After Rod Blum’s Forum, My Mixed Feelings On The Anger And Lies

There was a moment about halfway through last night’s town hall in Cedar Rapids when a guy everyone seems to know, Dale Todd, approached our congressman with his teen son Adam. Into the mic, he said he was going to bring the discussion back to health care–maybe the third or fourth question on the topic in the first 40 minutes of what would be a 90 minute event. Mr. Todd specifically wanted to talk about waivers and Medicaid. “Adam has a rare form of epilepsy,” he said. “He is on Medicaid, and will be for his entire life. His school […]

Father Confronts Rod Blum On Medicaid Cuts That May Harm His Son

Iowa Republican Congressman Rod Blum had to look directly into the face of one of his constituents who might get hurt the most by the recent AHCA vote at his Cedar Rapids forum last night. Dale Todd, a well-known local businessman and political advocate, brought his son Adam, who has Lennox-Gastaut epilepsy and autism, up to ask Blum a question after his name was drawn. Standing in front of around 1,200 residents of Blum’s 1st District in the Kirkwood Community College gymnasium, Todd explained how his son relies on Medicaid assistance. “Adam has epilepsy, a very rare disease,” Todd told Blum […]

Rod Blum’s Walkout Goes Viral

In one of the bigger unforced political errors of the year, Iowa’s 1st District Congressman Rod Blum walked out in the middle of an interview with reporter Josh Scheinblum of KCRG yesterday. It only took a few hours for the story to work it’s way on up to the national level. Now the video is up on CNN, on the front page of the Huffington Post and is making its way through most national news outlets. GOP lawmaker walks out during interview with local TV station — The Hill (@thehill) May 9, 2017 This is, um, odd — Chris Cillizza […]

Why I Asked Rod Blum About His Interview Walkout

My name is Dallas, and I got to ask a question to Representative Rod Blum about his TV interview walkout during his town hall last night. I turned 22 seven days ago and am currently a student at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. May 20th is graduation day for me and my fellow DuHawks, and I still don’t understand how four years went by so quickly. I’ve enjoyed my four years living in the city residents proudly describe as the Masterpiece on the Mississippi, because Dubuque has given me all the opportunities for growth I could have asked for. I’m […]

Payback Time: Iowans Vow Revenge For AHCA Vote

Despite a deluge of phone calls, emails and in-person meetings from concerned Iowans, Iowa Republican Congressmen Rod Blum, David Young and Steve King all voted in favor of the AHCA healthcare bill. The legislation that repealed many provisions of the ACA passed by just two votes. Had any two of those Iowa members flipped their vote, it would have gone back to the drawing board. Democrat Dave Loebsack was the lone no from the state’s delegation. Reaction to the vote in Iowa was swift and overwhelmingly negative online and among people who need their healthcare coverage to live. The bill will take […]

Abby Finkenauer Launches Congressional Bid On Working Class Message

Drawing heavily on her life experiences growing up in a working-class family, Dubuque State Representative Abby Finkenauer officially entered the 1st Congressional District race today. She’s currently in her second term in the Iowa House, and at age 28, would become one of the youngest members of Congress is her candidacy is successful. Her campaign website is live and has several videos of her media appearances and speeches. “I grew up in a working class family. This is personal,” Finkenauer said in a press release this morning. “This is my family; these are my friends and my neighbors. From these […]

Congressman Blum, I Too Am America

Congressman Rod Blum has caused quite a commotion among many of his constituents, both Republicans and Democrats, for his response to being asked about holding public town hall meetings in his District. Rep. Blum, with an alarming casualness, brushed off the requests claiming that real Americans don’t ask him about town hall meetings. He went on to point out that his Republican colleagues have been holding meetings and getting yelled at by constituents, who I presume are upset about the way they’re being represented in Congress. While it is troubling that Mr. Blum fails to realize that Iowans are upset for […]

New Ranking Report Push Iowa Congressional Seats To The Right

The Cook Political Report unveiled its new Partisan Voting Index scores for the nation’s congressional seats, and it’s all bad news for Iowa Democrats. Typically, Cook’s ratings change little year-to-year, but the shifting voter loyalties resulting from Donald Trump’s campaign upended the formula. Three of Iowa’s four congressional districts have moved significantly to the right in the new report. Here’s the updated numbers: Incumbent 2017 Previous CD 1 Blum D+1 D+5 CD 2 Loebsack D+1 D+4 CD 3 Young R+1 Even CD 4 King R+11 R+5 The two Eastern Iowa districts that were once Democratic-leaning (even with Rod Blum carrying the 1st […]

Abby Finkenauer Considering Run For Congress In Iowa’s 1st District

Second-term U.S. House member Rod Blum could face second-term Iowa House member Abby Finkenauer in his reelection campaign in 2018. Finkenauer, the 28-year-old Democratic legislator from Dubuque, has been strongly considering a run against the Republican incumbent for several months now. Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, where Blum won by 53.7% to 46.1% over Monica Vernon in 2016, will likely be heavily targeted by both parties once again. “I’ve been listening to my constituents and friends across the 1st District who are asking me to seriously consider running,” Finkenauer told Starting Line. “The 1st District [has] people who work hard, want a fair shot, and […]

Hilarious: Joni Ernst’s Name Blurred Out In Anti-Rod Blum/Trump Ad

Donald Trump: bad. Joni Ernst: good? That at least must be what the polling shows for a Democratic Super PAC hitting Rod Blum over his support of Donald Trump. Priorities USA, the well-funded organization supporting Hillary Clinton, just released a new ad showing Blum giving a speech where he says, “Send me back to Congress, and you send Donald Trump to the White House!” The location of the speech is immediately apparent to anyone involved in Iowa politics – it’s at Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride from September. But viewers might not notice because Joni Ernst’s name has been blurred […]