Joe Biden Interview: Get Farmers Involved In Climate Action

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he looks at climate change as an opportunity, not just a problem. In a week where flooding ravaged Western Iowa, students across Iowa participated in the climate strike and youth involved in the Sunrise Movement hosted presidential candidate forums, Biden addressed Iowa’s most pressing concern at a town hall in Cedar Rapids on Friday: climate change. Afterward, the candidate spoke with Iowa Starting Line about how the issue affects the state. “The investments I call for being made, $400 billion dollars in finding new technologies to be able to deal with climate change, will […]

At Forum, Young Iowans Fight For A Voice In 2020 Race

America’s most progressive generation wants a voice in the 2020 Presidential election. “Our political climate today is very unstable, and I feel like the only way we’re going to get change is if we educate ourselves,” said 17-year-old Suraj Moorjani, a senior at Valley High School in Des Moines. Moorjani was one of about 200 people to attend the Des Moines Register and Des Moines Public School Youth Voices 2020 Candidate Forum held at Roosevelt High School on Sunday morning. Six Democratic presidential candidates — Tulsi Gabbard, Michael Bennet, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, Joe Sestak and Tom Steyer — answered […]

A Breakdown Of 17 Speeches At The Polk County Steak Fry

Polk County Democrats’ largest Steak Fry in history featured 17 of the 18 serious presidential candidates vying for votes in 2020. More than 12,000 tickets were sold for the Saturday event at Water Works Park in Des Moines. In keeping with its name, it was a rainy day at the park. But attendees were prepared, seated in lawn chairs with ponchos and umbrellas for protection. Other than John Delaney, who was attending his daughter’s wedding, guests at the Steak Fry saw every serious Democratic candidate seeking to unseat President Donald Trump. Here’s the key parts of each speech, in order […]

At Steak Fry, Young Iowans Cite Climate, Gun Policy As Motivators

Newly-eligible Iowan voters who attended the Polk County Steak Fry are ready to be politically active and ready to demand their needs. Attendees aged 16 to 20 were abundant Saturday at Water Works Park and heard from 17 presidential candidates. While some young voters had already committed to caucusing for a certain candidate on Feb. 3, others were at the event to shop around, and all want to select a candidate who can advocate for issues most important to their age group: gun control and climate change. Iowans who will be 18 by the November 2020 election can participate in […]

Why Is Warren Leading Now? Look To Her Steak Fry Strategy

Amidst a day full of chanting, marches, sign wars and a number of other moves to demonstrate organizational strength, Elizabeth Warren’s Iowa team diverged from the pack to focus on something very specific: talking to voters. By the end of the night, Warren found herself in first place in the Des Moines Register’s Iowa Poll, with a narrow 22% to 20% lead over Joe Biden. Though the two things weren’t directly linked (the poll ran in previous days), the overall approach of Warren’s strategy that was on display at the Steak Fry is what’s helped boost her poll numbers here. […]

Pete Buttigieg Makes His Statement At Steak Fry

“Anybody want a beer?” South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg yelled into a crowd frantic supporters following his lap around the Polk County Steak Fry. The democratic candidate had just led a rally of around 1,300 supporters into the Water Works grounds and was now bartending beer after flipping steaks on the grill. “Customers up here!” But the frenzy around Buttigieg didn’t begin in the Steak Fry grounds. The mayor’s campaign bought two lots outside on the ground’s periphery and was able to fill the space— the large number of supporters and over 100 staff member—in addition to volunteers— came to […]

Kamala Harris Earns Hours Of Enthusiasm At Steak Fry

The day started early for Kamala Harris and her team. At the Water Works grounds for the Polk County Steak Fry, most of her supporters said they showed up at 6:30 in the morning to form a block of chanting and cheering. Harris’ campaign bought two spots near the event’s entrance. It was along one of those roads that Harris’ campaign staff and volunteers set up with every kind of sign and chant. There were normal yard signs, banners, cutouts of Harris’ face, printed large and small, and two cardboard cutouts (one bedazzled). At her rally site, Harris’ supporters erected […]

Early Scenes From A Wild Steak Fry

The Steak Fry is underway. Your Starting Line team was spread out across the candidates’ rally sites. Here’s what was happening early on today. Buttigieg’s Camp Sprawls At The Steak Fry Pete Buttigieg’s supporters were visible upon entering the Steak Fry gates. “Mayor Pete, he’s our guy, welcome to the Steak Fry!” Supporters screamed as car upon car made it through the event’s gates.   Jazz music floated throughout Butigeg’s large stake fry lot. The mayor’s team bought two campsites for the event, and as the morning progressed, it quickly began to fill up with his large Iowan staff and supporters. […]

Campaigns Prep Early For Steak Fry Spectacle

It’s Steak Fry day in Iowa. The biggest event yet of this Iowa Caucus season is upon us, and campaigns are pulling out all the stops to project momentum to both caucus-goers and the media. Seventeen Democratic presidential candidates will be speaking at the Polk County Democrats Steak Fry, the third annual the county party has run after restarting the old Tom Harkin event. Over 12,000 tickets have been sold, and there should be over 300 members of the media on hand. Traditionally, the Steak Fry has been one of the key moments in contested Democratic caucuses over the past […]