Boulton Blasts Off: Big Crowds Greet His Statewide Tour

The first leg in Nate Boulton’s long marathon to the Democratic gubernatorial nomination saw a common theme at his kick-off events in breweries, restaurants and coffee shops this week: energy. Boulton was met by cheering crowds in packed rooms where the atmosphere felt more like the weekend before Election Day, rather than an introductory visit a year and a half out. At several stops attendees stomped and clapped their feet to mimic Boulton’s announcement video. In years past, Iowa Democratic candidates have struggled to turn out even dozens of party loyalists to local meet-and-greets in cities large and small. Sure, you can get a […]

In Iowa, Amy Klobuchar (Politely) Critiques Democrats’ Past Strategy

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar’s appearance last night at the Polk County Democrats’ Spring Dinner had all the hallmarks of a pre-Iowa Caucus event. She offered up many Iowa anecdotes and connections she has to the lead-off state, laid out a national vision for the party and explained a four-point policy approach in a nearly 40 minute speech. But even if she wasn’t rumored to have presidential aspirations, and even if this wasn’t Iowa, Klobuchar still gave a helpful addition to the Democratic Party’s continuing conversation on how to rebuild after the 2016 disaster. After a few hits on Donald Trump’s administration, she steered her […]

Is It May 2018? Neighborhood Dem Groups Rapidly Expand

The enthusiasm and energy generated at last week’s newly formed neighborhood group, the Des Moines West Side Democrats, made it feel like the 2018 midterm is right around the corner. It’s unheard of to have this much excitement barely over 100 days into a new Republican administration, especially following an election that swept Democrats from power at all levels. Rather than commiserating and mourning their recent losses, these Democrats are reenergized and already organizing like the midterm election is at hand. Their actions confirm that Trump’s election and the Republican legislative debacle has ignited a powerful organizational firestorm among Democrats […]