Kim Reynolds Gets $1.3 Million From Republican Governors Assocation

Governor Kim Reynolds starts off her 2018 campaign with a hefty investment from national Republicans. The Republican Governor’s Association has contributed just under $1.3 million to Reynolds’ campaign, according to finance reports of out-of-state PACs. The RGA’s Right Direction PAC donated $1.25 million to Reynolds on December 7 of 2017, which added to two smaller contributions earlier in the year.

The Iowa governor’s race looks to be a key battleground for both national parties looking to hold or flip a high-profile Midwestern seat. It was unclear how competitive the race might be soon after Donald Trump’s surprisingly large margin of victory in Iowa in 2016, with some political observers wondering if the state had turned into a Republican stronghold.

But Democrats seem reenergized, and impressive performances in special elections throughout 2017 have pointed to much closer and competitive statewide races in 2018. The RGA’s big contribution to Reynolds now shows what most had thought, that the Iowa gubernatorial campaign will be top on national Republicans’ priority list.

A recent poll from PPP Polls showed Reynolds with a 39% job approval rating.

Terry Branstad received about $1.1 million from the RGA in contributions and in-kind donations for his reelection effort in 2014.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 1/16/18

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