Why Was A Nigerian Independence Leader In Trump’s VIP Section In Iowa?

Photo via Kanu’s Twitter

The leader of a movement to establish an independent state of Biafra in Nigeria was seated in the VIP section of President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Des Moines last night.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who was wearing a Make America Great Again knit hat, sat among top Iowa Republican officials throughout the evening. He appears to have sat close to state Rep. Ashley Hinson, a Republican congressional candidate in Iowa’s 1st District.

This morning, he tweeted out photos of him with Congressman Steve King and other attendees.

“What a night! I want to thank my friends in the leadership of the Republican Party in the great state of Iowa for a remarkable evening in Des Moines,” Kanu wrote on Facebook. “Truly delighted to be amongst such warm and compassionate people. A memorable and resoundingly thunderous speech by President Donald J. Trump. What a man, what a president!”

A Biafra news site referred to Kanu as a “special guest of honor.”

The Nigerian leader had specific for praise for King.

“Our dear friend Congressman Steve King (R-Kiron) was there too, such a conscientious and caring gentleman,” Kanu said.

Kanu leads the Indigenous People of Biafra, an organization pushing for a free and independent state in southeast Nigeria. Biafra was once an independent state for a few years in the late 1960s, but its creation sparked a civil war in Nigeria that eventually ended the small nation’s existence.

Many of the Igbo people who make up the Biafra region of Nigeria are Christian, and religious differences were one of the reasons for the previous conflict. Nigeria as a whole is about half Muslim and half Christian.

King has expressed interest in Christian rights in foreign countries before, though the congressman has never tweeted about Nigeria, Biafra or Kanu.

In recent months, Biafra activists appear to have been pushing the idea that Trump was about to recognize their movement in some way. They pointed to his signing of a bill related to American tribal sovereignty that they believed would mean he’d back indigenous efforts like their own.

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fact check website looked at an article being shared on Facebook that claimed that Trump was supporting Biafra independence by sending $200 billion to Kanu’s account in order to build an oil refinery in the Biafra region.

“Africa Check found no evidence linking the US president with the Indigenous People of Biafra, who want an independent country,” they wrote. “There is no mention of any meetings between Trump and Kanu on the US president’s public schedule calendar. Trump’s diplomatic meetings are usually reported by the US media, but have not publicised any meetings between Trump and Kanu.”

Several hours after Starting Line tweeted out a photo of the VIP section, Biafra supporters recognized Kanu and began claiming that his inclusion at the event could signal the President’s support of their movement.

Questions sent to Kanu were not immediately responded to.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 1/31/20

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  • So many years after the civil war, the west and their northern counterpart are still seeing the east as a conquered enemies the reason they team of to deny the region of any meaningful development, no infrastructure, no good road, no ports, just nothing good from the federal government to talk about in the eastern region. Had it not been for the natural deposit(oil) that is been exploited from that area Nigeria would have been disintegrated for long. The east have been marginalize for so long, since after the civil war over fifty something years ago they still cant be allowed to produce a president in the country despite all the sacrifice, dedication that the mighty & low from the east has showed to the country. It will interest everyone to know that no single seaport in the eastern region is functioning 100%, instead goods that are meant to be used in the eastern part of the country are been discharged in western ports in which after the Process of clearing from the government agencies is been done, such goods will be then transported back to the eastern region with a very huge amount of money because of the far distant, in some occasion the truck conveying such goods end up involving in accidents destroying all the goods due to bad road, in other case some are been hijacked by criminals along the highway despite the present of the military that are been mounted along the eastern highways. In terms of running the affairs of the country the easterners are considered as third class citizens as they are been given left over appointments. Even in the formation of the country’s security formation they are no where near among the top hierarchy’s. You can check the names of all the top military, naval, air force, police & immigrations even customs officers. The people from the eastern part of nigeria are considered third class citizens. During the the last presidential & governorship election held in nigeria people from the south east where seriously disfranchised both in these residing in their region & outside their region. Recently the federal government are granting state pardon to members of the dreaded boko haram & iswa terrorist fighters been caught during the war by nigerian soldiers, in the other hand they killed, mayhem & labeled the innocent citizens from the south easter that are calling for referendum “terrorist”. If after so many years after the civil war we can’t still live as one, no equity, no justice, no equal right, love, no development, no good roads, no good hospital, just no federal presence in the south east, the best thing is for the country to disintegrate let every region develop it’s own country at it’s own capacity.

