Hatch: How Democrats Can Message On Medicare For All

In Iowa in 2009, the Democratic legislature and governor created a new system that resulted in Iowa having the highest percentage of children covered by health insurance than any state. It allowed children up to age 25 to stay on their parent’s family policy. It required medical providers to share medical records and we created a “hub” to allow providers to mechanically achieve it. It allowed each patient to declare a “medical home” so preventive care would be better coordinated and medical emergencies would be more available. This was all accomplished before the enactment of the 2010 Affordable Care Act […]

Iowa Can Do Better Than Washington In Providing Health Care

Reality had a message for the Republicans when it came to their oath to “Repeal & Replace Obamacare.” For the past seven years, Republicans all promised to repeal it, then they promised to repeal and replace it, and by the end of 2016 they promised to “rip it out by its roots.”  This was, of course, bluster and nonsense designed for a campaign audience.  In reality, the Republicans had no sustainable plan and wasted their time rushing a terrible piece of legislation through several committees in President Trump’s first 65 days. Good legislation takes time, hard work and compromise before […]

Focus On Issues In Governor’s Race, Not Fake Des Moines “Curse”

Recently, I have been in a public discussion with members of the Eastern Iowa press corps.  Columnist Todd Dorman of the Cedar Rapids Gazette believes a Des Moines candidate for Governor is the wrong voice for Democrats. He defends his position by acknowledging Governor Chet Culver’s loss and my loss to Governor Terry Branstad in 2010 & 2014 respectively. This discussion is as old as our attempts to rationalize why Democrats have lost the governorship 11 of 14 elections since 1968. The home towns of our candidates should tell us something about our candidate’s values, not election competence. Mr. Dorman […]

A Plan To Fix Iowa’s Medicaid Mess And Expand Healthcare Access

Excerpt from Jack Hatch’s new book, now on sale at Amazon and available at Barnes and Noble. Iowa acted before the passage of the federal Affordable Health Care Act with insurance reform, a limited expansion of Medicaid and enrolling the highest percentage of children with health insurance than any state in the nation. And then in 2013, the bi-partisan legislature passed Obama’s full expansion of Medicaid adding upto 200,000 Iowans with access to quality health care services. But our job is far from done, for America’s health care system is still evolving. It remains both the most expensive and the […]

How To Get Iowa’s Education System Back To Excellence

Guest post from Jack Hatch on his upcoming book – the fourth security: education Iowa is moving in the wrong direction on education. After national rankings in the top 3 states, Iowa today is ranked 24th among states on a broad range of metrics from early childhood education to high school graduation. The picture in higher education isn’t much better when Iowa is ranked with the third highest student debt. The state’s regression to the mean on education is an astonishing reality for most Iowans, who have become accustomed to educational excellence as a bipartisan norm only to see our […]

A Plan For An Environment Where Our Land And Water Are Protected

Guest post from Jack Hatch on his upcoming book Iowans have always loved their relationship with the outdoors. But when it comes to protecting our land and water, we can’t hesitate to conclude Iowa needs a fresh start. A start propelled by an urgency to reclaim our land and water from decades of complacency. More than sixty cities and towns are currently facing serious elevated nitrates in their drinking water and over 250 Iowa cities’ water infrastructure isn’t even capable of removing nitrates and are highly susceptible to becoming contaminated by nitrates and pollutants and many other contaminants like phosphorus […]

How To Fight Income Inequality With Better Paying Jobs

Guest post from Jack Hatch on his upcoming book The Second Security: Fight Income Inequality By Creating Better Paying Jobs For Working Families No greater security exists for an Iowa family than that of a decent job that has the potential to lead to a better life.  There is no more urgent issue facing policymakers than the rising income inequality that is hollowing out the middle class, reducing overall consumer purchasing power and threatening our economy’s long-term survival. As more and more economic power is concentrated in the hands of a few, Iowans question whether our economic system will continue […]

How Iowa Can Build A Bold, Progressive Tax System

Guest post from Jack Hatch on his upcoming book Iowa’s economic priorities are going in the wrong direction and Iowa Democrats and progressives will need to engage our leaders in a new and different dialogue, and advocate bold strategies for future economic and social security. We do have big city problems and small town challenges. Iowa has one of the highest graduation rates in the nation but too many of our students are not prepared for college. Iowa is the only state bordered by two navigable rivers, but our water is more contaminated every year. We have incredible colleges and […]