David Young Has Thoughts, Prayers And $700,000 Of NRA Cash

The nation is coming to terms today with yet another horrific mass shooting at a school, this time in Parkland, Florida. Will anything substantive on gun laws change now that we’ve had our 18th mass shooting in just the first month and a half of 2018? As long as Iowa Congressman David Young is office, that answer will be no. As the New York Times found in a story during the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, Young has received the third-most financial support from the NRA than any other member of the U.S. House – $707,662 through mid-last year […]

Ep11: 3rd District Democratic Primary & Interview with Austin Frerick

 The six Democratic candidates in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District held a forum on Tuesday night this week. the Iowa Starting Line sat down with several of the students involved and who attended to get their reaction to the field. We also interview Austin Frerick, one of those 3rd District Democratic candidates, and discuss his campaign that has largely focused on wealth inequality and anti-trust issues. Let us know what you think about this episode by calling (515) 635-5076 and leaving a voice message that we may use on a future episode. Callers can discuss any topic they choose and […]

Bernie Sanders Plans Iowa Trip To Boost Pete D’Alessandro In IA-03

Democratic 3rd District candidate Pete D’Alessandro has a big guest coming in to campaign for him later this month: Senator Bernie Sanders will hold a rally with D’Alessandro on February 23. It will be the biggest surrogate of the cycle to come in specifically for a congressional or statewide candidate, and should give D’Alessandro, who worked as a top adviser to Sanders’ Iowa Caucus run, a large boost of publicity and organizational support in the highly-competitive primary. With six Democrats running in the 3rd District for a chance to take on incumbent Republican David Young in the Des Moines-based swing […]

How Congressional Primaries Stack Up With New Fundraising Numbers

Federal candidates’ campaign finance reports for 2017’s 4th quarter were due this past week, and they once again give us a sense of where the money aspect of Iowa’s congressional races stand. The dynamics of the 1st District primary largely stays the same, while the numbers cast a slightly new light on the 3rd and 4th District contests. Starting Line will take a brief look at each district. 1st Congressional District Abby Finkenauer’s $302,000 haul didn’t just surpass all the Democratic candidates in her race and the other districts – she out-raised every single incumbent member of Congress in Iowa, […]

Long Hours, Personal Story Propels Theresa Greenfield In 3rd District Race

Theresa Greenfield’s days start early – and for good reason. As the president of a real estate business and a Democratic candidate for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, she has a lot to get done in any given week. “I’m a farm kid, so I get up with the sun,” Greenfield, who grew up in tiny Bricelyn, Minnesota, says in a recent interview with Starting Line. “Right now the sun doesn’t get up very early, so I get up at 5:00 a.m.” Her early morning is spent chatting with her husband over coffee, taking her two dogs out for a walk […]

What Gubernatorial Campaign Strategies For The Iowa Caucus May Look Like

The next governor of Iowa and member of Congress from the state’s 3rd District could be determined by what happens on Monday when Democrats gather for their off-year caucus. Attendees at the February 5th Iowa Caucus will kick off the caucus-to-convention delegate process, one that chooses who the party’s nominee is if no candidate receives 35% in the primary. With so many well-funded candidates in the gubernatorial and 3rd District primaries, that scenario is a distinct possibility. Every campaign has been gearing up in a big way to ensure as many of their supporters as possible end up as delegates […]

Matt McCoy Running For Supervisor; Who Will Seek His Senate Seat?

Senator Matt McCoy set off a Polk County political earthquake today, one whose aftershocks will impact other major races up and down the ballot. McCoy made official this afternoon what many had speculated for most of the past year: he’s challenging incumbent Johnny Mauro for a Polk County supervisor seat. The Des Moines legislator made the announcement at Sellers Hardware on Des Moines’ South Side, which was once owned by his family. It sets up a epic battle of the titans for 2018 and could draw huge turnout for the primary, which will impact the gubernatorial and congressional campaigns. McCoy […]

Key Community Leaders Endorse Cindy Axne In IA-03 Race

As the Democratic primary for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District heats up, more candidates are rolling out new lists of endorsements in the seven-way field. Cindy Axne, a small business owner and community activist, announced this week the backing of over 40 community leaders in her bid to take on Republican incumbent David Young in the Des Moines-based district. “I’m humbled to release a diverse list of personal endorsements from individuals who are making a difference in Iowans’ lives,” Axne said in a statement. “Our campaign is focused on the issues that matter most to Iowa families, like our healthcare system, […]

AFSCME Endorses Greenfield, Healthcare Workers Back McGuire

New year, new endorsements. Both Theresa Greenfield and Andy McGuire added some support to their respective campaigns for the 3rd Congressional District and governor today. Both Democrats face seven-way primaries to gain the party’s nomination on June 5. AFSCME Council 61, the Iowa public sector workers union, announced their endorsement of Greenfield in the Democratic primary race to take on incumbent Republican Congressman David Young. It’s one of the biggest gets yet in the 3rd District primary – AFSCME is one of the largest and most politically active unions in the Des Moines-based congressional seat. “Our members know that she […]

With Zach Wahls And More, Iowa Dems’ Future Is On The Ballot In 2018

Few elections have ever held more longterm consequences for a state than the upcoming 2018 races in Iowa. A few of the issues at stake: the survival of public unions and Planned Parenthood, the existence of mental healthcare services, and the state’s own political identity as a purple or red state. Iowa could soon become the next Kansas for decades to come, or a Democratic wave could return balance to the Statehouse. But for the Democratic Party here, 2018 presents one more opportunity that could outlive all of those outcomes: the chance to vote into office a raft of young […]