It’s All A Big Joke To Joni Ernst

Senate Republicans need to give Sen. Joni Ernst the hook and get her off the national stage. Not only is she giving away their party’s cynical game on impeachment, she’s making herself look like a fool in the process.

Earlier today, Republican leadership held a press conference to discuss the day’s proceedings on the impeachment trial. Not surprisingly, they dismissed the House managers’ arguments as weak and ineffective.

Just before wrapping up, though, Ernst could not help herself from jumping in one last time to mock Joe Biden and the political ramifications that President Donald Trump’s actions with Ukraine have had.

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Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming was making a joke about the four senators paying the closest attention during the discussion about Biden that day were the four Democratic senators running for president. Ernst’s eyes widen, she threw back her head for a quick laugh, grinned widely, then got an idea.

Pointing with both her hands, she moved back toward the microphones to make the point she found so funny.

“Okay, Iowa caucuses, folks, Iowa caucuses, are this next Monday evening. And I’m really interested to see how this discussion today informs and influences the Iowa caucus voters,” Ernst said, her voice dropping to a sarcastic tone. “Those Democratic caucus-goers. Will they be supporting Vice President Biden at this point? Not so certain about that.”

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To get the full effect you really need to watch the video:

With uncontrollable glee, Ernst boasted to the national media that Trump and Republicans’ real goal — damaging Biden’s electoral hopes — was continuing to play out as planned. To Ernst, the underlying crime of the impeachment, of Trump withholding foreign aid from an ally to pressure them to investigate a domestic political rival, seems to boil down to a fun joke of owning the libs.

Political commentators quickly seized on Ernst’s comments, arguing she was saying the quiet part of Republicans’ plans loud, and the video totaled over a million views on Twitter in just three hours. Some even compared it to former House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy bragging that the Beghazi hearings had damaged Hillary Clinton’s White House prospects. Doing so ended up costing McCarthy his chance at the speakership because Republicans were so frustrated with his lack of message discipline.

Since Ernst’s arrival in the nation’s capital, she’s quickly pivoted from her campaign image of a farm girl going to D.C. to make ’em squeal to the ultimate D.C. insider, a ladder-climber who will do and say whatever to move up the Republican ranks.

Senate Republicans rewarded Ernst’s loyalty with an important position in Senate leadership, making her the only woman who currently holds such a spot.

They may slowly be realizing they made a mistake.

The role has given Ernst a larger national platform at Republican events and press conferences, and she’s played a major role during the impeachment trial of defending Trump. But at so many of these public gatherings, she’s come off as petty and sarcastic, not to mention blazingly partisan, on one of the most serious topics that D.C. has faced in decades.

Politico reported in November that Ernst “literally danced a jig while singing: ‘Pete Buttigieg, is moving ahead!'” in reference to the impeachment holding down senators running for president.

Perhaps it’s that kind of demeanor that’s earned Ernst the distinction of being the third-most unpopular senator in America in her state. Ernst’s public attitude is particularly odd considering she faces a challenging reelection race in November.

In other remarks from Ernst earlier in the press conference, she mostly stuck to political messaging.

“What I’ve seen our House managers do and other Democrats is take that Constitution, throw it on the ground, throw it right under the bus, and oh, by the way, let’s not just throw it under the bus, let’s put it in reverse and let’s do it again,” Ernst said.

“There is so much going on good and positive for this country, and the Democrats hate it that we have a larger-than-life president that has achieved that,” she added.

When asked directly by a reporter if she believed witnesses should be called, she hedged for another day.

“We have yet another day, maybe, of discussion coming from the White House counsel,” Ernst replied. “We have our own questions that we’ll ask. And then we will make that decision.”

On the political front, if Ernst was hoping to further damage Biden, there too she came off as an amateur. Biden’s camp fired back in a statement, probably more than pleased that Ernst, reviled by the Democrats who are about to go out to caucus, seemed happy that Biden may not get the nomination.

“Senator Ernst just said the quiet part out loud: Republicans are terrified that Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee, defeat Donald Trump, and help progressives gain seats in the House and take the Senate,” Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said. “Donald Trump himself was so afraid of running against Joe Biden that he became the only president in American history who tried to force a foreign country to lie on behalf of his struggling re-election campaign. We are in a battle for the soul of this nation, and the GOP can’t stop revealing that Vice President Biden is the best candidate to win it.”

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Certainly, Ernst will find something funny about that, too. But Iowa voters could well end up having the last laugh in November if they quickly tire of their senator’s antics in Washington.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 1/27/20

11 Comments on "It’s All A Big Joke To Joni Ernst"

  • Sen. Ernst has been brainwashed by Trump and her GOP colleagues. She has once again displayed her low IQ and she has lost her Midwestern values. It is time for us to send her back to the hog lots where she belongs. If you wrestle with pigs every day, both you and the pig will get muddy, but the pig will like it.

  • Adam Schiff has been a lying clown since he came in front of the public’s eyes a few years ago! Good grief, Charlie Brown! How many times does the football have to be swiped away? Adam has announced the next irrefutable proof every week or so since Donald Trump took office only to have it wiped away!

  • Thank you Senator Ernst for your repeatedly apparent inability to refrain from looking like an uninformed Trump lemming. Someone might want to point out to you my dear that you have an election coming up also and your record for the average Iowan is not polling well. Against ACA, equal rights for all, tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and nonchalance regarding the continual abuse of humans child and adult alike at the border. I will certainly remember all of your “accomplishments” in 2020. Squeal on.

  • Biden is at bottom of my list but she almost makes me want to vote for him, and nothing to do with Hunter. Biden thinks he never made a wrong decision and when pressured to admit wrong he may do so rben backtracks. If Pelosi had been chair of that judiciary committee i doubt Thomas woukd be on court. Why did he not call those witnesses! One example among many.

  • In an earlier appearance she states that Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and the lethal aid was held up by Trump for 2 months in 2019. Well, what a simplistic statement! Russia is still trying to take over Ukraine and the fighting is still going on. I just wish she was gone and I hope these kinds of remarks make that happen in 2020.

  • Enjoy your days in office there, Sen Ernst. We are paying attention here in Iowa and we DO intend to VOTE YOU OUT! You have become as corrupt as the most corrupt in Washington DC and Iowans will not stand for that!

  • Someone naming themselves Sushi Roll chastising a Congressman about lying is a bit rich. Not to mention he has put forth, facts, evidence, time lines and corroborating witnesses. The mercury could be your brain or you are like the Republican Senators doing crossword puzzles, doing interviews and one was even caught napping. I find your comments disengenuous at best. You even threw in an ‘ol Charlie Brown reference. That was cute. What I saw was Joni Ernst doing a female pig pen interpretation with a cloud of pig shit encompassing everything everywhere. Her hands are so clean they smell like pig shit from 5 years ago. Whenever Pig Pen on tv I can smell pig shit coming through the tv.

  • SHE may be the joke, but the joke will be on her come November, and it won’t be a bit funny. She needs to “spend more time with her family”…(hint, hint)

  • Good Lord. What is with the midwest and deep south? They give us the worst of the worst in politicians, consistently. Jesus.

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