What Happened Tonight In Iowa’s Democratic Primary

Iowa held its primaries today and the results in several key races have big implications for the state and national political environment in 2018 and beyond. Here’s Starting Line’s summary of what happened for all you national political watchers. Democrats Smash Turnout Records By far the best news of the night for Democrats was the record turnout in many places around the state. Just over 100,000 voted in the 2016 Democratic primary. Only 72,388 showed up in 2014. Neither of those years had statewide contested primaries with big spending. 2006 was the last time that happened, and just under 150,000 […]

Abby Finkenauer Wins Primary, Could Be Youngest Woman Elected To Congress

State Representative Abby Finkenauer has won her primary to be the Democratic nominee for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. If she defeats incumbent Republican Rod Blum in November, at 28 she may well be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Another young female candidate in California is running too, but no woman younger than Finkenauer has won a congressional seat before this year. Finkenauer won her four-way primary in convincing fashion, capturing 67% of the vote. Thomas Heckroth came in second with 19%. Iowa’s 1st District will be at the top of the target list for Democrats nationally. EMILY’s List […]

Fred Hubbell Wins Democrats’ Nomination For Governor

Des Moines businessman Fred Hubbell will be Democrats’ nominee for governor in 2018. News outlets called the race early on in the evening as Hubbell jumped out to a healthy lead, garnering 55% of the vote in early returns and an insurmountable lead in places like Polk and Johnson counties. Cathy Glasson was running in second place at around 20% and John Norris was in the 12% area. Those numbers may fluctuate throughout the night, but Hubbell will end up winning the primary by a significant margin. It capped a nearly year-long primary effort for Hubbell, one in which he […]

Starting Line’s Coverage Of Iowa Primary Results

For this evening’s Democratic primary election results, Starting Line will be using this page to keep you updated on all the major developments. I’ll be filling in results and add a little bit of commentary for the key races below as the numbers come in. I will also have individual stories that I’ll post separately on. Just keep refreshing this page and watch our social media feeds. Forgive any of the awkward formatting below. Governor’s Race Fred Hubbell has won (see story here), and may end up with over 50% of the vote statewide. He’s currently at 58% of the […]

The Part Of Fred Hubbell’s Campaign You May Have Missed

If Fred Hubbell emerges Tuesday night as the Democrats’ nominee for governor, it will not simply be because he had the most money. His win won’t only be thanks to 2nd-place candidate Nate Boulton’s exit from the race two weeks out. Nor because the legislative session went late, the negative attacks on him were few or a convention never happened. All of those things certainly helped shape the dynamics of the race. A lot. But what may have gone unnoticed by activists in social media circles, the county party crowd and others is just how extensively Hubbell traveled the state […]

Ep37: Election Day Chat With Iowa’s Political Reporters

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard is joined by two of Iowa’s top political journalists in the state, Brianne Pfannenstiel of the Des Moines Register and Erin Murphy of Lee Newspapers. We break down the governor’s race and look back at all the major moments that shaped the primary up to this point.

On Primary Day, Say Thanks, Celebrate And Then Unite

Today’s the day that most Iowa Democratic primary candidates will learn whether all their time, work and speeches paid off with a clear win. For a few candidates, it’s possible they won’t reach the 35% threshold and will need to continue their campaigns to the convention. For those candidates that win their primary today, the first thing Democrats should do is thank them and their fellow Democratic competitors for running. We owe all these candidates our thanks for spending the past year competing in all these numerous races. Once Democrats thank all the candidates, their next move should be to […]