Potential Scenarios For Tonight’s Iowa Elections

It’s here. It’s finally, finally here. Iowans are headed to the polls this morning, and there’s already reports of long lines and enthusiastic new voters registering at their voting place. After high-profile campaigns that have lasted an intense 16 months or more, most candidates, volunteers, staffers and rank-and-file Democrats and Republicans are just eager for it to be done – and to see who wins. Democrats have become cautiously optimistic in the past week, though memories of devastating election nights in 2016, 2014 and 2010 weigh heavy on their minds. But there are very legitimate reasons to feel good about […]

Major Water Polluter Funding Pro-Mike Naig Effort

A major hog confinement company that’s notorious for their record on water and air pollution is putting $25,000 into the dark money agribusiness group that’s trying to swing the Secretary of Agriculture race to Mike Naig. As Starting Line reported last week, the Iowa Farm Bureau organized a 527 organization named Iowans For Agriculture to raise and spend money from corporate entities to back Naig over Democrat Tim Gannon. The Farm Bureau solicited funds, promising that “a one-time investment of corporate funds for this cause will return dividends for a decade or more to come.” Iowa Select Farms, the state’s largest […]

Memo Details Iowa Farm Bureau’s Plan To Buy Sec Of Ag Race

Starting Line has obtained a memo from the Iowa Farm Bureau that lays out their plan to use corporate donations from the agriculture industry to fund an independent expenditure group created solely to swing the Secretary of Agriculture race to Republican Mike Naig. In the memo from Don Petersen, the Farm Bureau’s Director of Government Relations, the organization describes how “a one-time investment of corporate funds for this cause will return dividends for a decade or more to come.” They explain to potential donors that the race between Naig and Democratic farmer Tim Gannon is “dead even,” and that both candidates’ […]

Barack Obama Announces Endorsements In Iowa Races

Former President Barack Obama is getting involved in the midterm races for Democrats in key races around the country. This morning he released a round of endorsements for candidates in 14 states, including Iowa. On his Iowa list was secretary of state candidate Deidre DeJear, secretary of agriculture candidate Tim Gannon and four candidates for the Iowa House. DeJear worked on Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012 as his African American outreach director in Iowa and worked as an organizer in 2008. Her campaign has gotten increasing attention from national Democratic leaders and organizations as she’s one of just four statewide African […]

Statewide Democratic Candidates Smash Republicans’ Fundraising Totals

It may be time for Iowa Republicans to sound the alarm bells. Fundraising totals just posted today for Iowa’s latest reporting period show Democrats destroying their GOP counterparts in every single competitive statewide race. All told, Democrats’ statewide candidates raised a combined $2,866,382 to Republicans’ $1,250,516. However, largely thanks to Governor Kim Reynolds’ war chest, Republicans still have a combined cash-on-hand advantage in those same races: $4,015,141 to Democrats’ $2,700,608. This latest report covered the six weeks after the June 5 primary. Fred Hubbell led the way with an eye-popping $2.6 million raised. Unlike in some past finance reports, all […]

Meet Tim Gannon, Democrats’ New Secretary Of Agriculture Candidate

Democrats will have a strong contender for the secretary of agriculture race this year: Tim Gannon, a former USDA staffer who farms on his parent’s Century Farm in Mingo. He announced his run for the office today, and should bring considerable policy knowledge and a helpful political network to the race. It’s still unclear what exactly is going to happen with current Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey’s appointment to the USDA with Senator Ted Cruz still blocking the move. Several Republicans have announced their intention to run in 2018, and more may soon join. Gannon is likely to be the […]