Time For A Change In Democratic Campaigns

After months of abated breath, we can add two more moral victories to our trophy case. Archie Parnell ended with a closer margin than did Jon Ossoff, despite the millions and millions of dollars difference in their campaign expenditures. Disappointing, to say the least. If you haven’t already, go and read this article by Pat. His piece is the right mix of hopeful and analytical, and was also the material which inspired me to write this article. Again, I encourage you to read the writing in full, but there was one statement in particular on which I’d like to elaborate […]

Why I Asked Rod Blum About His Interview Walkout

My name is Dallas, and I got to ask a question to Representative Rod Blum about his TV interview walkout during his town hall last night. I turned 22 seven days ago and am currently a student at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. May 20th is graduation day for me and my fellow DuHawks, and I still don’t understand how four years went by so quickly. I’ve enjoyed my four years living in the city residents proudly describe as the Masterpiece on the Mississippi, because Dubuque has given me all the opportunities for growth I could have asked for. I’m […]

Moving Forward: Returning Democrats To A People’s Party

Hi! My name is Dallas, nice to meet you! A couple weeks from now, I’ll be graduating with a degree in politics from Loras College and have little to no idea what my future looks like. The 2016 election results shocked me as an Iowa Democrat, and I’ve been incredibly frustrated watching what’s transpired ever since, which is why I welcome you to the first edition of my column: Moving Forward. While we may have lost the battle in November, we can still win the war, so return here every two weeks for ideas on we can Move Forward as […]