Desmund Adams Launches 3rd District Bid for New Leadership

Democrats got their first announced candidate for the 3rd District on Monday morning as Desmund Adams officially launched his campaign. Criticizing what he called the “Do-Nothing Congress,” Adams offered up his own personal upbringing and his experience in the business world as a way to bring new leadership to the office Republican David Young currently holds. “I’m running because of intellectually disingenuous leadership,” Adams said. “I’m running because I want to make Iowa a better place for my kids and for yours” Adams recounted his life story of how his father left while he was young, he dropped out of […]

Monday Power Ranking: Iowa Caucus – Democrats (July)

I’ll be honest: last week I had a different idea of how I was going to rank this. I planned on taking the bold step of putting Bernie Sanders at number one, making the argument that if the Iowa Caucus were to be held today, he’d win it. Despite the Clinton organizing advantage, the sheer enthusiasm of the Sanders surge right now would flood caucus precincts with too many new Bernie-backing voters, and Clinton would narrowly lose out. I even had a really awesome opening line for the lede, which I’m sad I can’t use now. But such a move […]

Hall Of Fame Wrap Up: Who Stood Out, Who Missed Out

No need to bury the lede here: Hillary Clinton didn’t win the Iowa Caucus with just one speech, but she came damn well close on Friday night. Her feisty, passionate barrage of policy issues, one-liners and hits on Republican candidates stood out amongst the crowd on an exciting night full of great moments. Clinton didn’t only give one of the best speeches she’s ever delivered, but one of the best Iowa Caucus speeches Starting Line has seen, rivaling (though not overtaking) John Kerry’s 2003 Jefferson-Jackson Dinner speech and Barack Obama’s one at that same event in 2007. That’s certainly not […]

6 Months In: A Look At Andy McGuire’s Work As IDP Chair

The sound of metal chairs scrapping across a floor is music to Andy McGuire’s ears. That’s what she says she hears in community rooms across Iowa as extra chairs and tables are needed when more people than expected show up for Democratic organizing meetings. Six months ago today Dr. McGuire won a four-way race to become the new chair of the Iowa Democratic Party through the 2016 elections, running on a message of local party building and better party messaging. Starting Line sat down with McGuire this week for an interview, along with speaking with many Democratic insiders and activists […]

O’Malley Super PAC Hiring Iowa Caucus Field Team

In a clear sign we’ve entered a new era in Iowa campaigns, Starting Line hears that the Martin O’Malley-backing Super PAC, Generation Forward, is planning to go all-in for the Iowa Caucus by hiring and running a large field team separate from the official campaign. Sources tell us that a Generation Forward field operation may consist of up to 100 staffers, and early indications on the ground seem to confirm that. The Super PAC has been advertising for field positions for over a week now, and Starting Line has gotten a hold of several local recruiting emails. The Des Moines […]

Murphy Poll Shows Him Up in 1st District; Pelosi Donates to Vernon

Any will-he-or-won’t-he speculation on Pat Murphy running again for the 1st District was largely put to rest yesterday when he released a poll he sponsored that showed him ahead of Monica Vernon 43% to 34%, with Gary Kroeger capturing 12%. Obviously any candidate-sponsored poll should be taken with a grain of salt, but the results are certainly encouraging news for Murphy. In a press release this morning, Murphy said he’ll make his decision on whether to run next week. “I think this poll is very encouraging – if I were going to run, I’d take a pretty seriously look at […]

Iowa Travel Guide: Cedar Rapids

As Iowa’s second-largest city, Cedar Rapids plays host to presidential candidate visits very frequently. Known as the City of Five Seasons (the fifth being enjoying the other four, which is just plain weird), there’s plenty to see and do here. In recent years the region has really upped its dining options game, adding upscale restaurants with unique dining options, craft breweries and the development of the New Bohemia district. There’s several key entertainment districts in the Cedar Rapids area worth exploring. Downtown Cedar Rapids hosts the most bars and restaurants, mainly catering to the office/business crowd. New Bohemia is the […]

It’s A Banner Week For Iowa Caucus Campaigning

Christmas in July is a popular contradiction; have a Christmas party while the temperatures are soaring and lemonade is the beverage of choice. It is an ironic celebration because, as Bing Crosby told us, Christmas should be white, and in July, everything is green. In Iowa we have another tradition that takes place when the snow is falling, the caucus. But, unlike Christmas, there is no emotional attachment between the white stuff and vote casting. Holding the caucus mid-winter is strictly practical; Iowa goes first and being first means voting before the eggnog goes bad. If we aren’t done voting […]

Hillary Clinton Building Impressive Iowa Endorsement List

Determined to not be out-organized in the Iowa Caucus again, Hillary Clinton’s Iowa campaign has been hard at work for months, constructing an impressive statewide grass-roots organization in every county. Those efforts are showing results as the Clinton campaign has brought on board a solid roster of well-known Iowa Democrats to help out. Interestingly, the Clinton campaign hasn’t loudly trumpeted each new endorser’s decision as many caucus campaigns have in the past, instead rolling them out as part of local organizing house parties. Rather than big press releases showing campaign momentum to national press, they seem to be content in […]

Guest Post: Why I Support Martin O’Malley – We Need New Leadership

Last weekend, I was proud to stand up in Dubuque and endorse Martin O’Malley for President of the United States. So much of what O’Malley stands for has struck a chord with me — his progressive values, his commitment to equality, fairness, and opportunity. But more than that — Martin O’Malley has an impressive record to back it up. This endorsement came down to three key issues for me. And on every one, I believe Iowa needs new leadership, from Martin O’Malley, to rebuild the American Dream. Immigration In 2009, I spent some time in Postville after what was, at […]