Steve King’s Tin-Foil Conspiracy Theory With FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Dept.

Iowa Congressman Steve King has been sharing a mass conspiracy theory about why he thinks federal charges were never brought against former FBI Director James Comey or Hillary Clinton. It includes a cover-up that involves the State Department, the CIA, the FBI and the Department of Justice, with an end-goal of undermining Donald Trump’s presidency.

King started to share his ideas at town halls on Thursday, then expanded on the idea in Onawa last Friday morning.

On Thursday, King said he was “disappointed to read they decided not to bring any charges against James Comey for what he has done.”

“I believe there was a mission there to clear Hillary Clinton,” King said. “I believe the State Department was implicated. The CIA was implicated. And then it goes on through the Department of Justice and the FBI as well.”

“Person after person, the linkages of this from [former Deputy FBI Director Andrew] McCabe to Nellie and [DOJ official] Bruce Ohr – of course she went to work for Fusion GPS that had 12 employees –  and she’s feeding information to Bruce Ohr and the DOJ on the dossier as it’s being developed,” King continued.

The congressman elaborated in-depth on the FBI agents whose critical text messages of Trump have spawned countless conservative conspiracy theories.

“It didn’t just go from pillow talk between Nellie and Bruce Ohr, they were married by the way, or pillow talk between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, they weren’t married by the way, but there was pillow talk and tens of thousands of texts going back and forth, but it went to a subordinate also,” King said.

He was also skeptical of the famed tarmac meeting between former president Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, but for other reasons than some.

“That was just happenstance, another coincidence we were supposed to believe,” King said of their meeting.  “And what did they talk about?”

He said she replied, “Well, we talked about golf and grandkids.”

“Somehow I just don’t see Loretta Lynch out on the links, “King said. “It just doesn’t seem to fit my imagination. I didn’t ask her if she was a golfer, just had a hard time accepting that.”

Other topics that arose at King’s town halls were the usual constituent concerns of the trade war, the ethanol industry, immigration laws and health care. But King enjoyed spending a decent chunk of his hour-long forums describing his thoughts on Comey and Clinton.

“That’s the nasty circumstance to try to undercut a president, a president and presidential candidate, and then a presidential-elect, and then an inaugurated sworn-in President of the United States, and that’s just the beginning of them tying up Donald Trump to keep him from doing his job,” King stated.

“There’s too many details in this for the public to absorb in one setting,” King concluded. “It’s one of those things you have to follow along with day by day to keep up with it.”

King does have plenty of time to keep up on the latest Fox News and online theories about the continuing Trump sagas given that he has no committee assignments this year.


by Paige Godden
Posted 9/9/19

4 Comments on "Steve King’s Tin-Foil Conspiracy Theory With FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Dept."

  • Seriously – what is wrong with the voters in iowa’s 4th, that they keep electing this horrible human being to represent them?
    No amount of Congressional ‘pork’ can possibly be worth labeling yourselves as enablers of a racist willful moron such as this.

  • His hatred for Hillary Clinton is almost a decade old now…when will he let it go? These conspiracy theories distract people from the real issues. So delusional.

  • A long time ago, this verbal mush would have been amusing. It is now jut tiring, boring, and just shows the last hurrah of a fading star (was he ever a star for the Republicans?) who refuses to go away quietly to the obvlicion in which he belongs.

  • It’s interesting that Steve King frames issues in terms of a conspiracy. Years ago, I thought he was just saying that kind of stuff to fire up the base but, now, I’m not so sure. He has a fair amount of detail in his conspiracies and they tend to be more comprehensive, this one involving at least three federal agencies and many individual players.

    Most pols, when they play the conspiracy card, only focus on one agency or person, like when the opposition bought into the “The Clintons Killed Vince Foster to Keep Him from Talking” conspiracy. In contrast, Steve King appears to have a broad, well-constructed universe of conspiracy that he believes in. I wonder how much Steve King needs a complex conspiracy so he can function.

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