Can Iowa Democrats Avoid A Family Feud In 2020?

Can the Iowa Democratic family avoid a repeat of the 2016 family feud that seriously fractured party unity?Because the Sanders-Clinton race was so close that year, there was a plethora of hard feelings and theories about unfair or a rigged result in the 2016 caucuses. Some argue that the deep division dampened support for Hillary Clinton and resulted in Trump’s election. The “ugly ghosts of division” of 2016 lasted longer in Iowa than nearly any other state. It took more than two years to mend the bitter divide created by the 2016 fight. The 2018 midterm successes did wonders to […]

Consistency And Iowa Advantage Key For Amy Klobuchar’s Hopes

Senator Amy Klobuchar has so far seen a lower national profile in the 2020 race than some Midwestern Democrats may have hoped. But Iowa is her home field advantage. As more than a few candidates for president have already said – mostly in defense of their own lackluster standings in polls – that this race is a marathon, not a sprint. For Klobuchar, this could actually be the case. Regional Appeal She’s Iowa’s neighbor, and is well prepared to tackle heartland issues on the campaign trail after 12 years in the U.S. Senate representing Minnesota. Recently, Klobuchar released a proposal […]