  • It’s important the US media pay close attention to the political happenings in the Southeast and South south zones of Nigeria that make up Biafra.

    Every support by the US political office holders on Biafra agitation will be highly appreciated.

  • You must know how passionate the people of Biafra are about their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The admiration of Kanu by Biafrans and so many in Africa has reached a fever pitch since the brutal Islamic government in Nigeria attempted to assassinate in September, 2017 by invading his house with battalions of soldiers. He escaped and his where about was unknown for a year, before he resurfaced in Israel. Twenty Biafrans were killed during that invasion, including his dog, jack, as the soldiers shot every living thing on site. Biafrans seek freedom because of the brutal killings and persecution they have faced in the hands of the majorly Islamic government of Nigeria, since the end of the 1967-1970 genocidal Biafra war in Nigeria.

  • Well write up but little controversial, Kanu is not a Nigeeian Independence Leader ,We are Biafrans and We are IPOB in Biafran Land
    We they people of Biafra love him and are ready to die for him if they need arise and this Biafran State we must get .

  • I am a member of indiginous people biafra(IPOB) and our quest is to restore our once existing nation.we are peaceful and all we want is referendum to determine the fate of our people thanks.

  • All hail Biafra our land.
    By the Grace of God Almighty we will actualize it.
    Please President Donald J. Trump and U.S.A, we the people of Biafra know that the day you will remember us will be the day that we will be free from nigerian government that supports the terrorist fulani hersmen and boko haram.
    Please come to our rescue and stop stop them from killing us and raping our woman and at the same time taking our ancestral homeland.
    Thank you Nnamdi Kanu(Ohamadike)
    Thank you U.S.A

  • @patraynard the report you took from factcheck and Africacheck are examples of fake news by the Nigerian government-sponsored disinformation propaganda media platforms against Biafra and IPOB.Factcheck and Africacheck should themselves be checked because the same fake news and inaccurate information they claim to be fighting against is their own “raw material” for what they call facts and truth they report. They get their information from unreliable fake news platforms that publish false information against IPOB and Biafra (in this case fake information produced by the Nigerian government to discredit Biafra) is what they also use to discredit Biafra self-determination group, IPOB.Where are their integrity and accurate reporting ethics? Where is professionalism and ethnics of investigative journalism they claim to be practicing when they (factcheck and Africacheck have zero assurance quality/quality control and their reliability is in question. It is unfortunate that you have fallen victim of this inaccurate reporting from factcheck and Africacheck which rely on fake news to also to report falsehood as accurate information for the public. We advice you to fact-check factcheck and Africacheck and notice their own inaccurate reporting in order to learn better and experience the classic well-oiled Nigerian scam against the innocent.Simply put, it is about time the fact-checker is checked. None of the social media accounts that they rely on belongs to IPOB or Biafra family. They are all fake blogs and social media accounts and which we debunk from time to time. President Trump did not give Nnamdi Kanu or Biafra any money. These two fact-checkers should know better because armchair reporting without investigation makes them dangerous to the public they claim to be serving.Nigeria runs syndicates, cartels and chains of fake social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blogs that dish out fake news and deceptive messages using names of Biafra and IPOB.They now turn around and use neutral names in same blogs, social media to cast doubt at the same deceptive messages they generated and sent with those fake accounts and partner Africacheck and Facebook in Lagos.Please take note of our official websites@ http://www.ipob.org; http://www.radiobiafra.co. and on social media on Twitter@justice4Biafra

    No fake news has been reported on our sites .Every apart from those above report false or negative information on IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra and are part of the scam and fake news industry being run by proxy by the Nigerian intelligence services, ministry of information and the presidency. Beware of Nigerian scam and fake news. To prove what we say, investigate Africa check and fact check to notice that virtually everything about their publications on Biafra, IPOB or Nnamdi Kanu is fake and researched from these fake websites.

