A Plan For An Environment Where Our Land And Water Are Protected

Guest post from Jack Hatch on his upcoming book Iowans have always loved their relationship with the outdoors. But when it comes to protecting our land and water, we can’t hesitate to conclude Iowa needs a fresh start. A start propelled by an urgency to reclaim our land and water from decades of complacency. More than sixty cities and towns are currently facing serious elevated nitrates in their drinking water and over 250 Iowa cities’ water infrastructure isn’t even capable of removing nitrates and are highly susceptible to becoming contaminated by nitrates and pollutants and many other contaminants like phosphorus […]

Homophobic Vandalism, Racist Fliers Mar Election Homestretch In Iowa

The final days of the 2016 campaign are closing out ugly in Iowa, and not just in how candidates attack each other. An act of homophobic vandalism against a gay candidate in Waterloo and racist fliers on the campuses of Iowa State University and the University of Iowa were reminders that Iowa politics isn’t quite what it used to be. Chris Schwartz, Democratic candidate for Black Hawk Board of Supervisors, woke up Thursday morning to find his political yard signs and home vandalized. “I was heading out this morning at about 9am to take my recycling to the curb when I first noticed that signs […]

Trump Supporter Who Tried To Vote Twice Also Pretty Racist

After weeks of national controversy led by Donald Trump over supposed vote rigging and voter fraud, an actual case of voter fraud occurred in Iowa. It was committed by a Trump supporter. Terri Rote was one of three people in Polk County reported to the police by the Polk County Auditor’s office for voting twice in the November election. Rote was the only one arrested so far, and told Iowa Public Radio that she decided in “the spur of the moment” to vote a second time at a satellite voting location because she feared her original ballot would be switched to Hillary Clinton […]

Iowa Needs To Get Serious About Cleaner Water

Iowans take pride in our state’s reputation as an agricultural powerhouse that feeds hundreds of millions of people every year at home and around the globe. This time of the year, we marvel at the scenes of combines crisscrossing fields day and night bringing in another year’s crops. Those harvest pictures are something of a symbol of our state. But Iowa’s image has suffered a serious blow because of problems with the state’s water. It’s incongruous that a state known for its rural bounty and rural beauty is becoming known for its polluted rivers and lakes and for its popular […]

Democrats Dominating Iowa Early Vote Margin, Poll Finds

Finally, someone has polled Iowa again. It had been 21 days since a highly credible poll had surveyed the state, but a new Quinnipiac Poll released this afternoon confirmed what many on the ground have thought: it’s all tied up. Literally, exactly tied. Both Clinton and Trump stand at 44% in the new poll, with Gary Johnson coming in with 4% of likely voters’ support. Many had wondered where the Iowa race would stand after the Access Hollywood tape and three debates played out. The state has been trending much more Republican than usual this year, so even while Arizona […]

Chris Hagenow And The GOP’s Anti-Des Moines Metro Attacks

The Republican Party of Iowa is playing a tricky game this year in how it promotes their candidates and how they criticize Democrats. Inside Polk County, Republican campaigns like Chris Hagenow’s are promoting their support of balanced budgets and assistance to small business, while hitting Democrats on spending plans and some personal issues. Outside Polk County? They’re spending hundreds of thousands on attack ads blasting funding for Des Moines projects and mocking Polk County residents. “It’s time for Des Moines to fend for itself,” declares one Iowa Republican mailer that goes after Democratic Senator Steve Sodders of State Center. Republicans are criticizing Democratic […]

Claire Celsi Runs On Public Service Record, Education Funding Agenda

Claire Celsi loves serving her community. It comes as naturally to her as breathing. Throughout the course of her career, Celsi has served on over a dozen local governing bodies from school and advisory boards to committees and commissions. When asked why she finally decided to run, it was a matter of continuing that trend of service. “I really just want to live the rest of my life serving people and I feel that I didn’t have any more reason to wait any longer” Celsi states. Speaking to Celsi, it is immediately apparent that she has a bright outlook for […]

Steve King, Donald Trump And The Far-Right European Nationalists

What’s the connection between Trump, Congressman Steve King and the rise of the far-right political parties in Europe? Congressman Steve King tweeted back on September 18th a photo posing with German and Dutch far-right party members. These are two European leaders associated with white supremacy and vicious anti-Muslim rhetoric. Geert Wilders, the man shown in the photo with King, is a leader in the Dutch Party for Freedom, another European far-right party. Wilders is an outspoken opponent of Muslim immigration. Wilders is quoted as saying, “I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam … there is no such thing as ‘moderate […]

Trump Ties Threaten To Sink Hagenow, Cownie, Koester

As Donald Trump continues to alienate voters and tank in the polls, Republican legislators in swing districts who still stand with Trump risk their own reelection efforts. Nowhere else could this be as evident as in the Polk County legislative races. Peter Cownie, who regularly wins reelection by wide margins in the past, has suddenly dumped nearly $200,000 worth of money into ads and mailers. Cownie represents the Polk County part of West Des Moines, and reported $107,645 of in-kind spending from the Republican Party on his race. He reportedly bought an additional $80,000 worth of TV ads in the last week. […]

Anti-LGBT Hate Group Funneling Money To Iowa GOP Candidates

The state associate of an anti-LGBT hate group is donating thousands of dollars in state legislative races, according to finance reports filed with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board (IECDB). The Family Leader PAC has donated more than $5,000 to eight candidates since 2015. The Family Leader describes themselves as being “in association with the Family Research Council, a pro-family, nonpartisan public policy organization based in Washington D.C. TFL works cooperatively with FRC President Tony Perkins and in coalition with numerous other state and national public-policy groups.” The Family Research Council is designated as an anti-LGBT hate group by […]