Be Angry Over Shutdown – GOP Played Games With Kids And Immigrants

There is no choice to be made between Children and Dreamers. There is no choice to be made between two vulnerable populations in need of our help whose only differences are the geographic locations of their births. But there is a choice to be made between doing the morally right thing and doing the opportunistically wrong thing. Republicans chose to present a false dilemma to the Senate and the American public. Republicans chose partisan posturing over policy creation. Republicans chose sound bites over substance. Republicans chose to hold hostage the health of children and the futures of Dreamers. When CHIP […]

Democrats Have Strong Candidate Against OWI Republican Legislator

State Representative Chip Baltimore was removed from the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee this morning following his arrest last week for an OWI and weapons charge. Speaker Linda Upmeyer announced that Representative Zach Nunn will be taking over in his place. Baltimore, a Republican legislator from Boone County, was pulled over on Highway 30 in Ames around 3:30 a.m. on Friday after local police got calls of an erratic driver on I-35, the Ames Tribune reported. When Baltimore was stopped, police found he had a 0.147 blood alcohol level, nearly twice the legal limit to drive. He was also […]

Iowa Women Defiant At Women’s March: The Speeches, Sights And Signs

On a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon, one year to the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, close to 10,000 people gathered outside the Iowa State Capitol building for this year’s Women’s March. Thousands of activists, voters and concerned citizens came out sporting pink clothing and hats, homemade signs and a passion for fighting back in 2018. Angered by both the Trump presidency and Iowa Republican legislators who rolled back rights and healthcare access for women last year, the crowd was once again one of the largest demonstrations in recent Iowa history (though smaller than the 2017 gathering). Beyond the issues […]

Quick Reaction: Iowa’s Gubernatorial Fundraising Numbers Are In

Today at 4:30 was the deadline for Iowa statewide and legislative candidates to file their fundraising reports for everything they raised and spent in 2017. Starting Line will have a lot of in-depth coverage on the gubernatorial, other statewide candidates and legislative contenders’ filings throughout the next week. For now, let’s take a look at the top lines in the governor’s race, along with a few quick takes on what it means. Here’s the fundraising totals and cash-on-hand (COH) for each campaign: Democrats Fred Hubbell: $3,053,257 raised, $1,231,358 COH Cathy Glasson: $1,323,171 raised, $729,517 COH Nate Boulton: $1,078,207 raised, $481,375 COH Andy McGuire: $677,584 raised, $255,106 COH John […]

An Important History Lesson From Iowa’s Chief Justice

One of Iowa’s talented historians delivered an important lesson last week. But instead of standing in front of a school classroom, he was in the chamber of the Iowa House of Representatives. The teacher was Mark Cady. The subject of his lesson was a proud chapter in Iowa history and how events today are threatening one of our state’s claims to greatness. Cady’s day job is chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court. It was in that role that he was in the Capitol last week to speak to members of the Iowa House and Senate, Gov. Kim Reynolds and […]

Kristin Sunde Launches Campaign For Key West Des Moines House Seat

When Kristin Sunde and her husband Matt took care of two foster children in their West Des Moines home, they started to become concerned with what they saw in the complicated and sometimes-frustrating Department of Human Services system. The state’s Medicaid process presented problems, too – at one point the Sundes were on the hook for a $15,000 emergency room bill for one of those children that Medicaid wouldn’t pay at first. “Once we started fostering kids and saw what we saw, I told my husband I should really call [Senators] Janet Petersen or Matt McCoy and talk to them […]

Ep4: Former Jack Hatch Campaign Manager Grant Woodard, 3rd Congressional District Democratic Primary Candidate Eddie Mauro

 For Iowa Starting Line Podcast episode #4, Grant Woodard, the former campaign manager for 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jack Hatch, joins host Pat Rynard to discuss the upcoming gubernatorial primary & the all-important fundraising deadline, followed then by an interview with small business owner & coach Eddie Mauro about the DACA debate & his campaign for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District Democratic primary.

Nate Boulton Raises Nearly $1.1 Million In 2017 For Gubernatorial Bid

State Senator Nate Boulton had a strong fundraising year in 2017 for his gubernatorial campaign, raising just under $1.1 million since his May kick-off, his campaign informs Starting Line. Since the start of the new year and after the 2017 reporting deadline, he’s brought in an additional $200,000. That fundraising haul was accomplished in part by building up an extensive network of donors throughout Iowa and beyond. Boulton had 2,129 individual donors to his campaign (not including PACs), and that donor base made 3,914 individual contributions during 2017. Many of those came in the form of small dollar amounts – 87% […]

Budget Cuts, Medicaid Mess Preventing Real Progress This Year

The opening day ceremonies and speeches are over and the 2018 Iowa General Assembly is well underway. The most pressing issue facing the Legislature this year will be more budget cuts. In her Condition of the State Speech, Gov. Kim Reynolds proposed some $19 million dollars in cuts to Iowa’s universities, prisons and the Department of Human Services. Among other things, the cuts will probably mean higher tuition for Iowa students and their families. In a fairly short period of time, Iowa has gone from a budget surplus to a budget nightmare, despite a growing economy. An issue of particular interest to […]

After Big Spending, GOP’s Jacob Bossman Wins Sioux City Special Election

It took over $117,000 in spending for Republican Jacob Bossman to hold a house district that Donald Trump won by 30 points, but the Chuck Grassley staffer prevailed for his party by defeating Democrat Rita DeJong 55% to 44%. Still, Democrats improved by 19 points over their 2016 margin, giving hope that a 2018 blue wave could be coming for all but the most-Republican districts. If Republicans have to spend that much to defend a seat this favorable to them, many suburban and small-town seats could be in-play for Democratic pick-ups. When polls opened in Sioux City this morning, the […]