Joni Ernst Blames The Corp, Not The Climate, For Iowa Flooding

In a May 5th guest article in the Des Moines Register, Senator Joni Ernst blamed the Army Corps of Engineers for lack of timely warning prior to the epic Missouri River flooding. She claimed we need better communication and warning about potential flood risk. Ernst’s call for more communication is in sharp contrast to her refusal to engage in the debate about the cause of these extreme weather events. Iowa climate scientists have been warning for years about the increasing flood risk to Iowa. Iowa now ranks fourth in the nation in the number of floods since 1988. With record-setting […]

The 2020 Candidates’ Early Travel Strategies In Iowa

A nonstop parade of presidential candidates has visited the good people of Iowa nearly every day this year. Turn around any weekend in a major Iowa county and you’re likely to bump into a White House hopeful. However, not every corner of the state has received the same amount of 2020 attention, nor have the candidates stuck to traditional or similar early travel routes. And seeing where the candidates have started their Iowa outreach this year can provide intriguing clues to their campaign strategy. Let’s take a look at which counties each candidate has visited during 2019. We won’t be […]