Fred Hubbell Officially Launches Gubernatorial Bid – See The Video

Des Moines businessman and philanthropist Fred Hubbell made it official today: he’s running for governor. He had started up an exploratory committee back in late May, and has been mostly been working behind the scenes the past two months with his campaign team to prepare a launch and flesh out their operation. He’s slowly introduced himself to activists at a handful of Democratic events, but hasn’t participated in any forums yet or embarked on a statewide trip. Hubbell marked his announcement with a kick-off video, which shows him discussing Iowa’s economic opportunities with small business owners and workers, often with […]

Everyone Is Running For Everything In Iowa In 2018

Just as reliably as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, not a week goes by in Iowa politics without a new candidate running for this or that major office. Iowa Democrats have about 22 declared or strongly-considering candidates for governor and the three Republican-held congressional districts. The field for every race has continued to grow this summer, though we may be finally nearing the end of the announcement phase. It’s an interesting parallel to the huge, 17-candidate Republican presidential primary field in 2016. Out of power for a while now, there’s fewer influential power-brokers or […]

Nate Boulton Shines Light On Real Iowans Hurt By Mental Health Cuts

The drastic budget cuts to mental healthcare programs implemented by Governor Kim Reynolds and her predecessor look awfully bad on paper. But what are some of the real-life impacts that actual Iowans are seeing in their day-to-day lives? That’s something State Senator Nate Boulton sought to find out and highlight this week with a roundtable discussion aimed at uncovering the fallout of Reynolds’ actions. “We’re at a time where Iowa’s revenue is stable and growing, and yet we’re seeing round after round of budget cuts,” Boulton said. “These problems don’t go away by cutting services. The problems still exist and […]

John Norris Lays Out Vision For Iowa In Campaign Kick-Off

At a hot and sun-drenched campaign picnic in Urbandale at Living History Farms, John Norris drew a sizable crowd to his gubernatorial kick-off tour. With about 200 people in attendance, Norris’ event was the largest yet of the Democratic Terrace Hill hopefuls, as well as the most bountiful: a pot luck style meal filled the park tables. Norris himself joined a band on stage before his speech to belt out some lines from a Johnny Cash song. Norris began his six-day, 20-stop tour in his hometown of Red Oak, and is traveling through Northwest Iowa today. Sunday’s event in the Des […]

Where You Can See John Norris On His Gubernatorial Kick-Off Tour

John Norris is launching his campaign for governor this weekend, touring the state on a six-day, 20-stop journey. It’ll be the culmination of months of preparation, and he’s expected to be a serious contender in the primary, in part thanks to his significant experience in Iowa politics and government. Norris was Tom Vilsack’s chief of staff, is a past chair of the IDP and served at USDA, among many, many other important roles. The tour starts in Red Oak, where Norris grew up (also home to Joni Ernst). He’s put a particular emphasis on rebuilding the economy in rural Iowa […]

How Ron Corbett Is Making His Case Against Kim Reynolds

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett kicked off his campaign for governor last week in front of a crowd of about 250 well-wishers in the city’s NewBo Market. There was no singing this time. But will Corbett’s candidacy grow to anything more than a sideshow in the many 2018 contests? Corbett faces extremely long odds in upsetting Governor Kim Reynolds in next June’s Republican primary. So what I wanted to see was whether he would really make the case to why the party faithful should abandon the current governor for him. Sometimes in long-shot bids like this one, the challenger will play […]

Democrats’ Gubernatorial Contenders Stake Out Their Issues In Forums

Though two of the candidates have yet to officially declare their campaigns, Iowa Democrats’ eight-person gubernatorial field is nearing the end of the introductory phase. Now we’re into the never-ending forum stage, also known as the “fun” stage for people who have no concept of what that word means. Now primary-going Democrats start to see how well their Terrace Hill hopefuls can think on their feet and how they choose to differentiate themselves with their opponents sitting next to them. Last week seven of the eight Democratic gubernatorial contenders gathered for a lively forum in Des Moines sponsored by the […]

These 15 GOP Legislators Weren’t On Kim Reynolds’ Endorsement List

In advance of Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett’s announcement for governor today, Kim Reynolds’ campaign looked to flex their organizational muscle by releasing a list of 1,050 county chairs. Yes, 1,050 for a state with 99 counties. I’ve seen a lot of county leader endorsement lists in my time during past caucus campaigns, but that might top the largest ever assembled. It’s a bit over-the-top, but still effectively sends the message to Corbett on the day he kicks off his primary challenge: the party infrastructure is solidly behind Governor Reynolds. Of course, when you have so many names as Reynolds […]

What Candidate Profile Will Voters Want In 2018?

What will general election voters be looking for in 2018? And will Democratic primary voters consider that? If you look at the political situation in Iowa and nationally right now and are positive that you have the answer, you’re probably fooling yourself. A week in politics is a lifetime, and we’ve got 73 more of them until November 8, 2018. Any number of things could shift the mood of the electorate – in favor of Democrats, in favor of Republicans, or in favor of a certain type or profile of candidate. Recall that after John Kerry’s defeat in 2004, many […]

Cathy Glasson Pitches Progressive Vision For Struggling Iowans

“Something Different.” That could easily be the slogan for Cathy Glasson’s campaign for governor in 2018, as she said at one point in an interview with Starting Line that “Iowans want to see something different.” She believes Iowans will find just that in her candidacy, where she’s pitching what she calls a “bold, progressive vision” for Iowa’s future. After kicking off her bid last week, Glasson has hit the Democratic Party county event circuit, putting in some long hours traveling the state. She’s used to it having worked as a nurse for over two decades, where 12-hour shifts are the […]