Poll Shows Rural Voters Back More Centrist Approach, Biofuel Support

Rural Democrats are looking to support a presidential candidate who will focus on their communities and invigorate the renewable fuel industries, a poll from David Binder Research showed earlier this week.

Of the 600 people surveyed in the poll, 53% report living in rural areas and small towns, and 76% self-identified as middle-class or lower in socioeconomic standing.

The recent poll, which shows Elizabeth Warren leading amongst the sample, reflected the older, whiter electorate, even among Iowa Democrats: 95% of respondents identified as white and 85% of them being over the age of 35.

Amongst the group, 62% said they believe the party should move toward a more centrist platform, with 51% of respondents saying they would prefer a candidate who makes it a priority to visit rural areas.

The poll also inquired about a key agricultural issue – the renewable fuel industry, ethanol more specifically. When taking into consideration the Small Refiner Exemptions (SREs) the EPA has been granting under Trump, 64% of respondents said that event with the year-round E15 ruling, Trump will still hurt the rural economy, with another 6% saying it won’t make a difference.

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To the same tune, 70% of respondents said they would support a candidate for president who supports increasing access to ethanol and further reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

With rural economies being a focus of candidate discussions, 83% responded saying they would support a candidate who wants to expand ethanol production and growing related jobs in rural economies – 49% said they would strongly support them.

In relation to the debates, 59% of respondents said they thought the candidates did at least a good job of addressing the issues they cared about during the debates. The poll revealed continued growth in support for Elizabeth Warren, as well as a big jump for Kamala Harris, who 34% of respondents said they are considering to support now based on her debate performance.


by Josh Cook
Posted 7/7/19

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