Sanders Returns To Iowa In New Role: Front-Runner

In many ways, it felt like Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign never ended. At his stops in Iowa this week following his official 2020 launch, Sanders rallied the faithful in packed rooms to get on board with his second run for the White House. In speeches that clocked in at just over an hour’s length, all the old progressive issue mainstays of his last campaign made their appearances. So too did the enthusiastic chants and cheers of his motivated, diverse supporter base. And as Sanders himself pointed out often in his speeches, the 2016 campaign was less a campaign than it […]

Hickenlooper Pitches Working Together Vision To Stand Out In Iowa

Former Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper was back in Iowa, and now it’s official – he’s a candidate for president. He joins 11 others who have filed, including other moderate candidates like Senator Amy Klobuchar and former Representative John Delaney. Dividing and conquering is Trump’s schtick, and Hickenlooper is hoping Iowans come away from his visits viewing him as the antithesis to that method of governing. “Well, my top priority is to get people to work together,” Hickenlooper said in Des Moines on Friday to a crowd of about 100. “I don’t think we’re going to get any of these […]