Kirsten Anderson: Why I’m Choosing Bravery With Kirsten Gillibrand

A guest post from Kirsten Anderson on her choice in the Iowa Caucus. Bravery plays a huge role in my life. Bravery got me through tough personal, private, and public moments. Bravery has helped show me how to be strong for my family and pushed me to question people in power to create positive change. Bravery leads me to advocate, empower others, and educate people on the complexities of workplace harassment in order to end it. Bravery is what has been missing from the national political stage for some time now. That is, until I met Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The […]

Joni Ernst Seems To Blame Students For Rising Student Loan Debt

Senator Joni Ernst seemed to suggest today that a major driver of high student loan debt is students borrowing more than they need in order to spend it on personal costs. She related a story about a college friend spending his loan money on his girlfriend’s rent as an example of the problem facing indebted students. While at one of her town hall forums in Davenport this morning, Ernst was asked by a single mother what she planned to do about college affordability. “What are you actively doing to reduce the cost and the interest rates to be able to […]

Ep98: Elizabeth Warren Interview & Andy McKean Switch

The Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard interviews Senator Elizabeth Warren about her student loan debt cancellation plan, anti-trust laws, impeachment proceedings, and whether her dog Bailey might ever visit Iowa. Plus, Pat talks about State Representative Andy McKean’s decision to join the Democratic Party.

What You Do With Your Money Tells Us Something

When you drive down Columbia Street in Bloomfield, you will roll past two lessons on selfless giving. Both of those “lessons” are wrapped in one important building, the Bloomfield Public Library. More on the library’s lessons in a moment. All of this is pertinent to our discussion today because it seems as if Beto O’Rourke, one of the flood of Democrats who want to be our president, never really grasp the lesson about the importance of giving that many of us have learned. O’Rourke is wealthy, both by Davis County standards and by Washington, D.C., standards. The nonpartisan Center for […]