  • It’s a greater honor for Mazi Nnamdi KANU to participate @President JP Trumps rally.
    And its very good for one or country to be independent. Thanks.

  • The fake websites sponsored by the Nigerian government and which publish fake news about IPOB and Biafra:

    sunrisenewsng .com
    odinceblog .com
    Jornalist101 .com
    saharanews .co
    Eyewithness101 .com
    orientaltimes .co
    ireporteronline .com.ng
    dailytimetv .com
    news-af.feednews .com
    Igberetv .com
    ecocitytvnews .com.ng
    thepointernews .com
    Imocitytvnews .com.
    executive101 .com
    Elomba .com
    freshreporters .com
    Exclusive103 . Com
    theBiafrastar .com

  • Many died during the Biafra Trump support rally at Port Harcourt City Biafra Land on the day of the President’s inauguration. Those who died were shot dead by the Nigeria army only because they raised the Biafra, the American and the Israeli flags in support of President Trump. The president has his largest African support in Biafrans. Judge for yourself why Nnamdi Kanu needs President Trump’s help to restore Biafra and save lifes from the Fulani feudal and Islamist barbarism called one Nigeria

  • Mr Rynard well I have some corrections to make to you. You don’t address Biafrans as just South East because nothing like South South in geographic compass. Biafrans are made up of people from the Eastern region which the igbos are not the only tribe in it though they are predominantly. Please take that correction for further reference. Thanks

  • To God be the glory. I believe God is working towards the actualization of the Sovereign state of BIAFRA. Indeed, what we could not achieve through the barrel of guns, God is working it out through diplomacy. Our God is indeed dependable, put your trust in HIM and you are a winner. God bless BIAFRA, God bless America, God bless Donald Trump and God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB.

  • All hail Biafra!
    We are happy to report that we are many in the United States and stand ready to support politicians like President Trump who is willing to help us gain freedom from Nigeria and restore the sovereign nation of Biafra

  • It’s funny that South South is been mentioned as part of the regions that made up Biafra, pls for your information, we the South South are not part of Biafra, though we don’t against their agitation bcoz we also have our agitation long ago b4 they started theirs, bringing our own Niger Delta Republic agitation to merge with theirs is the worst analysis anyone can make in this context. Thanks and God bless our struggling for Niger Delta Republic

  • Am happy that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu made it to the United States of America even though Nigeria has been banned from US. That’s why we are Biafrans and not Nigerians. Biafra is the solution to all African problems. I love Trump, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra ??❤️?

  • I live in a foreign land and one great thing God can do for me is Biafra Restoration so that I can Go to my Home Real Home .

  • I call on the civilised people of the world to take the Biafra issue seriously and stop pretending not knowing the genocide, crimes against humanity and other numerous injustices perpetrated against Biafrans in nigeria. There’s no race in the world who would allow themselves to be subjugated and remain in slavery for so long in this modern times. The powers that are supporting the barboric fulani administration in nigeria should find ‘morality’ in their dictionary and stop the ongoing genocide against Biafrans in nigeria. We Biafrans have absolutely nothing in common with the fulanis and we can never remain in the same country with them. The powers that be in the world should come out and support the restoration of the Sovereignty of Biafra in the mostly peacefull manner.
    Our leader, HRH Namdi Kanu is the leader of IPOB worldwide; and he is indeed a Head of State in waiting; so, I am profoundly pleased that some fair and peace loving people of the world are according him his due respect at high places as the head of Biafrans all over the world.

    GU Muruako

  • Thanks so much for the unbiased report, though there are some areas in this report that needs to be corrected. First, there are many fake blogs by Nigeria government spreading fake news about biafra. We biafrans look up to great leaders of the world with conscience to help us from the Nigerian Islamic jihadist state and safe us from genocide being perpetrated on us by Nigeria. God bless America, God bless Biafra.

