Two Awful Weeks In American Politics; What To Do Next

It is obvious that the past two weeks have generated some very trying times in our political discourse as we moved from political differences into partisan tribalism. That said, we now have a new Supreme Court Justice who has been confirmed, but still has a cloud over his head.

As the saying goes, “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over,” and this controversy is far from over. It is assumed that the Democrats will take the House of Representatives in the upcoming election and that an investigation into what the FBI was allowed to do, or not do, in Kavanaugh’s most recent review, will be looked at closely. If any further action is taken, it will depend upon what else is found.

Both parties need to take a lesson from the playbook of Senators Flake and Coons. They both crossed the aisle and worked hard to find the truth. In my view, it is obvious the White House put constraints on that effort and killed any real investigation.

After watching almost all the hearings, I came away with two convincing conclusions. One, that Judge Kavanaugh was lying through his teeth, or possibly even more convincing, that he was so drunk he really doesn’t remember the event. I also believe his partner Mark Judge probably knew more than he let on and is hiding additional information. All of that is speculation on my part and can be determined one way or another by additional House Congressional hearings after the election.

What I believe the Democrats (and hopefully Republicans) need to do going forward is to change the tone of the discourse. More is at stake than even the important Supreme Court appointment. It is how we need to get back to a semblance of being able to govern our selves.

We are in the process of losing our respect in the world and the title of the Worlds Greatest Democracy. We cannot expect leadership from the White House to change. Trump’s attitude and world vision was baked-in from his childhood years. What each of us can change is our attitude about his behavior.

At a recent political event, he mocked and belittled Dr. Ford in a way that was so awful for anyone to act, much less the leader of our country. He will not change, but the issue for me was the people behind him on the podium who were clapping and smiling at his disdainful remarks about a woman who is a survivor of a sexual attack. Those individuals should look closely at their own attitudes and values and determine if that is who they really are or who they want their children to become.

It has been said before and I will say it again, more elected officials, and the voters, need to put country above party. That is the only way this Democracy can get back on track and return to being a world-class democracy.


by Dick Goodson
Posted 10/9/18

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  • If Flake were THAT concerned, he could have voted “no”. He didn’t.
    Thatr said, we do have a partial remedy to begin to restabilize and reinvigorate the institutions, norms and a real sense of governance. We can do nothing about SCOTUS for the time-being, but we can vote. More strongly, we MUST vote.
    There is NO excuse for not voting this cycle, if you are eligible (and MAKE SURE YOU ARE!).
    It is amazing how quickly a group of power-hungry “public servants” succeeded in the signifcent weakening of all that most of us hold as our core values. Would that we could restore them as quickly. But they can be restored, if we but make our voices heard. That still gives me hope.

  • The limitations Trump placed on the FBI obstructed the investigation to becoming completely meaningless. It is all we need to know in how he obstructs justice, obfuscates issues and continuously lies to get what he wants; the destruction of our institutions. We are precipitously close to becoming a dictatorship. John Roberts just became the swing vote on the Supreme Court. Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch will make completely political decisions.

  • Maybe Keith Ellison could be a good example of what to do when credibly accused and resign. That would be a good start. Then dems wouldn’t look like such hypocrites.

    • Al Franken IS a good example, and he resigned. Keith Ellison’s case needs investigating, and so far it doesn’t look to me so clear that he should resign. What Kavanaugh, Roy Moore, and a large number of Republicans have done (as is all but acknowledged by the other side) is way more disturbing – and they are not resigning unless pushed by their own side. In fact, what should have sunk Kavanaugh even more than past misdeeds was his very current, belligerent denials in the face of evidence, and obstruction of gathering more. Democrats hypocrites?? Rather, they deserve kudos for the restraint in not ALL screaming at Flake in the elevator.

    • Monihan’s case came under investigation by 3rd parties. No corroborating evidence was found to exist, so Ellison was cleared of the allegations.

  • I feel that all potential victims need to be heard, but I for one was not impressed with Dr. Ford. Too many holes in her story.

    What I found truly disturbing was the temper tantrums and mob rule by the far left extremists from our party. Have to wonder if those folks are truly democrats or if they are socialists …or worse! That isn’t the Democratic Party I grew up with. Should Republicans have thrown a temper tantrum when Ruth Ginsburg was confirmed?
    I applaud both Sen. Manchin and Sen. Murkowski for crossing the partisan divide.

    To win in 2020 Democrats need to craft a positive message and civil behavior. Enough of the name calling, teeth gnashing, and mob rule accosting politicians in restaurants and elevators, etc.

      • Some people are rather easily amused – feel free to laugh all you want but bottom line is Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed and emotionally immature behavior by the party’s fringe hurts in the midterms. Very sad. ..

        • Apparently you have missed the sarcasm directed at your lack of equal civility on the far right starting with their leaders; my point being that we should all strive to restrain from acting out –but there are no living saints.

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