A Holiday Test For Your Trump-Loving Uncle Bob

In his first year as President, Trump has come under criticism for his outrageous tweets, insults, serial lying and flip flopping on issues. While Trump’s popularity numbers have declined, he has maintained a solid minority that are unwavering in their support. What would it take to convince these hardcore Trump loyalists that he is a “broken promise” failed President ?

Suppose Trump’s supporters were forced to evaluate President Trump’s presidential performance based on the criticisms he used to belittle Obama’s performance. Using those same measures, how might his followers react if Trump’s performance was considerably worse than Obamas? How could these Trump zealots excuse him if he failed the very tests that Trump used to measure Obama?

Looking at a few of the issues Trump used to hammer Obama provides a fascinating comparison. When one examines the same or similar issues for both of these Presidents, a clear pattern emerges.

Who issued more Executive Orders?

Trump slammed Obama for the number of executive orders Obama signed. “Obama goes around signing executive orders,” Trump said in February 2016. “It’s a basic disaster. You can’t do it.”

  • CNN reported in October that President Trump is on track to sign more executive orders that any president in the last 50 years. As of October 13, Trump had signed 49 executive order vs. just 26 in the same period for Obama. Trump is issuing executive orders at twice the rate as Obama!

Who tells more lies?

Several news media have documented lies by both Trump and Obama. The New York Times compiled documented false statements for both Obama and Trump. Trump accused Obama of the big lie about keeping your doctor.

  • New York Times: “Trump seems virtually indifferent to reality, often saying whatever helps him make the case he’s trying to make. In his first 10 months in office, he has told 103 separate untruths, many of them repeatedly. Obama told 18 over his entire eight-year tenure. That’s an average of about two a year for Obama and about 124 a year for Trump.”

Who spent more time playing golf?

Trump continually berated President Obama for the time he spent on vacation and time on the golf course. Trump said in 2016 that if he became president, he wouldn’t have time for golf. “I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to play golf.”

  • As of mid-November, Politfact reported Trump had been on the golf course over 35 times. The 35 instances are those recorded by the media. The White House refuses to release the full record of Trump’s total golf time – 35 is a best minimum guess. Obama had been golfing just 22 times by mid-November in his first year in office.

Who lacks transparency?

We all remember how Trump questioned President Obama’s citizenship by refusing to accept his birth certificate. Trump spent years raising the birther issue while undeniable proof established that Obama was born in Hawaii. Trump relentlessly accused Obama of hiding the truth and lack of transparency. Obama released an official copy of his birth certificate.

  • Trump on the other hand, refused to produce a copy of his income taxes. He defiantly refuses, claiming he can’t because he’s under audit. However, there is no law barring him from releasing his returns if under audit. He’s the only elected President since the 1970s that has refused to release his tax returns. Trump totally failed the transparency test on a crucial evaluation of his financial history.

Who spent more time on vacation?

Trump attacked Obama for his vacation time away from the White House. In July 2015, Trump declared, “I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off.”

  • Trump vacation times compared to Obama’s show similar disparities. A CNN summary in August had Trump away from the White House at one of his golf resorts for 41 days. Obama’s time way, primarily at Camp David, during the same period totaled just 21 days.

Who lacked foreign affairs leadership?

Trump accused Barack Obama of treating America’s adversaries “with tender love and care” and “snubbed and criticized our allies.”

“We’ve picked fights with our oldest friends,” Trump said in 2016. “We’ve had a president who dislikes our friends and bows to our enemies.”

  • The reality is Trump has been carrying on a bromance with Russian President Putin and refused to admit they interfered in our elections. He has insulted a number of our closest allies. He made America the world’s pariah by exiting the Paris Climate Agreement. The recent vote in the U.N. on moving the U.S embassy to Jerusalem has the majority of the world opposed to our positon.
  • According to a Pew Research Center poll across 37 of the worlds developed nations confidence in the Trump Presidency is at 22%. The average during the last years of the Obama administration confidence stood at 64%. Only two nations give Trump higher marks than Obama: Israel and Russia!

Who lacked experience to be President?

Trump railed against President Obama in 2012 saying, “He’s a disaster … Never had the experience or knowledge. He is not capable of doing the job.”

  • President Trump is the first United States President with no political or military experience. President Obama served in the Illinois legislature and later as U.S Senator form Illinois. Obama’s area of focus was on foreign affairs and nuclear non-proliferation.

Perhaps we should ask Trump’s loyal supporters to evaluate him on the identical issues that he used to evaluate President Obama. Have some fun with these facts. Try sharing some of these with your Trump friends and test their reaction. Are you brave enough to share these with your Trump-loving Uncle Bob after Christmas dinner?


by Rick Smith
Photo via wiki
Posted 12/23/17

3 Comments on "A Holiday Test For Your Trump-Loving Uncle Bob"

  • Trump wants to be a dictator and the GOP cabal is supporting his agenda with their words and actions. This administration has become the greatest threat to America since the 1930’s when Germany rose to power. All good men and women must rise up and resist Trump’s policies.

  • But…BENGHAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! (or Hillary, or something like that) Oh, look over there at the “tattered” FBI…
    What Robert Hedges said – in spades.

  • As long as you all are having a good time being miserable.
    Merry Christmas everyone! Let’s make America Great again. Oh wait….you Guys can’t enjoy that cause your to busy Resisting.
    And not one Democrat voted to lower your taxes. I would for sure vote them back into office! But I have a idea. When your guy doesn’t get voted in just go outside and scream at the top of your lungs! That would be the intelligent thing to do.

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