Iowa Starting Line Poll For Iowa Governor, 1st And 3rd Districts

We’re nearing the end of the announcement phase for most key races in Iowa for 2018. At this point most of the announced or exploring or “considering it” candidates are known, so I thought it’d be a good time to kick off a series of Starting Line polls.

Throughout this year and next, we’ll run polls once or twice a month on various races, issues and random fun Iowa politics stuff. Share these posts with your friends and encourage them to vote!

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This week we’ll be polling the Iowa Governor, 1st and 3rd Congressional races. The two candidates in the 4th District are just getting underway, so we’ll wait a month or two for that one. All polls are randomized in the order the candidates’ names show up, and the poll should prevent people from voting multiple times. Obviously, these aren’t scientific polls. [Edit 8/4: Alright, after getting 5,000 additional votes in the gubernatorial poll in just an hour on Thursday evening, I’m closing the poll. Next time I’ll be using a polling service with better security features.]

First up, Iowa Governor:

[socialpoll id=”2453298″]

The 1st Congressional District:

[socialpoll id=”2453303″]

And the 3rd Congressional District:

[socialpoll id=”2453305″]

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by Pat Rynard
Posted 7/31/17

12 Comments on "Iowa Starting Line Poll For Iowa Governor, 1st And 3rd Districts"

    • Something with the polls? My first time using these, let me know if there’s anything specific that isn’t working great so I can try to fix it.

    • You should give some more background about all of the candidates. I do not know all of them well enough to make an informed decision. Which, safe to say, lack of knowledge has been a downfall of late.

      • Check Starting Line often – we’ve been covering these candidates for several months, will have plenty more stories on them before the primary

  • In Firefox I see the third district poll, but not the other two. When I switched to Chrome I see all three.

    • Hmm, odd. Thanks. Will play around with it some to see if I can figure out what’s happening. One time the gubernatorial one came up on my phone but not the other two, when I refreshed it was back. Working out the kinks

  • I like this ! I hope we get rid of these R’s. They are not doing anything for us but a lot of stuff to us!

  • What does everyone think about voting for the best candidate, someone who will vote for the collective ideology of their voters, not the donors, and not the party. At this point, should it matter whether or not they are republican or democrat.

  • i want to know which one of them is a good democrat and which one is a corporate democrat before i choose who i support.

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