Ep68: Steve King Meltdown & J.D. Scholten Interview

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard talks about Steve King’s blow up at Thursday’s public forum and asks whether Steve King could actually lose. Plus, we interview King’s Democratic opponent J.D. Scholten.

GOP Tax Plan Hurt Farmers, Small Businesses

One year ago today the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was introduced. Far from buoying small businesses, the new tax law Republicans passed late in 2017 is already proving to be more problematic than positive for Main Street. In fact, Republicans thought their massive tax overhaul would be the centerpiece of their midterm strategy. But it turns out they were wrong. Representatives Blum, Young and King have praised the passage of this tax plan. But a year later, the promises they made ring hollow. In fact, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is such a bust, that the President is […]

In Times Like These, Republicans Should Rethink Their Party Affiliation

I believe it is extremely important to look at history as we deal with the partisan politics of today. We often hear, “I have been a Democrat most of my life or Republican most of my life.” For those who believe those comments resonate, I would suggest it’s important to occasionally review the underlying values of each party, to determine if your values still align with the one you have voted for in the past. Party values change over time. Example: if we go back 50 years and look at the Democratic Party, George Wallace, the segregationist Governor of Alabama […]

The Other Part Of Steve King’s Event Was Just As Revealing

The week-long controversy over Steve King’s views on race and diversity came to a head yesterday during a candidate forum in Des Moines. Pressed by a member of the public over whether King’s ideology aligns with the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, King exploded in anger, shouted at the man and had him tossed from the room. Starting Line captured the full exchange here: Steve King blows up at questioner who pressed him on the Pittsburgh massacre #IA04 pic.twitter.com/7sFQyY9fOW — Iowa Starting Line (@IAStartingLine) November 1, 2018 The state and national pressure on King has been mounting since the weekend massacre in […]