Voting Record

The Des Moines Register’s editorial on Sunday suggested Congressman Steve King is so extreme he could never be elected in Iowa’s 3rd District, which is currently represented by David Young. They contend that the public in the 3rd District is more moderate because it includes the Des Moines metro. Based on that premise, the Register asks how Congressman Young was reelected since he votes in lockstep with Congressman King. They point to Young’s votes to repeal Obamacare and his votes in favor of the Republican tax (so-called reform) bill as examples of extreme positions. The Register makes a great point about the […]

Early Rally Scenes At Iowa Dem’s Big Fall Gala

It’s the biggest night of the year for Iowa Democrats as activists and donors gather for the state party’s annual Fall Gala event (formerly the JJ Dinner) in Des Moines. Alec Baldwin’s booking for the event, combined with a hotly contested seven-way gubernatorial primary, boosted ticket sales into the thousands. The evening is also one of the last big opportunities for the candidates for governor to show off their organizational strength in front of the party faithful. Many campaign went all out to bring in supporters, rally ahead of time and march to the convention hall to demonstrate the enthusiasm […]

Nate Boulton Finishes 99 County Tour In Kim Reynolds’ Hometown

State Senator Nate Boulton finished up his statewide 99 county tour this weekend, visiting Montgomery and Clarke County with stops in Red Oak and Osceola on Sunday. He’s the first Democratic gubernatorial candidate to complete what Iowa politicos call the “Full Grassley” (or, in this case, the “Full Boulton”). The Des Moines senator began checking off counties on his statewide journey during his week-long announcement swing in May, starting with Louisa County, where he grew up in Columbus Junction. He’s slowly been touring every corner of the state since, keeping track of visits on a large map in his campaign office. […]

Trump’s Support Of Roy Moore Crosses New Lines

I thought I had seen it all in politics, but I guess I haven’t. Also, just to let everyone know, I’m not some Yankee telling Southerners how to run their politics. Chattanooga, Tennessee, right over the Alabama line, is on my birth certificate and I have any number of relatives in that lovely state. However, this is not about where you are from. The President came out in support of the alleged philanderer and possible pedophile Roy Moore because he quoted him as saying he “didn’t do it” as opposed to 8 – 10 women who said he did. Do […]

It Seems Bill Dix Lied About Senate’s Sexual Harassment Report

It’s no surprise that Senate Republican Majority Leader Bill Dix decided to wait until Black Friday morning to release their internal report on sexual harassment. Because it does not look good at all for Dix, who just last week insisted in interviews with the press that sexual harassment issues were not an ongoing issue within their office. “I can tell you, Simon, with complete and utter openness and confidence, that there is nothing that has come to me as a result of that investigation or any other conversations with our employees that indicates this is an ongoing problem within the […]

John Norris Rolls Out Extensive Leadership Team For Gubernatorial Bid

John Norris announced his new statewide steering committee team for his gubernatorial campaign yesterday, putting out a list of 91 well-known activists, elected officials and party leaders. Some of the most recognizable names include State Representatives Jo Oldson and Marti Anderson, Jess Vilsack, Brad Anderson, Dubuque County Recorder John Murphy, Linn County Supervisor Ben Rogers, Daryl Beall, Marcia Nichols, Norm Sterzenbach, Dave Swenson, Dusky Terry and Coralville Mayor John Lundell. The county party chairs in Clay and Winneshiek are on board, as are seven former legislators from rural areas and a vast number of party activists from small towns. The […]