More Late-Deciding Activists Move Warren’s Way

As the presidential candidates battle for that all-important momentum in the final eight-day stretch before the Iowa Caucus, Elizabeth Warren will have at least 40 more Iowa activists helping her persuade their neighbors.

Coming off the major endorsement of the Des Moines Register editorial board, Warren has several dozen new endorsements from local elected officials and Democratic activists. Included among them is Ames State Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, adding to Warren’s long list of state legislative backers.

A large group putting their support behind Warren is from Johnson County, where she’ll be in a tight battle with Bernie Sanders and possibly Pete Buttigieg for the state’s most-Democratic county. Johnson County supervisors Royceann Porter and Janelle Rettig are endorsing Warren, along with Johnson County Attorney Janet Lyness, Iowa City Councilwoman Mazahir Salih and Coralville City Councilwoman Meghann Foster.

“When you sit down with Elizabeth Warren, you realize something right away: she listens and she cares,” Johnson County Supervisor Royceann Porter said. “She’s real. She knows who she is, where she comes from and who she’s fighting for — and she’s fighting for all of us. I’m proud to endorse her, and I’ll be proud to call her our next president.”

Warren has also won over most of the Cedar Rapids City Council. Council members Ashley Vanorny, Dale Todd and Tyler Olson are all endorsing the senator.

Like many of her last rounds of endorsements, there’s quite a few Iowans who are coming over to Warren after their previous candidate dropped out of the race. Porter, Todd and Salih were with Cory Booker, while Foster had backed Kamala Harris.

Another important get for Warren is Tri-County Democrats Chair Kurt Meyer, who organizes a large group of activists in several rural counties along the Minnesota border and has hosted many of the candidates at his house.

“I have not endorsed in previous races, but this time is different,” Meyer said. “In a field that ranges from good to better, and ultimately best, Elizabeth Warren stands out. After much reflection, I will caucus for Elizabeth with great conviction, and I urge my friends to do likewise.”

For Warren, who hasn’t led an Iowa poll for several months, her best bet on winning or doing well on caucus night is to win over many of the still-wavering Iowans who haven’t been able to make up their minds. A significant portion of caucus-goers continue to be open to changing their choice, so caucus night itself could be particularly fluid.

Warren seems well-positioned to have an advantage among late-breaking undecideds, given her high favorable ratings among Democrats and messaging/organizing approach that appeals to a broad swath of the party.

Here’s the full, new list of Warren endorsers:

  • Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, Iowa state representative, Ames
  • Royceann Porter, Johnson County supervisor, Iowa City
  • Janelle Rettig, Johnson County supervisor, Iowa City
  • Deb Leksell, Hamilton County treasurer, Webster City
  • Janet Lyness, Johnson County attorney, Iowa City
  • Jim Throgmorton, Former Iowa City mayor, Iowa City
  • Mazahir Salih, Iowa City city councilwoman, Iowa City
  • Tyler Olson, Cedar Rapids city councilman, Cedar Rapids
  • Ashley Vanorny, Cedar Rapids city councilwoman, Cedar Rapids
  • Dale Todd, Cedar Rapids City councilman, Cedar Rapids
  • Meghann Foster, Coralville city councilwoman, Coralville
  • Pat Peacock, Davenport alderman, Davenport
  • Darvin Graham, Toledo city councilman, Toledo
  • Jake Tornholm, Williamsburg city councilman, Williamsburg
  • Megan Suhr, Knoxville city councilwoman, Knoxville
  • Elizabeth Leo, Manning city councilwoman, Manning
  • Devon Dade, Keokuk city councilman, Keokuk
  • Kate Parks, Dubuque School Board member, Dubuque
  • Lisa Williams, Iowa City Community School Board member, Iowa City
  • Jan McGinnis, Marshalltown School Board member, Marshalltown
  • Donna Cook, child advocate, Newton
  • Shawn Harmsen, Iowa Demcratic Party State Central Committee member, Iowa City
  • Kurt Meyer, Tri-County Dems chairman, Saint Ansgar
  • Lori Egan, Allamakee County Dems co-chairwoman, Waukon
  • Donna Duvall, Jackson County Dems co-chairwoman, Spragueville
  • Dave Hearn, Former Webster County Dems chairman,
  • Cody Eliff, Scott County Dems Affirmative Action chairman, Davenport
  • Kyla Paterson, IDP Stonewall Caucus chairperson, Iowa City
  • Lindsey Ellickson, IDP Progressive Caucus chairwoman, Cedar Rapids
  • Nick Klinefledt, former U.S. Attorney, Waukee
  • James Reynolds, former U.S. Attorney, Dubuque
  • Paul Johnson, former head of Iowa DNR, Decorah
  • Dennis Harbaugh, former director or Iowa Senate Democratic Caucus, Waterloo
  • Rogers Kirk Jr., faith leader, Davenport
  • Shayla & John McCormally, community activists, Des Moines
  • Katie Routh, community activist, Norwalk
  • Joy Newcom, community activist, Forest City
  • Nicholas Scherre, community activist, Des Moines
  • Robin Butler, community activist, Iowa City
  • Jenn Wolff, community activist, Waverly
  • Juanita Williams, nurse and health care activist, Waterloo
  • Heather Strachan, mental health advocate, Des Moines
  • Fred Kirschenmann, conservation advocate, Ames
  • Lyle Evans, retired produce farmer, Webster City


by Pat Rynard
Posted 1/26/20

11 Comments on "More Late-Deciding Activists Move Warren’s Way"

  • The timing of these supposed “late deciders” are scripted. Not just the Warren camp but others will publish list of endorsements just before the caucus to give the illusion of momentum. Sen Warren is likely looking at a third to fifth place finish in Iowa and an uphill battle in NH as well.

  • I’m nobody, but after Kamala Harris dropped out, I became one of those “undecided”s. I wasn’t even sure I’d caucus. But the more I’ve thought about it (I caucused for Sanders in 2016) the more I began to lean to Warren. Then last weekend a canvasser for the Warren campaign stopped by – and I signed my pledge to caucus for her. And I’ll do it proudly.

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