Trump’s Border Plan Is The Wrong Solution In The Wrong Place

The Trump administration would have you believe that the folks that slip over the boarder are murders, rapists and generally bad people. What statistics really show is that only a few meet that criteria, and by percentage, dramatically less then our own citizenry.

A very large number are families with children who are looking for a better life and are afraid of the violent gangs in their home countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, known as the Northern Triangle. A program started under President Obama called the Alliance for Prosperity was designed to improve the economy of the region and thereby slow the migration from those countries into the US. Although well-meaning, it lost its initiative once the current administration came into power.

In addition, from what I could read into the documents, the plan did not do nearly enough to stem the growth of gangs. Interestingly, a number of gang members got their training in California gangs and returned to their home countries to practice what they learned about gang culture and criminal opportunity, especially in the drug trade while in the US.

It would seem to me, that a combination of foreign aid to improve the economies of those countries and maybe a number of battalion’s of US Special Forces or Marines tasked to eliminate or at least dramatically reduce the presence and influence of gangs would be of great help. I believe we could get more bang for our buck in a head-on program designed to stop citizens from feeling the need to leave their home countries by improving their lot, as opposed to paying 70 billion dollars on a silly wall migrants will tunnel under or climb over.

Incarcerating them and their children for crossing the boarder only for the purpose of improving their lives and not getting killed by home country gangs is a real tragedy. In addition to improving their lives in their home countries, sending the military in would also take the drug war south as opposed to fighting it the streets of our major cities. For the life of me, I do not understand this administration fighting this problem at our boarder when the real problem is 2,500 to 3,000 miles south. We need strong, capable southern neighbors with good economies or we will continue to have unsolvable problems on our boarder.

We send troops to Afghanistan and Iraq to get control of elements within there countries in the hope of giving their citizenry a better life as well as containing the problem before it comes here. That looks exactly like the immigration issue to me and with similar solutions.


by Dick Goodson
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Posted 6/27/18

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  • Re: Sending troops…BTDT; bought the bloody tee-shirt. We should also not be in Afghanistan and Iraq, either. Foreign Aid, fine. Something like Kennedy’s Peace Corps, you bet! Those are great ideas, and at one time, they worked. Troops, no. Just. No.

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