Jason Kander’s Army Of Voting Rights Interns Come To Iowa

Jason Kander may have a new personal electoral goal for himself now that he’s announced his candidacy for the Kansas City mayor’s race, but his voting rights crusade will march on in Iowa and other states. “Nothing has changed about our program here in Iowa,” Let America Vote’s Iowa state director Zack Davis told Starting Line yesterday. “We are continuing to move forward and are looking at ways to actually grow the internship program.” That’s a good thing for Democratic candidates in Iowa who are set to benefit from one of the largest ground game operations from a national group […]

Ep39: Post-Primary Talk & Gov. Jay Inslee Interview

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard talks with former Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky about Iowa campaigns post-primary and where Kim Reynolds will struggle in the race. And we interview Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, about Fred Hubbell and what an administration and policies in a blue state look like.

Trump’s Border Plan Is The Wrong Solution In The Wrong Place

The Trump administration would have you believe that the folks that slip over the boarder are murders, rapists and generally bad people. What statistics really show is that only a few meet that criteria, and by percentage, dramatically less then our own citizenry. A very large number are families with children who are looking for a better life and are afraid of the violent gangs in their home countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, known as the Northern Triangle. A program started under President Obama called the Alliance for Prosperity was designed to improve the economy of the region […]