Early Morning Scenes From JJ Dinner Day

It’s the biggest day of the Iowa Caucus campaign for Iowa Democrats, with the state party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner set to be held in Vets Auditorium tonight. The speaking schedule has been trimmed considerably, as Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee both dropped their bids earlier this week, and Joe Biden decided not to jump in at the last minute. No matter, though, as the serious campaigners of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley are the big draws anyway. The IDP expects around 6,000 Democratic activists to attend. Every year the presidential campaigns participate in the time-honored tradition of “sign […]

In Western Iowa The Line Holds For Hillary

A little under eight years ago, a crew of Western Iowa Hillary Clinton staff and their best volunteers gathered after finishing their final task in Iowa, corralling Iowans into the Clinton corner at precincts across the county. Crowding around the TVs in a German beer hall where the campaign launched their caucus day efforts out of that morning, they nervously watched the returns. Good news rolled in on the local front. Clinton supporters dominated precincts on the west end of Council Bluffs, scoring half the delegate count in several caucus sites (no easy task in a 6-person race). In the […]

Rob Hogg On His Senate Race Against Grassley

After serving Cedar Rapids as a State Representative and a State Senator for 13 years, Senator Rob Hogg now sets his sights on the U.S. Senate seat up in 2016. “We badly need Congress to work again,” he explained as his motivation to run. “For our state, our people, our country, and our future.” Hogg, who credits his time working within state government as an important learning experience, is interested in securing results from the federal legislature. “Congress [has turned] into a debating society,” he says. “Sometimes the news media will give lots of ink to an investigation or a […]

40 Iowa Legislators Endorse The #50By30 Clean Energy Goal

Any candidate running for president would love to have this long a list of legislators backing them in the caucus. 40 legislators put their names to a call for candidates to support a plan to generate 50% of energy from clean and/or renewable resources. Also earlier this week, Iowa’s former senator Tom Harkin wrote an opinion piece for the Des Moines Register highlighting why he supports a transition to a clean energy future. “The first and best way to start is to make a dramatic step forward in embracing clean energy generation like wind and solar,” Harkin said in his […]

The Problem Isn’t The Democratic Party, Jim Webb, It’s You

Jim Webb announced this afternoon that he is dropping his bid for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. He has also bailed from attending the Iowa Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner this Saturday, a chance to speak in front of thousands of activists and the entire national press. He says he’ll consider over the next few weeks whether to run as an independent, but what he means by “run” is open to interpretation, considering he’s barely campaigned this year at all. Webb began testing the waters for his long-shot bid back in 2014 (even announcing an exploratory committee before anyone […]

Americans For Democratic Action Vote To Wait

Guest post by Kurt Meyer A year ago, I joined the Board of Directors of Americans for Democratic Action, a national organization committed to liberal politics, liberal policies, and a liberal future. The ADA, founded in the 1940s by an impressive coterie that includes Eleanor Roosevelt and Hubert Humphrey (my political hero!), strives for social and economic justice through grassroots organizing and support for progressive policies and candidates. As a board member, I proudly represent the Iowa Chapter, one of the strongest, most effective ADA regional entities. While there are several reasons for the strength of the Iowa ADA, foremost […]

5 Awesome Ways Joe Biden Could Announce For President

The countdown has begun! NBC reports Vice President Joe Biden will make a decision on a presidential run in the next 48 hours. I personally have been extremely skeptical of all the Biden rumor articles over the past three days. If you look closely at their sources and claims, it’s all pretty weak. But whatever, as we await his decision or another delay, let’s think about the best, most awesome ways he could make his announcement. We’ve seen plenty of press releases and speeches this year to kick off a campaign, so I think Biden should shake it up some: […]

That Was A Fun Debate. Now How About More? And One On Climate

We’ve spoken here before about the benefits that more debates would provide to each presidential candidate (even Hillary Clinton) and the Democratic Party as a whole. Many of those advantages were played out last week, with a debate drastically different than the Republican ones, where Democrats sparred in a congenial, yet passionate manner on policy disagreements. It benefited everyone (well, except maybe Lincoln Chafee), and still managed to provide plenty of entertainment (and a great SNL skit). Progressives were likely particularly pleased that the debate focused heavily on specific policy issues important to them, and less on the personality clashes […]

Allow Permanent Early Ballot Requests In Iowa To Boost Turnout

Guest post by Jamie Fitzgerald While speaking recently at a neighborhood association meeting, I was asked why voters have to fill out a request for an early ballot for every election. The obvious response was – “That’s what the Code of Iowa requires us to have voter do in order to receive a ballot.” Not surprisingly, the constituent pushed back, stating that it is a huge waste of time and money for campaigns to mail him multiple ballot requests knowing that he was going to vote early at some point during the election, as he noted he always does. After […]

Has The Carly Wave Crested? What Comes Next?

Carly Fiorina had a good September: she raised a significant amount of money after her strong performance at the second Republican presidential debate, she was praised by many GOP’ers for being a female in the fight against Planned Parenthood, and she attracted big crowds in Iowa and New Hampshire throughout the month. But now that the tidal wave favoring Fiorina has crested, what remains is the same old, same old Republican presidential candidate: a political outsider, steadfast on criticizing bureaucrats and bragging about her successful executive image (which many news articles and political operatives have since called into question). Fiorina […]