  • God bless #Biafra, the beautiful land of the rising Sun.
    @patrynard, you can read and learn more about Republic of Biafra. We are Biafrans, we are not Nigerians.
    God bless United State of America.
    God bless Israel.
    Long live Biafra Republic.

  • Thanks for the report. We the biafrans in the Nigerian State had really endured enough injustices, marginalization and worst of all killings being perpetrated by violent Fulani herders in the guise of farmers-herders clash. We call on the United States and other civilised world to come to the rescue of Biafrans and ensure the State of Biafra is restored. God bless America, God bless Biafra, God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’ God bless IPOB family worldwide

  • I am a veteran of the Nigeria-Biafra war, participating from July 1967 to January 1970 in all the sectors of the war. Knowing the sentiments of a representative section of the people of the nonIgbo speaking people of the so-called SS we should confine our scope to Igbo speaking areas i.e., the SE large chunks of SS and parts of Benue and Kogi States.

  • Thank you @patraynard for your unbiased reporting. I want correct an impression Clifford SJW and his co always make about Biafra. It was soldiers of so called South South or Niger Delta that spear headed first military coup that killed top Northern Political elites which sparked off the civil war and the same Niger Delta people that gave the name Biafra. The struggle is for the emancipation of the people of old eastern region and I urge some disgruntle fellows like you to join the movement for Biafra restoration. I know some die hard fans of Biafra from so called South South or Niger Delta region.

  • Biafran freedom is a divine project and a due diligence,we can’t wait to see Biafran freedom or die for Biafra because the Nigerian Islamic government has been killing Biafrans,extra judicial killings are still going on,the Nigerian government killed Biafrans on Trump solidarity rally in port harcourt and covered the killings,go and google Biafran trump rally in port harcourt on YouTube and see for yourself,Biafran course is a due diligence or UN should risk history to repeat itself,we can’t continue to wait for this tyrant jihadists Nigerian government to kill us all,we rather fight in self determination.Free Biafra and stop media propaganda,Biafrans are Gods own people in Africa .Free Biafra and stop this jihadists Nigerian government and boko haram and also Fulani jihadists

  • We need independence as quickly as possible, the infiltrating of foreign mercenaries are happening every day by day. Now that Nnamdi is in the USA, a strong delegation should be sent to the Congress, the Senate and the United Nation

  • Nnamdi Kanu is an honest man. He is incorruptible. These are some of the reasons he represents millions of us. He has led ipob to be whiter than White, where Truth and justice for all are our watchwords. Biafrans have suffered so much in Nigeria. We are peace loving people. Nigeria has denied us the peace and conducive atmosphere we so much crave for to excel. We are enterprising and hardworking. We need peace, love, justice, rule of law and due process. WE NEED BIAFRA. oh God come to our aid.

  • As an American who has lived under Trump’s regime for nearly four (horrible, loooooooong years), I would like to apologize to Biafra for Trump raising their hopes over something Trump likely will never do. Trump is using your leader to try and make his base of supporters seem more diverse and less racist. Trump doesn’t care about other countries; he doesn’t even care about the majority of the people in the country he is supposed to be LEADING. He makes promises and breaks promises and uses everyone.

    Currently, in America, people are protesting all across our country against Trump’s regime, and one of the MAIN focuses in these protests is to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Over 90% of the black population in the United States will not vote for Trump in the 2020, because Trump and his political team do not value or care about the black population, and that population’s struggles, within Trump’s own country. One of his slogans is “America First”, he doesn’t care about using the power of the United States to help other people find freedom.

    I am not saying your movement is not important, or that you don’t deserve independence. But hoping that a man like Trump, who cares about no one but his own ego and getting himself elected, will only break your heart. Here is a 2018 video of Trump and Buhari, discussing the future of Nigeria. No mention of Biafra. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClkFfoCVF2k

  • These Biafran agitators are so ill informed it is pathetic . The vast majority of Ibo wealth is in Lagos and Abuja outside the SE. Biafra is totally landlocked. Why would the people of the Niger Delta want to be part of Biafra.

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