Warren’s New Plan To Help Small Business Owners Of Color

Elizabeth Warren unveiled today her plan to create a Small Business Equity Fund, which would work to even the playing field for entrepreneurs of color who are trying to start their own businesses. According to an outline of Warren’s plan, on average Black, Latinx, Native American and other minority households have less wealth and therefore less collateral to use to gain credit than white Americans. Typically, Black entrepreneurs start a business with just $35,000, which is about one-third of the money white Americans use to start up a business. It’s why entrepreneurs of color own less than 20 percent of […]

How I Know John Delaney Is The “Real Deal”

Guest post from Connie Klug, an Adel business developer manager and co-chair of Delaney’s Iowa campaign. I have lived on 15A west of Des Moines for nearly 20 years, and I am a proud life-long Iowan. I am a widow with two children, both married with kids of their own – one family lives in Seattle, and one in Washington, D.C. About 18 months ago, my son Jay, who lives in D.C., called me: “Mom, you need to have something for John Delaney at your place. He is a Congressman in Maryland and he’s running for President. Mom, I know […]

How 2020 Candidates Voted On Trump Appointee Opposed By AFL-CIO

The job doesn’t stop just because a candidate is on the campaign trail. For those in the Senate, that means participating in votes and weighing in on the confirmation of Trump judicial appointees. On Monday, the Senate voted to confirm Rossie Alston, Jr., a former judge on the Virginia Court of Appeals, to serve on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. While he was confirmed 75-20 in a bipartisan vote, there have been some concerns from labor organizations for his previous involvement in an anti-union organization. Here’s how the presidential candidates in the Senate voted. […]

Why Some Candidates Are Surging, Stalling In Iowa

After this past week’s jam-packed Iowa Caucus weekend, we’re starting to get a new sense of where things stand in the lead-off state. Campaigns demonstrated their organizing strength outside the Hall of Fame event, a new Des Moines Register poll got the chattering class chattering, and candidates tested their message in front of their largest audience yet. And there does seem to be some movement going on. The Register’s poll kicked off a round of stories of who’s up and who’s down here, but I’d like to take a few moments and theorize on why those changes may have come […]

What Medicaid Expansion Accomplished, Who’s Running On Its Success

The health care advocacy group Protect Our Care recently released a report with nationwide, aggregate data showing increases in enrolled coverage and health care outcomes across the country. “It’s undeniable that Medicaid expansion has enabled more Americans to receive coverage and improved access to vital health care services in communities across the country,” said Brad Woodhouse, Executive Director of Protect Our Care. Health care access and outcomes has already become a top-tier issue of debate amongst 2020 candidates, and this data could better inform policy proposals and opinions on such. “As study after study has shown, expanding Medicaid means better […]

Ep105: Kamala Harris Campaign Manager Interview, Busy Weekend Review

Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard talks with Juan Rodriguez, the campaign manager for Kamala Harris, about the mechanics of running a national campaign, their strategy to turn out new voters, and where Iowa falls in their plans.