What Entrepreneurs And Start-Ups Are Looking For In A President

Start-up businesses face a tough road. Entrepreneurs will struggle with funding, resources, and competing with bigger businesses for consumer attention. But there is another potential battle that start-ups could be facing: government regulation. To win that battle, many entrepreneurs are looking at the upcoming elections and wondering which candidate can guide them through the jungle of red tape. Not every entrepreneur is the same, and preferences for specific parties differ, but there are a few factors they seem to be looking for in a potential candidate. An open mind and a willingness to listen. Uber Technologies, the company that uses […]

Monday Power Ranking: Iowa Caucus – Republicans (June)

There’s been a lot of movement in the Republican field since the last time we ranked them about a month ago, so let’s check back in. The GOP presidential race is the one we’ll probably return to the most since the huge list of candidates and actual developments makes it a much more dynamic race than anything else we’re talking about. 1. Scott Walker The Harley-riding Governor had a lot of fun at Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride a few weeks back, the only candidate to participate with Ernst in the “Ride” part with veterans. For whatever reason, Walker still […]

Is The Pope Catholic? No, Think Some Climate-Denying Republicans

In what was one of the most important moments to date in the movement to confront climate change, Pope Francis released on Thursday an official encyclical (a papal teaching) calling on the world to act now on climate. In wording at times poetic, and other times brutally blunt, Francis calls global warming “one of the principal challenges facing humanity,” says the science is clear that it’s caused by humans, and chides world political leaders for not doing nearly enough. Religious and political commentators around the world are calling the encyclical “ground-breaking” and predict it will have a major impact on […]

Iowa Women, Planned Parenthood Score Unanimous Victory on Telemed

Telemed access will continue in Iowa, thanks to today’s unanimous ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court. At issue was whether doctors could communicate over video to women mostly living in more rural parts of the state with less access to health clinics, and issue them abortion pills via remote dispensing. Terry Branstad’s appointed state regulators had ruled back in 2013 that the practice should end. A district judge agreed, but the ruling was put on hold until the Iowa Supreme Court could weigh in. Many progressive organizations and women’s health groups criticized the original board’s ruling as politically motivated. “Today’s […]

Is Hillary Facing An Enthusiasm Gap?

Many people, including those on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, expected Clinton to have some legitimate competition for the nomination. But this soon? Just two months into the campaign launch of Clinton, and a month into Bernie Sanders’ and Martin O’Malley’s, Clinton is already facing worrying signs about levels of enthusiasm for other candidates. A recent Suffolk University poll showed Sanders has pulled within 10 points of Clinton in New Hampshire, trailing her just 41% to 31%. Sanders’ may over-perform in his neighboring New England state, but don’t be surprised if the next round of polls in Iowa show the Vermont Senator […]

America Is Saved! “The Chosen One” Donald Trump Announces 2016 Bid

God Himself smiled upon America and the world on Tuesday, allowing the great Donald Trump – job-creator extraordinaire, reality TV host and builder of things – to officially launch his candidacy for President of the United States. In his incredible, not-at-all-crazy announcement speech, Trump demonstrated that reading from a script was for those “losers” and “incompetent” establishment candidates, laying out his ideas and thoughts in an off-the-cuff manner that only someone of Trump’s intellect can accomplish. “Make America Great Again” was the slogan put forth by the nation’s savior, and Trump was not shy in calling out what caused the […]

Hillary Brings Campaign Kick-Off To Iowa As Bernie Threat Looms

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held the first rally of her 2016 campaign on June 13th, but her day was far from over after the widely-viewed speech in New York City. That same day, she traveled to Sioux City, Iowa, where she attended a house party and gave a brief speech that was simulcast to other gatherings around the country, including more than a dozen in Iowa. One such gathering was held at Iowa State Representative Marti Anderson’s home in Des Moines. Anderson recently underwent surgery on her knee, but a little pain was not enough to stop her from supporting […]

Bernie Sanders Momentum Continues, Packs The House At Drake

More than 800 people filled Sheslow Auditorium at Drake University on June 12th for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Town Meeting. Audience members ranged from college students to retirees, and there was no mistaking the energy in the room as the Vermont senator took the stage and was greeted by a standing ovation. To many, Hillary Clinton is the sure Democratic nominee, and many dismiss Sanders’ campaign. But Sanders has been getting packed audiences in Iowa, and he and his supporters are more than willing to highlight that enthusiasm. “A lot of people have called this a fringe campaign,” Sanders […]

Monday Power Rankings: 2018 Governor – Democrats

Too early to talk about 2018? Never! Certainly not on Starting Line, anyway. Seriously though, forget the 2016 presidential election or the close races in the 1st and 3rd Congressional Districts. Nothing will have a bigger impact on Iowa’s future than who wins the race for Governor in 2018 (though the State Senate races in 2016 will come close). Multiple top-tier potential Democratic candidates have kept their electoral powder dry by staying out of tempting Congressional races (though who wants to go to D.C. anyway?). Many have their sights set on leading the Democrats back to power in the Governor’s […]

Actually Mr. Price, Iowa Is Just Beginning

Dave Price, one of Iowa’s resident political experts, recently penned an article for Politico entitled “Is Iowa Over?” In his article, Mr. Price suggested that this caucus season “looks different” and that various Iowans are worried that our first in the nation contest is about to pass into history. Mr. Price’s article was a hit and has been the talk of political media for the better part of two weeks. The worry that Iowa is over is, obviously, wrong. No need to take my word for it. Within hours of the story being posted, Game Change author Mark Halperin appeared […]