Iowan: “Private Health Insurance Is Great … Until You Get Sick”

Shortcomings of the health care industry in the United States have been exposed in the 2020 presidential election debate. For one Iowan, even paying into private insurance left her at risk of losing it all. “I am living out the pitfalls of employer-provided health care insurance,” said Robin Stone, a resident of Delaware County in Eastern Iowa, struggling with a personal health crisis. “My health care is tied to my employer, and that threatened my life this week.” Stone has insulin-dependent diabetes. Until recently, that was her biggest medical hurdle. But after her employer dropped one of their health insurance […]

2020 Candidates Pitch Sectoral Collective Bargaining To Bolster Unions

A few 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have proposed creating a sectoral collective bargaining system in the United States, or plan to rewrite the law forcing unions to negotiate solely with their employers. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed “most pro-worker member of the United States Congress,” Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, a former labor-side lawyer, and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, all have pitched ideas to create a system where workers could bargain industry-wide across the United States. “As President, Bernie will work with the trade union movement to establish a system of sectoral bargaining that will establish a floor of […]

Iowa Senate Candidate Michael Franken Staffs Up

Michael Franken, a retired Navy admiral, Monday morning rolled out a list of staff and advisers for his bid for the U.S. Senate. Franken, originally of Sioux Center, in Northwest Iowa, is one of four Democrats challenging Republican Sen. Joni Ernst in 2020. This is Franken’s first run for public office, and political insiders have wondered how professional of an operation he would be able to put together. The DSCC and other national Democratic and progressive organizations have already lined up behind Des Moines businesswoman Theresa Greenfield. But Franken has been able to add some recognizable names just a couple […]

Housing Issues Rise In Importance, Urgency For Iowa Caucus

Photo: Julian Castro touring a trailer park in Waukee where rents spiked with local activists in June. Affordable housing as a political issue is taking the stage nationally during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary in a way it never has before. Experts say this election is the first time candidates are seriously discussing affordable housing during their campaigns, and the recent spotlight has created space for local advocates to highlight the issue as it spans Iowa. “Affordable housing remains a top issue in most of our communities across the state, in both urban and rural communities,” said local affordable housing […]

Steve King’s Tin-Foil Conspiracy Theory With FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Dept.

Iowa Congressman Steve King has been sharing a mass conspiracy theory about why he thinks federal charges were never brought against former FBI Director James Comey or Hillary Clinton. It includes a cover-up that involves the State Department, the CIA, the FBI and the Department of Justice, with an end-goal of undermining Donald Trump’s presidency. King started to share his ideas at town halls on Thursday, then expanded on the idea in Onawa last Friday morning. On Thursday, King said he was “disappointed to read they decided not to bring any charges against James Comey for what he has done.” […]

Joe Biden Builds Out Iowa Field Army, Taps Old Relationships

Joe Biden is ramping up his Iowa ground game as the caucus race enters the final months and as his top Democratic opponents narrow the gap in the polls. The Biden campaign plans to have about 110 total staff in Iowa by the end of September, over 80 of which will be on the field side, they told Starting Line. That’s an increase from the 75 total staff that were in place here by mid-August. They’ll also have just over 20 field offices open by the end of the month, a jump from the 14 they have operating now. As […]