Joni Ernst Is A ‘No’ On Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial

U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst told reporters today she will not support calling witnesses to testify before the Senate in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Ernst said in a statement: “Let’s be clear: we’ve heard from witnesses and seen documents: 17 witnesses and 28,000+ documents during this entire process. The House managers had one job: make the case for impeachment, and they’ve failed to do so.”

Even before the trial began in the Republican-controlled Senate, it was largely a foregone conclusion that the chamber would not convict the president on either article of impeachment.

But in a light of a Sunday report from the New York Times, the door has been opened for a bipartisan vote in favor of subpoenaing witnesses. In the article, the Times quoted excerpts from former national security advisor John Bolton’s upcoming memoir that show Trump telling Bolton he wanted military aid to Ukraine to be conditioned on an investigation into political rivals, include presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

If all Democrats vote in favor of calling witnesses and gathering additional documents, at least four Republicans need to join them to clear the 51-vote threshold. That debate is expected on Friday, after questioning by the senators wraps up today.

“At this point, all Democrats want to do is paralyze the Senate and the work we need to get done on behalf of hardworking folks across the country,” Ernst told the newspaper. “I believe it’s time to get back to the people’s business.”

Despite Ernst’s vulnerability in her first reelection race this year, she apparently has decided that clinging close to Trump is her best strategy to win. Her statements have been in lock-step with the administration since an impeachment inquiry began in September in the House of Representatives.

And on Monday, during a Senate press conference following the day’s testimony, Ernst stepped up to the microphone to opine on whether Iowa caucus-goers would consider testimony heard in the impeachment trial when deciding whether to caucus for Biden on Monday.

“OK, Iowa caucuses, folks, Iowa caucuses, are this next Monday evening. And I’m really interested to see how this discussion today informs and influences the Iowa caucus voters,” Ernst said. “Those Democratic caucus-goers. Will they be supporting Vice President Biden at this point? Not so certain about that.”


By Elizabeth Meyer
Posted 1/30/20

7 Comments on "Joni Ernst Is A ‘No’ On Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial"

  • Get back to work? Try speaking to Senator McConnell about the 400 bills sitting on his desk right now. No? That’s our Joni . When you stand for nothing you fall for everything. Witnesses–the new scary word for Republicans.

  • Did ANYONE (not even you, Bueller) think that she would vote FOR witnesses/documentation? She has one leg in the Pretender-in-Chief’s hip pocket and her other one in Moscow Mitch’s.
    And while you’ve been riding that tranportation, Joni, the House (yeah, that body that “spent all its time on Impeachment) is STILL legislating, passing bills, meeting in committees – you know, Joni, the People’s Business! Can’t say the same for your “August Body”, with the Grim Reaper (his words, not mine) in charge. Don’t look for the speck in your neighbor’s eye, while ignoring the log in your own. (that’s Bibilical, Senator…)

  • Republicans = Power-grabbing, money-grubbing, truth hiding, Democracy destroying, dangerous Trump lovers!
    I am disgusted!

  • So, all those witnesses (17) and all that documentation (28,000 pages worth) that all said the same stuff and all proved without a doubt that he had crossed the line and proved that he had broken the law…..that meant nothing?? And yet, you wouldn’t allow ANY witnesses or ANY documentation and even went out of your way to BLOCK the same… we should applaud your efforts?? Sorry, not buying it. I was willing to actually hear the Republican side and balance it with the charges, but not now. It is abundantly clear that it was all a coverup for corruption and the Republicans endorse it. Not a fair trial at all, not even the effort at a fair trial. Enjoy the last couple months of your term. I am sure it will be reversing seats come November.

  • I am an American ex-pat living in Latvia (grew up next door to Iowa in Illinois in a Latvian family), and I trust that this decision by the former bull-castrator means that Iowans will firmly decide to make sure in November that she goes down in history as a one-term senator.

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