Ross Wilburn Wins, Brings Diversity To House Beyond Just Himself

Democrat Ross Wilburn scored a crushing victory in today’s special election for the Ames-based House District 46. It helped, of course, that he ran unopposed. After taking 97.4% of the vote tonight, Wilburn will join the Iowa House for next year’s legislative session, which will bring the number of Iowa’s black legislators up to five. But while Wilburn will improve the limited diversity of the Iowa Statehouse by his mere presence, he’s also helping expand it in his mindset and job experience. “My name is Ross Wilburn. My preferred pronouns are he, him and his,” Wilburn led off with in […]

Trump’s ‘Assembly Line’ Of Right-Wing Judges Rolls On In Senate

The Senate adjourned for the August recess last week on the heels of another prolific week for judicial nominations. The Republican-controlled chamber confirmed 12 new judges in a two-day period to lifetime appointments on district courts, including Illinois, Texas and Oregon. The previous week, two other judges were confirmed for district court seats. According to Daniel Goldberg, legal director for the Alliance for Justice, a progressive judicial advocacy group, the volume of confirmations was concerning. “Obviously it’s a lot, particularly when you consider that Mitch McConnell completely shut down confirmations for Barack Obama,” said Goldberg. “So, Merrick Garland is the […]

Largest Labor Cattle Call In the Nation Coming To Des Moines

The AFL-CIO in Des Moines has scheduled at least 21 Democratic presidential candidates will speak at the largest labor cattle call in the nation Aug. 21 at Prairie Meadows. The event is open to union members and the media, though not the general public. Charlie Wishman, secretary and treasurer of the Iowa Federation of Labor, said the candidates will each have 10 minutes to speak.  This is the best chance for presidential candidates to address union leadership in the state, many of whom have pull at the national level, he said. “They are the decision makers,” Wishman said, of Iowa’s […]

Congress Has Dithered Long Enough On Guns

How many more will it take? How many more mass shootings? How many more bodies of adults and children will need to pile up — in the aisles of retail stores, in churches, in the classrooms and corridors of schools, in offices, in movie theaters, in nightclubs? How many more times must this happen before our leaders in Washington, D.C., do what is so long overdue and work on solutions — and not brush off any discussion because it’s too soon after a tragedy to “engage in politics”? How many more massacres need to occur before Senate Majority Leader Mitch […]

Ernst Promised To Make DC ‘Squeal’; Vote Hikes Deficit By $1.7T

Sen. Joni Ernst came to the U.S. Capitol in 2015 on a promise to make Washington “squeal.” She vowed to “cut wasteful spending,” telling voters in her infamous 2014 campaign ad she “knew how to cut pork” because she grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm. “My parents taught us to live within our means,” said Ernst, in the 30-second video. “It’s time to force Washington to do the same.” Congress “is full of big spenders,” she said. “Let’s make ’em squeal.” After more than four years in the Senate, has Ernst, facing her first reelection campaign in 2020, […]