Federal Funding For Cedar Rapids Flood Wall Is Not As Advertised

The $117 million in federal funding for the Cedar Rapids flood wall is not as was originally publicly promised, Starting Line has confirmed from multiple sources. Last month, city leaders were informed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that $41 million of the federal funding that was announced in July will instead be a low-interest loan that the city must repay over 30 years. That would present a significant increase in costs to the city to build the wall needed to prevent against future catastrophic floods. Mayor Brad Hart and City Manager Jeff Pomeranz wrote to Congressman Rod Blum […]

A Democratic Iowa House Majority (Part 2): Eastern Iowa Suburbs

For the second in our series of in-depth looks at where the key Iowa House battlegrounds stand for November, we turn to suburban districts in the eastern part of the state. Iowa has seen similar trends to other parts of the country where suburban voters, who are typically college-educated and have higher incomes, are moving toward Democrats. The problem for Iowa Democrats, of course, is that we don’t have that many suburban areas in the state. The party will have to capture as many of these seats that are trending their way as possible to make up for the rural […]

Ep55: Interview With Senator Jeff Merkley

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard interviews Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon about his thought process on running for president, what he thinks the country can learn from his former colleague John McCain and where all we stand on the President’s family separation policy that Merkley helped expose.

For Cleaner Water And Healthier Soil, Vote Fred Hubbell

There are certainly many critical issues for voters to consider when choosing between the two Iowa gubernatorial candidates. Iowa’s deteriorating soil health and dangerously impaired water quality should rate near the top in factoring into voters’ decisions about choosing the state’s next governor. Many voters now getting to know Fred Hubbell may not be aware of his outstanding record as a champion for the environment. The future viability of Iowa’s agricultural production, as well as the state’s quality of life, is dependent on protecting Iowa’s critical water and soil resources. Hubbell’s environmental knowledge and experience uniquely equips him to be […]