Ep52: Rita Hart & Governor Steve Bullock

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard interviews Senator Rita Hart about campaigning across Iowa as Fred Hubbell’s running mate. And we sit down with Montana Governor Steve Bullock to talk about how he won as a Democrat in a deep-red state.

Get Ready For The Ugliest Iowa Election Ever

You may as well get used to the above image. You’ll be seeing it hundreds of thousands of times between now and November in countless Republican ads, both in Iowa and around the country. The disappearance of Mollie Tibbetts in Brooklyn, Iowa came to a sad and tragic end today when it was announced that investigators found a body they believed to be the young college student in a Poweshiek County corn field. This afternoon, the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation released the name of the person they had taken into custody: Cristhian Bahena Rivera, originally of Mexico. The man apparently […]

Donald Trump’s Two Biggest Failures

I’m certain we could all make a list about the policies, programs and most of all, tweets, that we think are the most damaging thing the President has done since the election. As I think about the havoc created to our relations with our long-term allies, as I look at our mean spirited immigration policy, to tax cuts which are piling up mountains of debt for our grandchildren, to the incessant lying about everything, to the inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars by dozens of appointed officials, I come down to two things that are the most critical in my mind. […]