Democrats Dominate First Day Of Early Voting In Iowa

Democrats in Iowa leapt at their first chance to cast a ballot in the 2018 election yesterday, far outpacing the number of Republicans who did the same. The Secretary of State’s office reported this morning that 7,870 votes are already in the bank from the first day and a half of early voting. Of those, 4,421 came from registered Democrats, 2,403 from registered Republicans and 1,008 from registered No Party voters. That’s down some from the first day of early voting in 2014, though Democrats enjoy a better advantage this year. By the end of that year’s first day of early […]

Two Awful Weeks In American Politics; What To Do Next

It is obvious that the past two weeks have generated some very trying times in our political discourse as we moved from political differences into partisan tribalism. That said, we now have a new Supreme Court Justice who has been confirmed, but still has a cloud over his head. As the saying goes, “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over,” and this controversy is far from over. It is assumed that the Democrats will take the House of Representatives in the upcoming election and that an investigation into what the FBI was allowed to do, or not do, in Kavanaugh’s most […]